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Updated: July 29th, 2021 10:37 PM IST

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Ippon en 16 sec pour Amandine Bouchard. Direction la FINALE OLYMPIQUE 🔥🔥🔥🔥#Judo

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I think Keith with somewhat reduced minutes isn’t the worst defensively in the league, I think ceci is a good fit, and I think Bouchard is going to force his way into at least the 2nd pair. And this team still has at best a bottom 5 defense in the league 😭

Not sure what the money would look like, but Ryan Murray next to Bouchard with Russell as the 7D would really interest me. Also wonder about a PK’ing winger to compete with Shore and Benson.

With one chair left and two teams trying to get it, Oilers lost out to Colorado for Kuemper. Avs were willing to give up Timmins on D who played 37 games last year. Suspect Oilers balked at Bouchard or Broberg

Randomest post of the day: Rare pictures of Maurice Richard and Emile Bouchard, as members of the Verdun Maple Leafs of the Quebec Senior Hockey League, the primary farm team of the Montreal Canadiens. (Bouchard pic found here: )

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Finishing 3rd in Rookie Points behind Ken Bouchard, an Ernie Irvan Sunoco pulled the sponsorship and the team closed. Brad and his young family packed up and moved west to continue racing. Brad won more races until Ascot closed in 1990 and other CRA major events til 1993! 🏁🏆

Bouchard Photo,Bouchard Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

From your team: #LetsGoOilers Best player: McDavid Underrated player: Smith Overrated player: Barrie Who will surprise: Benson Favourite player: Bouchard

You dumb motherfuckers had it in the bag on defence for a decade bouchard, bear, Jones, Samorukov and even Broberg And old Dutch/Tippett fucked everything up. Oiler fans have been waiting years for a homegrown defence I’m so angry and you should be too

Joel Bouchard is bringing former NHLer Max Talbot with him as assistant coach for the San Diego Gulls. #NHLDucks

I was discussing the mass exodus of HCWs with a patient yesterday. She remarked that the current state of affairs is similar to what Quebec experienced in the late 90s when the Bouchard govt’s policy resulted in a loss of 4000 nurses. It took over a decade to recover from that…

As a whole, the barring another addition or a trade, the D look set for this year and next and it hinges very heavily on: Bouchard being strong, Keith still having some gas & rebounding, Ceci taking on more responsibility. Probably need 2 of those 3. Maybe all 3.

@JasonGregor Keith > Kulikov Ceci < Larsson Hyman > Kahun Foegele > Neal Bouchard > Bear Seems like a win to me. Still need a starting G!

Good stuff from Dom here. Not disputing anything. My read is Oilers fans are more upset that the right side of the defence (right now at least) is Ceci, Barrie, Bouchard (in some order) rather than Bear, Larsson, Bouchard.

Edmonton Out: Larsson, Bear, Kulikov, Kahun and Neal. In: Keith, Ceci, Bouchard, Hyman and Foegele. Are they better? Still need a third line C or another top-six LW and move RNH to 3C.

How to Improve a D-core By Kenneth Mark Holland 1. Hire a coach that sits Evan Bouchard for two straight months 2. Trade Caleb Jones for Duncan Keith 3. Lose Adam Larsson for nothing 4. Re-sign Tyson Barrie 5. Sign Cody Ceci 6. Trade Ethan Bear

Don’t give me hope like this. Don’t do it. Nurse Barrie Keith Bear Ceci Bouchard It’s better than trading Bear for a 3LW

You want to see Barrie’s perceived value to Edmonton in year 2 when Bouchard has taken his PP minutes? Then compare them to the minutes Bear will be providing Boston (we know he’s going for Debrusk who will also be playing 4LW because Holloway took his job on 3LW in year 2 also)

Celebrity Legs of the Hour: thicccelebs: Eugenie Bouchard #crazyaboutlegs

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Not trying to be negative, but this is probably one of the worst defensive D cores you could put together: Nurse-Barrie Keith-Ceci Russell-Bouchard Bear is a must to be in this lineup, or else this will be a massive organizational failure. #LetsGoOilers

@MarcoCorbo There is definitely a debate. -Bouchard leads all D in shots/60 and by a mile (+3 more shots) -Bouchard played majority of his minutes with bottom 6, was on pace for 82 - 11 - 18 - 29 (14 ½ TOI) -Barrie 5v5 had 82 - 6 - 30 - 36 (17 TOI) with McDavid/Draisaitl

Nurse-Barrie Keith-Ceci Russell-Bouchard Nurse-Bear Jones-Larsson Kulikov-Bouchard Pick your fighter lmfaoooooo

if the Oilers defensive group consists of Nurse, Barrie, Keith, Bouchard, Ceci, ???, and Russell next year, there will be goals, both ways. Heaps of goals. Mountains of goals. Dragon hoards where the dragons are sleeping on piles of pucks. Rest that groin Schmiddy 😬

Sounds like the #Oilers D will include: Nurse Barrie Keith Ceci Russell Bouchard Lagesson Where that leaves Bear is yet to come.

@BouchBombs Nurse - Bear Jones - Larsson Kulikov - Bouchard Literally sounds like heaven now. What the fuck happened?

Darnell Nurse is a SHUTDOWN defenseman. So, if you get another one of these to play with Bouchard, then two of three pairs have SHUTDOWN defenseman on them. So, 2h6 is does Bear have to be moved again???

Caleb Jones AND Ethan Bear in one summer? And maybe even Evan Bouchard?! One can dream!

“Barrie, Bear, Bouchard on the right isn’t an ideal fit” Exactly, let Tyson Barrie walk in free agency and sign someone who is a better fit.

@jimmathesonnhl shutdown

Not sure on what a return would look like, but the Oilers have plenty of needs up front for top 9 f’s, and potentially in net as well. Bear is a good young player with a bright future, but from a style standpoint, Barrie, Bear,Bouchard on the right isn’t an ideal fit…/

Ippon en 16 sec pour Amandine Bouchard. Direction la FINALE OLYMPIQUE 🔥🔥🔥🔥#Judo

Easily the fanbase most dismayed with their off-season to date, in my feed anyway, are Oilers fans. Shore signing, Keith trade, loss of Larsson, potentially big contract to Hyman(?), fear over Bear’s future (and Bouchard’s?), near-zero confidence in what’s shaping up there.

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