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Updated: July 21st, 2021 01:37 AM IST

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Did Brady just joke with Biden about election denialism? Yes. Yes, he did.

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Why is everyone so infatuated about this, super bowl winning team went to the White House Brady cracked a couple jokes in good fun, lighten up a little everyone is embarrassing I know let’s open a forensic files case on the deeper meaning behind Toms jokes, take a walk

Right Wingers gonna call Brady & Cheater after years of defending him AhahHhHhhHaaahahahah

@CarneAsada74 I do lol at the insecure broe fans you delude yourself to believe, even if she ends up with Brady, Philip will always be her first true love, the first man who saw her more than just ghoul girl, Philip will always hold a place in her heart. Just like Brady will also.

📹 | Tom Brady via Instagram Stories. Eu amo essa aniversariante 😍😍😍😍.

Brady Photo,Brady Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@KevinDontDance @Quicktake Really?? He wasn’t taking a dig at it was at Brady still supports Trump lol

It’s also well known that Brady supported Trump and still made the trip to the White House with Biden as the Funny how that works.

Brady didn’t vote for joe Biden, but he was still an adult and went to the White House. That’s the maturity difference between liberals and conservatives

Love this. So true. Would love to find out Trump’s reaction to Brady visiting the Biden White House. Sad. #football #MAGA

@LincolnsBible Oh you mean Tom Barrack! I thought you meant Tom Brady after his swipe at Trump today at Biden’s White House.

@atrupar This is the first thing Tom Brady has said since March 17, 2020 that made me smile… (And yes, I remember the date).

No todo el mundo cree que ganamos. De hecho, un 40% no lo cree. Entiende eso señor presidente?, bromea en la Casa Blanca con Biden, Tom Brady de los Bucaneros de Tampa Bay campeones del Superbowl 2021, provocando risa de los asistentes. Brady es amigo de Trump. @CNNEE @CNNDUSA

Brady Photo,Brady Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

WATCH: Tom Brady Delivers a Stinging Blow to ‘Friend’ Donald Trump During Tuesday White House Visit via @politicususa

Well, shit, Tom Brady did a funny. First time I actually like anything about TB.

@UKTwinds @org_scp Hoping we see some action from the committee within the next week or so- ideally this should be done before parliament breaks for summer recess. This is a line that I don’t think Brady & co will let him cross.

@BreitbartNews Tom Brady hung out with Trump and now he disrespects him, and those who voted for him. Way to do moron!

Tom Brady cracks joke about election denial at White House ceremony honoring Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers

@BreitbartNews According to Brady he had family matters to attend to. I think we need to stop making things that are not an issue, bigger than they are

@EdMcClees @HarrisCountyDAO Don’t forget Mark “What’s a Brady Violation?” Goldberg. I actually think the DA’s Office needs money for more line prosecutors, but they could damn sure stand to tighten up their in-house budget too.

Did Brady just joke with Biden about election denialism? Yes. Yes, he did.

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