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During a press conference at a Brampton shipping company today, a Red FM reporter shared concerns with the DPM from truckers hurting over high fuel prices. She responded that high fuel prices are a “reminder of why climate action is so important”.

If you don’t know, Brampton is logistics central. If it moves by truck in the GTA, Brampton has a role. Our deputy PM tells them that higher gas prices are a good thing..

BREAKING: In a shocking turn of events, the current mayor of Brampton was just disqualified from the race Conservative Party of Canada.

Patrick Brown has cancelled today’s Brampton Council meeting. Facing investigations by the CPC for possible violations of federal election laws (which led to his disqualification) & forensic investigations inside City Hall, he has shut down council for a month. #Onpoli #Brampoli.

Breaking: Patrick Brown, Brampton’s Mayor, has been disqualified from the Conservative leadership race. More info from CPC HQ re “serious allegations of wrongdoing” here: ▶️.

BREAKING— Using word “corrupt” to describe efforts to disqualify him from Conservative @CPC_HQ leadership Brampton mayor @patrickbrownont tells me the “back story is we were Winning.”.

NEW: Patrick Brown had been banned from seeking another term as Mayor of Brampton after it was revealed that he has secretly been serving as Mayor of several remote Sri Lankan villages.

@anthonyfurey Be sure to bring up the fact that Brown is currently under forensic investigation by the City of Brampton for wrong doing..

The circus on @CP24. These 4 councillors are pretending to stand up for #Brampton. How embarrassing. They forgot to mention that a judge is currently looking at their ridiculous attempt to appoint Elaine Moore before a council seat was vacated..

Now do the allegations of corruption against Patrick Brown from the Brampton city council..

Kinsella is trying to spin that the CPC party got rid of Brown because his supporters aren’t white? Trust me, that’s just spin. The CPC has spent decades courting the Brampton community South Asian vote, starting with Jason Kenney..

Rumblings that the Brampton Rumors are planning on terminating Matthew Morrows contract.

@TWilsonOttawa I live in Brampton. The work starts NOW to PREVENT his RE-ELECTION as Mayor!.

That picture of her in Brampton is almost like a meme when you imagine the convoy drivers being beaten by cops.


@stephanie_ha @EvanLSolomon Everyone wants Pierre. This is his excuse because he knew he wouldn’t win so he can run for mayor of Brampton again.

@Gray_Mackenzie What utter nonsense. Brown is a loser. He is under forensic investigation by the City of Brampton were he is Mayor for WRONG DOING. Spare us the BS..

@mkbcodes @patrickbrownont Lmfao the man literally used Brampton tax payer money and city employees to work on his campaign which is a big no no. He is a scum bag.

Guess this frees him up to run for re-election as mayor of Brampton.


@joe_warmington @patrickbrownont Hundreds of thousands? don’t bother consulting with lawyers. Waste of $$. Brampton hates you trust me on that and by the looks of it so do alot more ppl. We don’t even want him as a mayor bc he LIES and he a little weasel..

@SweetingElaine Patrick Brown: soon to be announcing his candidacy for mayor of Brampton again 😂.

BUSTED! Mayor Patrick Brown using City of Brampton employees for work on CPC leadership campaign via @RebelNewsOnline.

@ZacSpicer It feels like it was only yesterday that he magically teleported from Barrie to Brampton.

@TheophanesRex I feel sorry for the ppl in Brampton. I was awakened by my brother who lives there, at 6 am. This may reflect on his re-election also as Mayor.


- Patrick Brown loses re-election as mayor of Brampton - Patrick Brown runs for GPC leader - Patrick Brown runs for ONDP leader - Patrick Brown runs for OLP leader - Patrick Brown relocates and runs for UCP leader - Patrick Brown relocates again and runs for BCNDP leader.

The Rules of Procedure bylaw is available online and outlines everything with respect to how council is run and how the powers are delegated to the various committees. 2/-.

@TurnbullSarah @EvanLSolomon “Can the greased piglet, Patrick Brown, wiggle out of this one?”.

Mayor @patrickbrownont has had an unfair shake in Canadian politics. Thank you for your public service, and thank you for putting your name forward for the leadership of the @CPC_HQ. That takes guts. #Brampton is lucky to have you..

Thank goodness. Brampton voters please remember this weasel has been MIA for weeks taking a salary as Mayor and stalling city business. Show him the curb in October!.

@TheophanesRex The mess in the city of Brampton just testifies to the pattern. Poor enforcement since the beginning of covid has caused mishaps, spiking insurance rates, and causing eye sores gazing garbage/litter..

@RPaluoja His political career has basically been destroyed. He should have stayed in Brampton and run for re-election. (My guess is he will try to hang on to the mayoral chair, but will lose in November.).

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