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If only we could send Brady Tkachuk in a time machine to the Battle of Ontario in the early 2000s.

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TSN 1200 ()

#Sens forward Brady Tkachuk: There will be relief after the trade deadline

MittzMcGee ()

Carey Price with some beauty PIMS and his 48th career shut out. A big Fu** you to Brady Tkachuk and the Sens TN. And Leafs probably opened a facility maintenance position in their organization . #lovetoseeit

Renaud Bourbonnais ()

Brady Tkachuk, à savoir s’il s’est adressé à Carey Price suite à leur altercation : « Pas vraiment, c’est un jeu intense. On réagit souvent rapidement. » #Sens

Hockeyfights ()

Brendan Gallagher vs Brady Tkachuk from the Montreal Canadiens at Ottawa Senators game on Feb 22, 2020

HabsDarren ()

I don’t know what happened with the Tkachuk boys but they’re just straight up dirtbags compared to their Dad who played hard. Brady is a huge tough guy when it’s somebody way smaller lol. #HNIC does a spotlight on Brady’s “impact” on a game his team is losing 3-0. Get outta here

S__VDH ()

Hockey Gods better set up Brady Tkachuk’s first playoff series to be against Montreal. Mayhem.

Bears, Mariners and Sharks Fan ()

@BrandonMaki6 I used to be on the fence between Chabot or Tkachuk for future captain. I think today sealed it for me. Brady IS this team

Joe Di Lillo ()

Pierre Maguire was right. The Habs should have drafted Brady Tkachuk instead of Jesperi Kotkaniemi. #GoHabsGo

Brian McIntyre ()

Someone is gonna drop Brady Tkachuk someday and the entire hockey world is gonna applaud it.

Hailey Salvian ()

Brady Tkachuk just got escorted off the ice. In case anyone wants to know how things are going in Ottawa.

Edward John Kenny ()

@HabsChronicle The only thing that give me more joy tonight would be for Brady Tkachuk to get knocked the f?!k out.

Hannah ()

Brady Tkachuk’s life motto is: “fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, I’ll fight anyone I fucking want.”

Jeffrey Park ()

@EricEngels This is what it seems like. Brady Tkachuk finally becoming a man tonight?

Ottawa Senators fan ()

With Brady Tkachuk currently under the Habs skin, could we have another brawl tonight but this time #Sens - #Habs!

HabsDarren ()

The thing is Garry Galley, no one is crawling in Tkachuk’s pig pen. He’s a skill player with a large side dish of stupid. His brother at least tried to fight his own battles (and got beat up multiple times), not sure how Brady Tkachuk is helping his team right now. #GoHabsGo

Landon penney ()

If im Shea Weber I’m grabbing Brady tkachuk and laying a fucking beating in the 3rd period, kid wants to run his mouth stand up and walk the walk, everyone knows you like to run your mouth #Habs #gohabsgo


I wonder if the @Senators pay Brady Tkachuk in wheels of cheese. BIGGEST RAT IN THE GAME. BAR NONE

Christian ()

Brady Tkachuk. Hits people in the back, but backs away when Thompson goes to see him and then breaks his stick. Glad Carey punched him a few times to put some sense in his head. #GoHabsGo

Robert Louis ()

Why are the Habs even allowing Brady Tkachuk to remain conscious at this point? Like seriously. He’s such an idiot.

🇨🇦 TimCanadien 🇨🇦 ()

Ottawa should get extra two minutes here. And little fucking pansy-ass Brady Tkachuk needs to get his ass kicked

Fantasy Sports ()

Brady Tkachuk / Brady Tkachuk is your reason to continue watching the Ottawa Senators down the stretch #NHL #OTT

TVA Sports ()

À VOIR | Carey Price perd patience et s’en prend à Brady Tkachuk! 😱😱

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Spoderman ()

Wish the refs would have let Carey Price or Ben Chariot beat the ever living dog shit out of Brady Tkachuk #GoHabsGo #DontMessWithCarey

Jeremy ()

THEY GAVE PRICE A PENALTY LMFAOOO Brady Tkachuk musta gave the ref a lil pregame handy j

Ian Mendes ()

If only we could send Brady Tkachuk in a time machine to the Battle of Ontario in the early 2000s.

C-Money ()

If Brady Tkachuk thinks he’s going to get a free shot at Price, he’s going to have to fight Weber. That won’t work well for him.

StPatrick33 ()

I know I’ll take on a rain of shrapnel but damn Brady Tkachuk would look great in blue-blanc-rouge.

Gambler Boy 77 ()

dire que on vais brady tkachuk gratis timmins ya été pour le tres timide kotka ki? ye rendu ou lui le centre du ricket de laval lol bravo a lorganisation pour le savard weickenheiser 2

Bruce Garrioch ()

Chabot skates on one leg to the bench after hit from Gallagher along the boards with 10:01 left in first. Straight to dressing room. Brady Tkachuk goes after Gallagher. #Sens

Sportsnet Stats ()

#GoSensGo Brady Tkachuk is 1 of 8 players with 80+ PIM this season. His 38 points are the most among those 8 players

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