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Updated: September 23rd, 2021 07:37 PM IST

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Ryan Borucki hits Kevin Kiermaier in the back with a pitch in the 8th inning

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@Wilnerness Oh I see, so the original transgression gets a total and complete pass? Maybe if MLB head office had done anything about the Kiermaier incident they wouldn’t have needed the vigilante justice. Plus, you’re now saying Borucki is lying. Who’s team are you rooting for?

El lanzador Ryan Borucki fue expulsado del juego, lo que provocó que el manager boricua Charlie Montoyo y el coach de pitcheo Pete Walker salieran furiosos de la cueva para protestar.

Final thought on Borucki hitting KK last night after sleeping on it, I would have been ok with them not throwing at him, I dont think it accomplishes anything. But I promise you Borucki; a) has immense respect from everyone in that clubhouse and 2) doesnt give a fuck what I think

@breakfasttv Rays. Kiermair is at fault. Gave the card to his team as soon as he walked in the dugout. And Montoyo is at fault for laughing with Cash before the game and not doing anything yesterday. Borucki and Walker did the right thing.

Leadoff Thursday TROLL POLL: Ryan Borucki hitting Kevin Kiermaier with a pitch @mikezigomanis @FAN590

Say less drilled the dude 😂 anyways not saying borucki (my favorite lefty pitcher) hit him on purpose but I am saying always have your teammates back

@wisedan9 @BlueJaysDad Said that it was classless move from Borucki to throw at KK in regards to the data card incident from yesterday. It’s also sad to see that a pitching coach in Walker has more cajones than the actual manager to argue with the umps about it and get ejected because of it.

After Kiermaier’s bullshit quote, there’s no way this is anything but a masterful troll job by Borucki

Think I’ve watched Kiermaier get plunked by Borucki at least 30 times today. Play with fire get burned. #Bluejays

Kiermaier -- who stole data from the Blue Jays and refused to give it back -- said it was a weak move of Borucki to hit him with a pitch.

Gregor Chisholm: Ryan Borucki’s pitch had a purpose. The Jays know it. The Rays know it. This might not be over

@Barbatrix1 If he is then that’s the price you pay. I bet there isn’t a player in that clubhouse who doesn’t like what Borucki did.

Things got interesting in the eighth inning when @BlueJays’ Ryan Borucki hit Kevin Kiermaier on the back. Blue Jays in 60 presented by @TD_Canada. ⬇️

Borucki did the right thing. Clearly what teammates wanted from him. Doesn’t matter what the chattering class has to say about it. Outside opinion doesn’t count for shite.


.@ScottyMitchTSN: ‘Borucki is for sure going to be suspended.’ VIDEO:

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Blue Jays fans everywhere after Borucki plunked Kiermaier

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Borucki didn’t mean to hit Kiermaier the same way Kiermaier didn’t know he stole the @BlueJays data card.

@BlueJays Kudos to @ryan_borucki for sticking up for the team. You did us fans proud.

Kiermaier on being beaned by Borucki in the eighth: It was intentional. I thought if they were going to do it, it would have been the first at-bat. I thought it was a weak move.” #RaysUp

Borucki Photo,Borucki Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@ShiDavidi Borucki just thought he accidentally dropped that ball, so he was returning it for him

#Rays Cash said he felt Borucki hitting Kiermaier was “intentional” and he was “disappointed” #BlueJays chose to do so.

I have nothing wrong with anything done by Charlie Montoyo, Pete Walker, or Ryan Borucki today. If you call it juvenile or spineless, you’ve never played baseball. Charlie was in a tough spot and handled it cool, knowing Pete was gonna back his players. And I just love Pete.

@TaoofStieb I think Pete and Borucki are showing emotions that Charlie should be showing instead of giggling with the umps after the ejections.

And for those of you saying that this is a bad thing for us, maybe I’d care if it wasn’t Ryan Borucki on the mound 👍👍👍👍

Most likely a suspension is coming but @ryan_borucki did the right thing! Atta boy Ryan!! 👍

Rays brought it on themselves once the #BlueJays asked for the card back and they refused and Kiermaier played dumb about what he picked up after the game. Great job Borucki.

Blue Jays pitcher Ryan Borucki gets ejected for hitting Kevin Kiermaier with the first pitch in the bottom of the 8th inning Benches cleared and both coaching staffs were livid

Ryan Borucki hits Kevin Kiermaier in the back with a pitch in the 8th inning

Cardgate apparently wasn’t completely settled. Kiermaier plunked the day after finding/taking Kirk’s scouting card. After delay, the plunker Borucki is ejected. #cardgate

Ryan Borucki hits Kevin Kiermaier to open B8, some words exchanged, dugouts emptied but teams stayed apart. Umps eject Borucki and Pete Walker is heated at the umps.

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