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Updated: September 16th, 2021 05:37 AM IST

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.@erinotoole comments on @JustinTrudeau event in Brampton last night: calls it, in contempt of common sense and social distancing guidelines.

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Churches in Mississauga and Brampton are preparing to bless their local Police, Fire and EMS front liners on September 25, with a free BBQ lunch. Read more in our free Sept 2021 edition.

I knew there was no hope for brampton when I see people type still with a “y” in 2021

Trudeau only cares about himself, not the people of Brampton or anywhere there was no contact tracing either, no social and disgusting!!

Does Trudeau think peopke in Fredericton won’t see the mass 400 plus indoor rally in Brampton last night? He continues to insult people’s intelligence! Kick this idiot to the curb. #TrudeauHasGotToGo

@moore_oliver Since these trains will be running through from London to Kitchener to Brampton and Toronto, I think it will be interesting to see how many cars they put in the trainset. At least 100km of the trip will be with riders having a full choice of seats.

Liberals never tell Canadians and was caught holding this uncaring and unconcerned for health and safety for Brampton residents.

Congratulations to MFA alum @JaelRichardson for becoming one of the six advisory panel members of the City of Brampton’s Arts, Culture & Creative Industry Development Agency (ACCIDA)! For more information on her position and more:

A: The oldest single item in our @archivespama collection is an English land deed dating to about 1682. Its from the Bowyer fonds<collection>; a #Brampton family. The deed is on animal skin. The photo is a detail show of a seal on the deed. #AskACuratorDay

Why would a retired @BramptonFireES Professional Firefighter require permission to attend a Brampton Fire station? Was @herschelrescue banned from his own service? 😬

Congratulations to @BramptonFireES for winning a national award for their work in diversity, equity and inclusion from @cdnfirechiefs You are recognized leaders on DE&I. I am so proud of the work you are doing! Details:

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Just Released | City of Brampton Fire and Emergency Services wins national award for its work in diversity, equity and inclusion More:

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@Joanbeam3000 @JPTasker This is Ontario in Brampton where minorities are vulnerable to rise in inequality and cases

Chicken, bacon, and salad recalled due to possible contamination in Mississauga and Brampton

@GOtransit @GOTransitSSD Is it a joke making more than 20+ people run from platform to platform just so they can catch their train to Union from Mount Pleasant Go Station (Brampton)??? People just want to catch the train and get to class and work in peace. This is ridiculous!!!

Gail Bannister-Clarke is running as the NDP candidate in the #Brampton East riding #elxn44

@gmforbes35 @kinsellawarren He has worked hard pandering to Brampton

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@TheHunterChef @JC_Theriault It was held at a venue in Brampton, with 400 people. The usual capacity for the room is 1,000 and COVID-19 guidelines mean the maximum number that could be in the room was 500.

“Inexpensive but good Piercing shops in ” Submitted by u/arminUltra07 via Reddit: #Brampton

@GurratanSingh @theJagmeetSingh Wake up Brampton! Stop voting for MPs that do nothing for you! How have Sonia, Ruby, Maninder, Khama, Suk, Randeep helped you with spousal family sponsorship? Why can’t Indo- Canadian Citizens families have 5 day processing time like the Philippines do? Ask them to step up!

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Awesome and a bit surreal to see 2 Brampton boys playing Champions League football together. #CanMNT

This is Jermaine Chambers, O’Toole’s candidate for Brampton West. Anti-choice organization Campaign Life Coalition gave him a green light for saying he would cast anti-choice votes if elected.

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.@erinotoole comments on @JustinTrudeau event in Brampton last night: calls it, in contempt of common sense and social distancing guidelines.

“Looking for a video I saw on ” Submitted by u/deadlybutterfly via Reddit: #Brampton

“How old is everyone in this subreddit?.” Submitted by u/MJGOATIAMCANADIANBOY via Reddit: #Brampton

@CBCNews MW Trudeau hosts a super spreader event in Brampton & CBC ignores the flagrant rules violations. 2m spacing is the law and Trudeau had 2cm spacing at his event.

@JustinTrudeau @SeamusORegan Here they wear masks, in the Brampton center almost no one did, with 2cm spacing vice 2M as required by law. Trudeau talks of taking COVID seriously, yet hosts a super spreader event.

@EarlWashburn @riding_day 🖐️I have lived in Barrie, Milton (majority of life), and Courtice (edge of Oshawa); one set of grandparents lived in Brampton, the other in Toronto; one aunt in Hamilton, another in Scarborough; spent teenage weekends in Mississauga. The answer is no.

“Dang everyone alright.” Submitted by u/whatdoiknw via Reddit: #Brampton

How old exactly is Chretien, 90? Trudeau took him to a packed campaign event in Brampton during a pandemic.

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Great point. @theJagmeetSingh is from Brampton & only reason he is running in Burnaby south is to win a seat. He has only been here 4 times. So let’s make sure he does not win #Elxn44

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