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Jesper Bratt arbitration filings: #njdevils: $ million Bratt: $ million Hearing scheduled for Wednesday..

Re Bratt arbitration numbers: I’m told the #NJDevils are trying to find a “reasonable middle for both parties.” Their filing was $ million, Bratt’s was $ million..

And when I say you have to find a compromise, you HAVE to find a compromise. If that means caving and giving Bratt 3-4 years, then so be it. You have to do what you have to do to avoid arbitration..

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This is how rumors/gossip/bad reputations start: 1. Guy logs into Twitter, sees devils offer $ for Bratt. Is immediately outraged, having no knowledge of how arbitration works and that this isn’t the long-term AAV. 2. Sends angry tweet calling for Fitz’s head.

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@KevinWeekes Just give him 7x7 and he can score 80 points a year with Hughes as his center. Sounds like Bratt’s agent is looking to cash in. Persson represents a lot of nobodies except for Ullmark.

@FriedgeHNIC if josh norris was offered a contract worth annually after a 68 point pace season, jesper bratt deserves just as much if not more for his 73 points in 76 games, a 78 point pace..

@TheBrattPack63 Also important to remember, this isn’t Bratt being greedy. The same thing happened with his agent on his last RFA contract. JB’s agent doesn’t represent many players. Most of them are minor leaguers or 4th liners. Bratt is his big fish. He is trying to cash out on him..

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@KevinWeekes They all signed long term for an AAV of ~8M$, the $ figure is not the offer Fitz gave Bratt or his idiot agent on a LT deal… let’s be real here..

Do #NJdevils fans really think Bratt is being held hostage by the wishes of his agent? He could overrule him at anytime. He just wants to go UFA ASAP so he can get out of Dodge (Newark)..

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@Sadmachine30 @danbab1981 Understood, but that number is still a slap in the face. And if they do go to arbitration, and the Devils have to argue that Jesper Bratt is a dollar player next year then some shit they can’t come back from will be said. TL, DR: figure it the fuck out before Wednesday..

@MrWhite1079 @TheBrattPack63 I love Bratt. I think he has another gear and deserves to get paid. That being said… if this goes to arbitration he is gone unfortunately.


Fitz’s offer is so low because he wants to plant the seed of risk that the arbitrator will side closer to him, incentivizing Bratt to sign the extension before the hearing.

@deb_or_ah_m I don’t know…don’t think Bratt actually shot that high. He’s almost a point/game player at 24, has been improving each season, solid possession metrics…I think he’s worth close to what he’s asking. I typically side with the teams on these arbitration cases, but he’s worth $6+.

So Jersey offers $ mil, Jesper Bratt wants $ mil in arbitration filing and you absolutely know arbitrator will split difference if it gets that far. In other words, $ mil. Silly.

NJD is one of the teams I find the most interesting. They have a REALLY good young core in all the most important spots. Like the trades they’ve made too. Then they do odd things like committing big money to older players and lowball a core player like Bratt a crazy degree?.

The Devils will pay some no name goalie 3 million but won’t pay Jesper Bratt what he’s asking for. Ridiculous..

@TheBrattPack63 Yeah I can’t see why they won’t sign him for at least $6 Million dollars as that would be far value for Bratt..

@DevilsInsiders This is on Bratt and his team more than the Devils. I know Dave disagrees.

@Gio_NJDevils Yeah rumors of a massive deal there was probably like lol I think a 7x7 is more than fair on both sides especially seeing guys In a similar bracket to Bratt got much more..

3. Logs off Twitter. Bumps into friend on the street and says “can you believe they only offered Bratt $! What a joke!” His friend agrees. Now they’re both misinformed. 4. That friend bumps into a friend, says the same thing. “Can you believe…” and the cycle continues..

@JMC9787 That is true. But have to wonder if fitz is offering fair value long term, or if Bratt simply doesn’t want to commit to being here beyond 2024..

@heygump I want to keep beau. But Bailey has been hit or miss for seasons at a time. If we scoop Kadri, he’s immediately a first or 2nd liner. Bratt, can fit and play on whatever line Kadri isn’t and they can swap them around as they see fit. Jesper over time will only get better..

Sportsnet: Jesper Bratt iski pöytään hurjan palkkavaatimuksen! #NHLfi.

@Timmy1Seven Definitely like Bratt too but you offer sheet a guy your giving up picks. The guy I’m on the fence about is Beau. At times during playoffs past he was the best player on the ice, other times he disappears. I’m more inclined to keep him I think..

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