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Updated: September 22nd, 2021 07:39 AM IST

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Opposing batters are hitting .357 off Brad Hand since he joined the Mets. (They hit .351 off him during his stint in Toronto.) Phillies 3, Mets 1, top seven.

Brad Hand Twitter

@AnthonyDiComo Somehow Brad Hand has become Rojas’ go to guy in every “big spot” in the last 10 days… that’s a dereliction of duty and he should be let go out of principle

If you thought Mets pitcher Brad Hand vs. Red Sox slugger Kyle Schwarber was hard to explain, boy, do we have a doozie to top it!

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Did anyone ever actually SEE Brad Hand pitch at an All-Star level? Or was his whole career a myth created by the government? Don’t think I’ve ever watched him have a scoreless outing

Brad Hand continues to haunt the Jays. Allows a hit and a walk as 2 inherited runners score for the Red Sox.

Brad Hand is pure garbage, Steve and Sandy! #RedSox plate 2 more. They lead 6-2 after 6.

I wonder what Luis Rojas sees in Brad Hand this year that literally no one else does, hence the #Mets claiming him off waivers.


I mostly looked at the Brad Hand pickup as an audition for next season and it’s uh not gone well

Brad Hand, who entered for Miguel Castro, walked a man and gave up a two-run single. This one is getting away from the Mets, though we somehow are just now reaching the seventh inning. 6-2, Red Sox

brad hand is still trying to ruin our WC chances even while pitching for another team🤡

I don’t care anymore but I do not understand why Brad Hand is used so much the guy sucks

@Mets Brad Hand and Trevor May. That’s all that needs to be said about the loss. Time to clean house

Brad Johnson was sick all day (might have been food poisoning). Zeb Noland got a cut on his hand. They don’t think it’s broken. But a pretty significant cut where he had no feeling in his hand.

anyways if y’all want me on a podcast to discuss blue jays legend brad hand my dms are open

@phiIIyphiIIy a serious team might bring in hembree to pitch in the same game brad hand pitched

@AnthonyDiComo There is a reason why Brad Hand was dropped by multiple teams including my fantasy team.

@AnthonyDiComo The fact that Sandy Alderson simply employs Brad Hand shows exactly why he isn’t fit for the position he’s in

and its busted open. Phillies are now back in the swing of things because LUIS ROJAS BRINGS IN BRAD HAND IN A ONE RUN GAME.

Mets fans are mad about having Brad Hand on their team when they literally wanted him for the entire offseason

@marissamets Sorry, I blame this one on Sandy! He has a pet thing for Brad Hand? Two teams let him go, so you sign him in a pennant race? And insist that he be a 1 run game? WHY!!!! Not the first time he comes in and immediately gives up a run or more! UGH!

The fact that Luis Rojas put Brad Hand in during a 1 run game is a war crime-level decision

The fact that Brad Hand gets to wear the orange and blue is enough cause to fire everyone in the organization. There’s actually no way anyone with an analytical mind would ever vouch for this guy. Im so mad

Why would Rojas take out Carrasco after 82 pitches and put in Brad Hand?? Rojas keeps killing the Mets.

Using Brad Hand ever let alone practically every day is reason enough for @mets @StevenACohen2 to seek a new manager. You say youre in it still yet do everything you can to prove otherwise. Its sickening how bad the decision making in the #Mets dugout #MetsTwitter

Brad Hand on the Rays would turn into 2015/2016 Andrew Miller

Brad Hand is 100% gonna end up the Dodgers/Rays/Giants on a minor league deal next year and be a near all star after 3 teams gave up on him in a year

how the fuck is jeremy hefner going to pat brad hand on the back as he comes to the dugout? pack your bags and get the fuck out of NY

Brad Hand is done. Three of four batters he faced reached. Carlos Carrasco was pulled at 82 pitches. #mets

Opposing batters are hitting .357 off Brad Hand since he joined the Mets. (They hit .351 off him during his stint in Toronto.) Phillies 3, Mets 1, top seven.

@JustinCToscano Can someone please ask why Brad Hand is pitching all these innings despite being awful

I think Luis Rojas has officially given up….out of all the relievers …. Brad Hand?!?!?

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