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NEWS: #mnwild General Manager Bill Guerin announced the club has relieved Head Coach Bruce Boudreau of his coaching duties.

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Hockey Wilderness ()

If there’s one thing we’ll miss about Bruce Boudreau, it’s his never-ending supply of memeable reactions on the Wild bench. #mnwild

Michael Russo ()

Why Wild GM Bill Guerin decided it was time to move on from Bruce Boudreau

Martin Forget ()

@LPGeek tu as entendu Théo avec Langdeau? Il racontait quand Semin a interrompu Bruce Boudreau pendant une réunion d’équipe pour répondre à son cellulaire ... Bruce, un coach qui a de la poigne sur ses joueurs 🤦‍♂️

Hockey Wilderness ()

Bruce Boudreau’s firing came at an odd time. Why did Bill Guerin take this course of action, and what lies ahead? #mnwild

Derek Felska ()

@stevesigstad I would have less of a problem with it if it coincided with the team swapping out Boudreau with the guy Guerin wants. But to just fire him now, and toss in Evason as interim makes me think that was less of the reason and more because of the vets #mnwild

The Hockey News ()

Guerin continues reshaping Wild by firing Boudreau, but timing of the change is a head-scratcher, writes @THNJaredClinton

Niclas Viberg ()

Nu är veckans podcast ute. Vi snackar Zucker/Galchenyuk-traden, Boudreau, Kassian, Bouwmeester, ligans senaste rykten och Carolina med @emilullbrand som gäst. #nhlse

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KvatHockey 🏒 ()

Nå ligger det 2 ferske episoder av Høy Kølle ute: 1 om situasjonen i Mats Zuccarellos Minnesota Wild, der Bruce Boudreau er sparket. 1 om de gode spillerimportene i Get-ligaen. Begge episoder med @VAulstad som gjest.

Winging It In Motown ()

Quick Hits: The Beat Boston (Again) Edition

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Markus Sandø Iversen ()

Ny episode av #HøyKølle ute på verdensveven. I selskap med @VAulstad diskuterer vi sparkingen av Minnesota-trener Bruce Boudreau, og hva den kan bety for Mats Zuccarello.

Dobber ()

Ramblings: Boudreau Fired, Kassian Suspended Seven Games, Zucker Impressing in Pittsburgh (Feb 15)

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Chris Mayberry ()

@NHL_Campbell Curious, Scott. If you were to pick a replacement for Maurice, would you go after an established coach like Boudreau, Gallant or Babcock or promote an up-and-comer?

Salty Kashew ()

@ntrider825 Hire boudreau and have him run the next draft with botterill as a scarecrow sitting at the draft table

🦖 ryan lambert 🦕 ()

new @PuckSoupPodcast newsletter is here. topics include: 🥾 boudreau 🥋 kassian 🦔 sonic the hedgehog 👇 the leafs

Ernie Thiessen ()

@kevbikemad That said I don’t see the correlation between what MN did and the Jets, I think MN made a bad decision and probably won’t be able to find another coach better than Boudreau

KTM ()

What is with all of these random coach firings? How do you can Boudreau when his team is 6-3-1 in the last 10 and like 3 points out of the playoffs?

Rich Johnson ()

Oooh, Boudreau & Babcock are free agents :) Yeah, Babcock has baggage, but Chicago teams have the history to acquire that baggage & provide 2nd chances. Just no Laviolette! You see this #Blackhawks

Ernie Thiessen ()

@kevbikemad You gotta admit that this is a crazy firing, Boudreau is taking the fall for no reason. Not sure what the Wild are thinking?

Ben from the Circling The Cup #sjsharks Podcast ()

@ZEKEandMO Third, Boudreau is definitely playoff cursed but so are the #sjsharks. So put those curses together and end the universe, I say. 2/2

Mike Baz ()

@RazzballViz @stubbs4269 I think they’re doing the right thing and starting the rebuild now though since this draft is stacked. Not sure firing Boudreau was a good idea but it was bound to happen when you’re doing a rebuild

Dell Is A Starter ()

@Zakman200 @SanJoseSharks Definitely Boudreau, guy knows how to build a good defensive system and maximize his forward group. Would have more talent to work with here in SJ too

CambridgePL ()

Meet our newest reading dog, Ana! New and experienced readers of all ages are welcome to come & read with Ana at the Boudreau Branch Library. Registration is required. Sign up the day of the program by phone or in person at Boudreau, 617-349-4017. Friday, February 28, 3 - 4 PM.

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Travis Steele ()

@Dave_Schwartz My question is, what was Boudreau NOT doing that Guerin expected him to? You can’t play for the guys you are given.

Laggyglitchy4 ()

And Boudreau is fired by Minnesota. @UrinatingTree, this is another chapter for this Legacy of Failure

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Justin “The Nerd” (CrashDoesGames) ()

@cryflyers Lots of teams on the last season of their contracts with them. They just want it to end early to possibly salvage the season. To be fair, Boudreau has been horrible for the last decade or so

Minnesota Sports Ramble ()

They fire Boudreau because they can’t trade Parise and Suter, the underwhelming locker room cancers who have made it impossible for the Wild to gel as a team or with any coach. Just an inclination. I think that being free of the Koivu albatross will help everything at least.

CJS ()

@RandyWinkler15 @PAOnTheMic Totally agree. My guess is last night Boudreau lit up someone. 9 or 11. And Guerin just decided that now is a better time than end of year.

Minnesota Wild ()

NEWS: #mnwild General Manager Bill Guerin announced the club has relieved Head Coach Bruce Boudreau of his coaching duties.

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Michael Russo ()

BREAKING: #mnwild coach Bruce Boudreau was fired this morning at TRIA by GM Bill Guerin

Elliotte Friedman ()

Hearing MIN making a coaching change, Bruce Boudreau is out. Wild making a charge, too. More to come, obviously

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