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Senator Mike Braun from Indiana says he supports BLM—the abolish police, abolish prisons, destroy the family unit, pro-sex work Marxist organization He’s a Republican from a deep red state. This is why we are losing our country.

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Novina ()

@HonoriOjczyzna @Szczery2015 Zgoda. Ale zobacz co taki Wilk odpierdziela. Ruska onuca to mało powiedziane. Albo oszołom Braun.

Patrick Martin
Patrick Martin ()

@OrthoA I’m from Indiana and I never really liked Mike Braun, but I do like his stance on this. I think he is typically too partisan to really think about his votes like lots of senators, but he surprises me sometimes.

HandelsblattFinanzen ()

Die Anwaltskanzlei Tilp ist vom zumindest bedingt vorsätzlichen Verhalten der Wirtschaftsprüfer EY und der frühere Vorstände überzeugt.

Robert ()

Mr Braun will hear from the American people at election time.

Debora Levy
Debora Levy ()

@DailyCaller There’s something very wrong with Sen Braun’s thinking 🤔 he’s more afraid of the Democrats, pleasing thugs than passing bills to serve law abiding businesses and innocent citizens. The mob has not offered any debate/convo and transparency has become a mute talking point



Vint Bonner
Vint Bonner ()

@JackPosobiec Before and after! Braun your done, useless moron. We will remember him.

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FatDrunkAndStupid ()

@SenatorBraun @TuckerCarlson Embarrassing performance. Either get with the program, Sen. Braun, or get out of the way. Conservatives are sick of cowards like you who bend the knee and collaborate with the Globalist Elite.

Elżbieta Mak
Elżbieta Mak ()

Grzegorz Braun: Sytuacja nie do pozazdroszczenia dla tej części Polaków,... przez @YouTube

Scipio ()

@hollandcourtney I fear the POS Braun from Indiana might prove to be the tip of the iceberg of RINO’s who would and will stab President Trump in the back whenever the opportunity presents itself. He should become a regular on CNN and MSNBC.

Elisabeth Benoit Magloire 🇭🇹🇺🇸
Elisabeth Benoit Magloire 🇭🇹🇺🇸 ()

Maybe Mike Braun is being coerced or blackmailed. Look for skeletons in his closet or possibly bribe money.

Chuck Martel
Chuck Martel ()

Braun destroyed himself. He made it clear that he was only trying to appease the mob. How about doing what is best for the country? They never think of that.

Anthony Gadson
Anthony Gadson ()

@adamwren @SenatorBraun Right-wing nuts seem to be celebrating Carlson “eating Braun’s lunch.” They’re successfully eating their own.

All lives matter.
All lives matter. ()

@JohnRLottJr Sometimes we forget that many Republicans lap up the fake news crap that permeates Washington. Braun is a sap.


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Perry C Dangerfield
Perry C Dangerfield ()

It all sounds good Sen. Braun, but when it comes to holding politicians responsible I have to laugh! That will never happen as long as we have democrat majorities in the cities that one politician will accept responsibility for the systematic destruction of theircity

Łukasz Kardas
Łukasz Kardas ()

@NonsenseFlat @MaciejWolnosc słuchaj, Belgia też nie lata w kosmos i ma gorszą armię niż ruski mir, ale w Belgii ludzie nie srają w wychodkach, a ich prezydent nie jest mordercą i agresorem. Idź sprzedawać te swoje mądrości do sputnika, tam braun będzie ci potakiwał, razem z aboslwentem LO 6%.

Halsey ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Halsey ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ()

@RichHiggins_DC Braun was a Demonrat until 2012. Better than Donnelly, who had to go, but it is evident the switch was for political expediency.

Art Flores
Art Flores ()

@SenatorBraun @TuckerCarlson Mr. Braun you have no idea what a poiice officer should and shouldn’t do. I was in law enforcement for 25 years, retired 9 months ago. You are so out of your realm even thinking you know what that police officer should have done. You are a disgrace!!!

Matedor ()

@1776Stonewall He owned that hapless spineless Mike Braun tonight. Tucker drops truth bombs on both sides. Love it!!!

kreigh Hook
Kreigh Hook ()

Mike Braun was endorsed by both Pence and Trump lol. Fun fact. Mike Pence was on his way to lose the gov race then he jumped ship to VP

Tux Collins ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Tux Collins ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ()

This senator Mike Braun call me Atlanta shooting of a man after he grabbed a Taser from an police officer, the ... a white police officer shot and killed an African-American man outside in June corrupt SenatorBraun is why we have problems.

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Big City
Big City ()

@SenatorBraun @TuckerCarlson You are DISGUSTING Senator Braun. Great job Tucker for exposing this low life. 💙

Joe Sordi
Joe Sordi ()

@JackPosobiec If the primarying of Steve King is any indication, Senator Braun can kiss his BLM supporting senate seat goodbye. Unfortunately Braun isn’t up for re-election until 2025 🙄

Adam ()

@TomFitton Tucker said Mike Braun wanted to come on Tucker’s show. For what! To make himself look like a fool? Did he think tucker would go easy on him?

SoFloGalPatriot ()

@LisaMei62 @SidneyPowell1 Name names! We need to get LOUD! I’m screaming here at Mike Braun and Justice Roberts !!!! Screw all of them. #Trump2020LandslideVictory

J ()

@DailyCaller Gosh someone should have thrown the towel in for Sen Braun during this interview.

Charlie Kirk
Charlie Kirk ()

Greg Pence, an actual American patriot and conservative, should primary that Schumer-appeasing, Marxist sympathizer Mike Braun in Indiana. Time to flood out the leftists from the Republican Party!

Charlie Kirk
Charlie Kirk ()

Senator Mike Braun from Indiana says he supports BLM—the abolish police, abolish prisons, destroy the family unit, pro-sex work Marxist organization He’s a Republican from a deep red state. This is why we are losing our country.

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