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Congrats to one of those other Carolina teams. Good job, @Canes! #BOSvsCAR The Carolina Hurricanes, they tell us, have won the series over the Boston Bruins.

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Y’all🚨🚨🚨 next round!! Raanta loves the #Caniac energy, totally came thru on TV. 👏🏽👏🏽 #BOSvsCAR.

Not a penalty in Raleigh. Both feet off ice, main contwct to head with elbow. All year, a 5 minute match penalty. #BOSvsCAR.

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Just put the best players on the ice rn. Best 5 and go all out actually take out the goalie now F it! Go 6 on 5 rest of the way 😂 #BOSvsCAR.

My TL has me so confused: Did Ukraine just beat the Boston Bruins in Game 7? #Eurovision2022 #BOSvsCAR.

Games 3, 4 and 5 were officiated fairly bruins still won those games but here in Carolina the refs are one-sided on the calls can’t beat 2 teams I guess. #BOSvsCAR.

ESPN: “a lot of discipline from the Carolina Hurricanes this afternoon. Nearly a perfect game today. Playing with a lot of energy and haven’t committed any penalties.” #BOSvsCAR #NHLBruins.

#BOSvsCAR Great series against a really good team made it hard fought series til the end see y’all next season.

Idc at all that the Hurricanes won but Boston lost so HAHAHAHAHAHA #BOSvsCAR #StanleyCup.

You can see the pain on the refs face as he’s forced to call the whalers for a penalty. He couldn’t even try to cat like it didn’t happen #BOSvsCAR.

Gotta love Jack trying to use the “colossal collapse” line to try and work some magic #BOSvsCAR.

#BOSvsCAR Boston starting the dirty play now cuz they know they are beat mcavoy sweeping people off their feet the whiny baby bruins.

@NatStatTrick Shift length breakdown after the 2nd period (via @NatStatTrick). #BOSvsCAR.

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Disappointed Bruins lost. Carolina fought hard and I congratulate them and their fans. Good luck the rest of the way, Canes! #BOSvsCAR.

#BOSvsCAR. Bummer 😥 Carolina too tuff at home, Too fast,too big, too young, thought we could have chance next round vs Pens. Raanta was better than sways also. Good luck canes 🏒 you earned it. Gotta root for Toronto now. 🇨🇦.

#BOSvsCAR Nothing better than sending Marchand to the golf course and possibly Bergeron to retirement.

Fuck Boston and their despicable fans, dirty ass players, and their broken ass hockey rink. #BOSvsCAR.

Crucial power play and the #NHLBruins are just standing around. Season over. #BOSvsCAR.

See ya next year bruins let’s hope Celtics have better luck in there game 7 #BOSvsCAR.

There’s a particular quote in Days of Thunder involving a monkey and a football that sums up this game. #BOSvsCAR #nhlbruins.

It’s only fitting that in the close out game the whalers would have a 3-0 powerplay advance. Microcosm of the whole series #BOSvsCAR.

Not a tough arena today, the Canes played average, but Bruins only “kind of”played today. Was a winnable game. #BOSvsCAR.

That miss from Coyle really hurts the Bruins. That was a perfectly executed set play. Designed to create that exact opporunity. #BOSvsCAR.

Blatant trip ignored by two refs as bs enter zone - nhl so bad - as bad as espns coverage - #BOSvsCAR.

Brutal way to lose a game 7. Also sucks that Hampus is gonna miss out on another Cup #BOSvsCAR.

If it really is the final game of Patrice Bergeron, then thank you for an incredible career and everything you gave to hockey. A truly incredible player and even better person. 37 #BOSvsCAR.

Hope that isn’t the end for Patrice Bergeron. One of the greatest Bruins of all-time who can definitely still play at a high level #BOSvsCAR #StanleyCupPlayoffs.

#BOSvsCAR 3 takeaways from the series. Boston needs young talent. Swayman is the real deal. And that franchise should still be in Connecticut..

Bruins vs Canes was a great series, not the best of games but an interesting series. Game 7 definitely delivered though, those final moments Boston really made me think there was a chance. Great ending, good run, go win that cup Carolina #BOSvsCAR #StanleyCup.

Our top line makes us look a lot better than what we are, our second half of the lineup was non existent pretty much all year, can’t win like that in the playoffs, Ullmark and Swayman did their best, just not good enough, credit to Carolina. #BOSvsCAR.

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