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Was about to tweet that Bottas is having one of his worst days of his @F1 career. But Pirelli just took the prize 🤦🏼‍♂️ #F1 #BakuGP

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Blog Fórmula 1 🏁
Blog Fórmula 1 🏁 ()

🏁 Companheiros com mais GPs disputados juntos 🏁 1. Michael Schumacher e Rubens Barrichello: 104 2. Mika Hakkinen e David Coulthard: 99 3. Sebastian Vettel e Mark Webber: 94 4. Lewis Hamilton e Valtteri Bottas: 84 (até Baku 2021) 5. Sebastian Vettel e Kimi Raikkonen: 81

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Matt Gallagher
Matt Gallagher ()

Let me The rumours are that he’ll be announced at Silverstone for the 2022 season. If the move is true, Merc wouldn’t do a mid season swap unless Bottas is casually finishing outside the points at every race. I do love a good rumour, though.

Matt Gallagher
Matt Gallagher ()

These George Russell to Merc 2022 by Silverstone rumours are pretty mad It’s not impossible but I also don’t think Merc would bin off Bottas so early in the season It’ll dramatically affect their title challenge and wouldn’t make any sense unless a BIG disagreement has happened

P ()

and all 19 of Bottas’ laps were in the same race where he went from P1 to finish P3. btw its awesome to see Perez up there, its only getting better from here.

Formula 2 Insider
Formula 2 Insider ()

George Russell linked to a Mercedes seat, with the announcement coming at the British GP? Coincidence? 👀 Also, this coming to light after Bottas having two mare races? Coincidence again? 👀

Kangadrew🤠 ()

For real Ocon was never gonna replace Bottas (that was always gonna be Russell), but he should replace Hamilton once he retires Ocon-Russell would be an insane lineup for Mercedes

Tom 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Tom 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ()

Unpopular opinion: bottas isn’t as shit as everyone makes him out to be he just couldn’t find the right setups throughout the weekend

LeProphet reluctantly
LeProphet reluctantly ()

I need onboards of Seb’s overtakes, and I need onboards of people dunking on Bottas.

Kangadrew🤠 ()

Put it this way, Button won 8 races as Hamilton’s teammate from 58 races (Hamilton won 10 in the same period) Bottas has only won 9 races while teammates to Hamilton in 85 races, while Hamilton has won 45 races in the same period

Marcus Ericsson
Marcus Ericsson ()

Was about to tweet that Bottas is having one of his worst days of his @F1 career. But Pirelli just took the prize 🤦🏼‍♂️ #F1 #BakuGP

ESPN F1 ()

Hamilton struggling for pace in 3rd and Bottas stuck in

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Charley☀️Checoposting☀️ ()

norris getting a penalty and yet bottas still starts in 10th 😭😭 what a shambles

Hotlapmode ()

⚙️ MINI SECTORS At the moment of the red flag here are the mini sectors from all drivers: Leclerc improved his Sector 1 by and Bottas also was quite fast. Unfortunate for Verstappen, Perez and Sainz #F1 #AzerbaijanGP

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TheMotorFan17 ()

@Ignars2 Sí porque Bottas es el único que no se ha enterado de que estaban baiteando

BartoszPokrzywiński ()

Fernando szybszy od Estebana Ocona, oba AlphaTauri w Q3 i Bottas dopiero na P9. Robić screeny. #F1PL #ElevenF1 ()

Final prematuro a una Q2 que apuntaba tensión hasta el último segundo. BOTTAS y ALONSO entran salvados por la campana. Desastre, otro más, para Daniel #AzerbaijanGP 🇦🇿

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Formula 1
Formula 1 ()

Mercedes clock their first laps of Q1 ⏱ Hamilton = P4 Bottas = P9 #AzerbaijanGP 🇦🇿 #F1

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Les Pistonnés
Les Pistonnés ()

🏁DEBRIEF EL3 #AzerbaijanGP 🇫🇷 Gasly en tête colle 3/10èmes à la concurrence 💥Verstappen tape au virage 15 ⚫️ Du mieux pour Hamilton ? Bottas en perdition ? Mercedes a essentiellement roulé en Médium 👍🏻 Ferrari et Alpine confirment leur potentiel

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Formula 1
Formula 1 ()

We’re definitely quite a chunk down - Hamilton We seem quite a bit off - Bottas A difficult Friday for #AzerbaijanGP 🇦🇿 #F1

TyC Sports
TyC Sports ()

#F1 Bottas llegó a Bakú tras la demora en el aeropuerto El finlandés sufrió un retraso en un vuelo, pero ya está en el circuito para disputar la carrera.

liv 🏁 17 `³´/36
Liv 🏁 17 `³´/36 ()

Os anos vão se passar e eu sempre vou morrer de rir do Bottas assistindo tudo imóvel com a mãozinha na cintura

amelia 🏎
Amelia 🏎 ()

bottas: gets stuck in finland and has to take a later flight the whole of f1 twt (including me): GeOrGe RuSsElL tO mErCeDeS

ROSBERG aposentado 🇧🇷🇩🇪
ROSBERG aposentado 🇧🇷🇩🇪 ()

Se eu fosse o Bottas eu pararia pra pensar o que tá rolando, sei lá, parece uma fucking nuvem preta rondando ele, e faz um tempo Pode ser besteira mas ainda assim eu fico viajando, e uma pena dele também

Car and Driver - F1
Car and Driver - F1 ()

#F1 Todo le pasa a é La mala suerte de Bottas parece que no ¡Valtteri Bottas se queda atrapado en el aeropuerto de Finlandia!

Antonio Lopez Garcia
Antonio Lopez Garcia ()

@VirutasF1 Hace unos días me pasó una cosa surrealista con él. Vivo en Helsinki. Iba de camino al trabajo y me encontré un mercedes espectacular aparcado. Cuando fui a hacer una foto, me percaté de que el dueño estaba dentro y me miró mal. Por la tarde descubrí que era Bottas 😂😂😂

Fake Chacho
Fake Chacho ()

Atención: Valtteri Bottas no podrá correr hoy con Mercedes. Porque las primeras practicas libres son mañana.

Alexandre Khaldi
Alexandre Khaldi ()

Bottas coincé en Finlande 🇫🇮 et qui n’est toujours pas à Baku… alors que les essais débutent demain matin…

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Kasper ()

Bottas still stuck at home? I I know Finland just opened up, but come on man, surely you must be able to get one of your top athletes out of there.

Autosport ()

“There was a lot of tough love. But he ultimately wants to extract the absolute maximum from me, or from what he believes I can achieve. George Russell explains how the Imola crash with Bottas affected his relationship with Toto Wolff. #F1

Diego Mejia
Diego Mejia ()

Bottas y ómo llamarle, ¿suerte? Valtteri tuvo revancha al año siguiente, es el más reciente ganador en Bakú, donde Mercedes ha ganado con los 3 pilotos titulares que han tenido desde que se corre allí. ¿Otra revancha para Bottas? 🎥:@F1 #AzerbaijanGP

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