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Dorion says he has no regrets passing on this year’s pick and taking Brady Tkachuk..

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The amount of joy I get from Brady Tkachuk doing something as simple as shaking his head (or breathing) is unreal. ❤️.

My favorite reaction is Brady Tkachuk biting his finger in consternation..

[email protected], Gm4: Brady Tkachuk, family cheers on brother via @NHL.

Is Brady Tkachuk wearing a Flames shirt?! Some serious brotherly love right there..

Brady Tkachuk at the Avs/Flames game with the Tkachuk parents to see Matthew is the purest form of support.

Brady Tkachuk in the house because he doesn’t know the Sens 1st rounder isn’t playing here til next year.

Has it crossed anyone’s mind that if the @senators were competent Brady Tkachuk would be playing in this game?.

Waiting for #HockeyTwitter to vilify Brady Tkachuk for celebrating a #Flames goal..

Check out Brady Tkachuk Prominent Prospects 2018-19 Parkhurst Upper Deck Rookie Card PP-17 via @eBay.

Brady Tkachuk just sitting in the middle of the stands with his mom and dad wearing a Flames T-shirt. Classic..

@senssensei @TheLastSen95 I heard if you say that three times in the mirror Brady Tkachuk will appear and punch you in the guts repeatedly.

Reminder that the Penguins and Lightning have as many playoff wins as Brady Tkachuk this season..

me: trying to sleep my brain: lol remember how brady tkachuk looks like a thumb me: rolling around in my bed laughing.

@RyanHanaWWP It’s definitely not. Ovi is under no obligation to take care of anyone out there, it’s not like he’s the one who instigated it. Brady Tkachuk is out here fighting everyone and everybody thinks it’s great, it’s not Ovi’s fault that Svech picker the wrong battle. Hope he’s ok..

@zr4tork I don’t believe so. There’s a few spots left open for playoff players too. Brady Tkachuk though look good to go.

@TheStanchion (in no order) Brooks Orpik, Shea Weber (pre-Montreal), and both Tkachuk brothers, Matthew a little more than Brady..

Watching the style of play in the #nhl playoffs you have to question picking KK as opposed to Brady Tkachuk. I like KK but Tkachuk is the type of player you need in playoffs.

@jasonyork33 @SanJoseSharks Fun fact: that’s a young Brady Tkachuk playing the role..

@DanglesMc @DraftLook I’m thinking he meant Matthew Boldy type. I’d consider drafting someone like him in the top 10 even if he’s a complementary winger. I can see him as a 55ish forward like Brady Tkachuk as long as somebody else does most of the transition work. He can control once puck is in OZ..

@GoodOrtho_com @MattOLearyNY Could be a variety of things, from coaching, to system, to talent around you, also, like Matt alluded to, NCAA typically isnt a high scoring branch of hockey. Brady Tkachuk scored eight goals at BU, but 22 as a rookie in the NHL..

How about Brady Tkachuk? I might pay a bundle to make BT happen..

@JustinMoris I will make no apologies for Brady Tkachuk, a perfect human being and please help me I only have two good players left..

@SCrociata @Avsfan_10 I didn’t really follow Brady Tkachuk this year, but based on how I feel about his brother and how I felt about his dad 20 years ago, I’m glad we got 4 this year and didn’t end up with him last year!.

@stock_guy1 Kotkaniemi is another 2-3 years away. He has loads of skill and bounces back nicely but he is knocked off the puck easily right now. I still think he might one day reach the level of Brady Tkachuk.

Dorion says he has no regrets passing on this year’s pick and taking Brady Tkachuk..

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