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Postmedia yields approximately zero per cent of its traffic from Twitter. Unlike Facebook, this here website is for getting mad and firing celebrities, not clicking links. Anyways, good luck #BoycottPostmedia..

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#BoycottPostMedia Top Tweets On Twitter

@NoriSumiko @KathleenWesterg Another hashtag the Cons are upset about #BoycottPostmedia.

@sunlorrie US-owned, funded, directed sockpuppet says wut? #BoycottPostmedia (sorry about the sockpuppet reference @EdtheSock ).

Have you registered as a third party supporter for the Conservatives yet @brianlilley? @ElectionsCan_E #BoycottPostmedia #cdnpoli.

@ishat_reza @CBCKatie Did Post Media buy out CBC, as well? Her adjectives have the scent of Sun Media to them. #BoycottPostmedia.

Your ultra-Conservative-biased PostMedia Toronto Sun can take your trash tabloid and shove it! #BoycottPostmedia #cdnpoli.

@LiciaCorbella @calgaryherald #BoycottPostmedia Why can you still write articles? you should have been canned for your obvious and blatant conflict of interest in being a UCP toadie..

@sunlorrie Lorrie, You have less credibility than a politician. #BoycottPostmedia.

@duncankinney She never went away. She hid long enough for people to forget why she is so sketchy in the first place. Ironic she is talking ethics. #BoycottPostmedia.

@LiciaCorbella @calgaryherald I thought you were fired. Amusing you are talking ethics. #BoycottPostmedia.

Post Media #BoycottPostmedia Post Media is an American conglomerate which owns the majority of Canadian media outlets. In August 2019 they formally directed all of their publications to take a right wing position, making them actual propaganda..

There is a strange twist to this story. Far right Post Media reports on a racist Airline that claims a 12 year old Muslim girl was a terrorist threat. Enough people ! Enough already with this bullshit attitude ! #BoycottPostmedia.

#Postmedia will soon be called out on the international stage. This blatant right wing bigoted propaganda machine in Canada. Unbelievable that they haven’t been called out earlier. Lies. #BoycottPostmedia.

@mitchel_susan They can write what ever propaganda garbage they want and we can choose to #BoycottPostmedia #cdnmedia.

@daveharvey222 GOP end goal is bringing style health care to Canada. health care is another ongoing target. #BoycottPostMedia #cdnpoli.

@Trevornoah laughs at Fox talking head Tucker Carlson for saying white supremacy is a hoax, but the metric system is a threat to America because it would be the yoke of tyranny. This is the kind of commentary Postmedia says Canada needs more of. #cdnpoli #BoycottPostmedia.

Postmedia is controlled by 🇺🇸quick-buck hedge funds. PM Stephen Harper signed off on the sale. The Americans put a 🇨🇦 face on the deal by selecting Paul Godfrey, 77, as CEO. Harper & Godfrey are diehard Conservatives. #BoycottPostmedia #cdnpoli.

@mitchel_susan Except there is no freedom of the press at The so called journalists are instructed to write positive stories about the Conservatives and negative stories about their opponents! So if you believe in the Freedom of the Press you will #BoycottPostmedia #cdnmedia.

Save Canadian culture and media from American ownership and GOP special interests #BoycottPostmedia.

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Postmedia yields approximately zero per cent of its traffic from Twitter. Unlike Facebook, this here website is for getting mad and firing celebrities, not clicking links. Anyways, good luck #BoycottPostmedia..

The people who call out #BoycottPostMedia represent an element of left-wing censorship which proceeds from political opposition to the newspapers in question. Likely, these are the same people involved in book burning & who seek to end free speech. #TrudeauMustGo.

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Should have boycotted them when they wrapped their rags in yellow pro-Harper covers just before the election in 2015. #BoycottPostmedia #cdnpoli.

@ElkeBabiuk Now this is where the real problem lays. The deleting of articles, the deleting of facts. Those that control the present, control the past. People need to understand that facts hold people accountable. #cdnpoli #BoycottPostmedia.

This insipid #BoycottPostmedia Twitter campaign will not improve journalism. In fact, a boycott will harm community newspapers across the country & put journalists out of work. I write for PostMedia. And I assume that you follow me because my writing has value to you..

All media may have bias but there are standards in journalism as in other professions/sectors. Once you are not (even close to) fair, objective, balanced you are tabloid trash or worse - spreading harmful/paid propaganda. They must be held to account. #BoycottPostmedia.

People supporting #BoycottPostMedia are very naive or just hypocrites. Far left media bias in Canada include CBC, Global News, City TV, Toronto Star & Globe and MailAll major news organizations across Canada that never get called out by these people who are complaining today..

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