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Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) and Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) on the latest developments in President Trump’s impeachment trial

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UrbColinasLasAcacias ()

@braun_ernesto @FedericoBlackB El de la moto iba cómo a 80 kilómetros por hora en una avenida normal como si fuese una autopista, nunca habría pasado eso si hubiese ido lento

Jessie Klein ()

On a side note from the tragic events of today. 1, I really dislike Ryan Braun. 2, I found an amazing travel mug on Etsy.

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Charles Myrick -CEO ()

Brewers’ Braun acknowledges this could be his final season

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Seibaa @ Mito + Oarai! 🇯🇵 ()

@RedBardIsCool They gotta have Chris Sabat as live action Mr Braun. It’s gotta happen

Totally suck at rumble predictions ()

...And Cesaro, Big E, Elias (cause he was injured), Braun (same reason). Mainly this only applies to Nakamura. It’s like you switched body with the guy from Quantum Leap. All those talent, smh.

Isaiah Simmons SZN ()

WM Prediction after #RoyalRumble Drew vs Brock Roman vs Bray vs Keith Lee AJ vs Edge HBK vs Dolph Taker vs Sting Riddle vs Goldberg Charlotte vs Bayley Rousey vs Becky Shinsuke vs Braun Usos vs New Day vs Revival Rollins/Murphy vs Ricochet/Aleister Black

DM ()

@jonfavs The thing that really gets me about Braun (he’s my Sen) is that he doesn’t even have to do this. He’ll never share a ballot with Trump. Even if Trump wins a second term, Braun isn’t up until 2024. ’s just doing it because he thinks it’s good.

Definitely, Jerome! No really. ()

@Jameron4evaSean @StephanieHypes Nah the perfect person eliminated Brock for what they are doing this the ship sailed on Braun and Keith Lee will have his time and for now I’m expecting banger of a match from him defending the NA Title at TakeOver maybe against Dijakovic during WrestleMania wknd.

Jacksack ()

The Smackdown Elimination chamber might actually be dope for a universal title bid. nak/Braun/miz/Bryan/Roman/Corbin/Kofi/Morrison/ Ali/ Sheamus/ Gable. A combo of any 6 would be great. I know probably like 5 of those people will not be in the match. Smackdowns roster is weird

Bill Allen ()

@SC_Blakerz Brock IS a freaking Beast. Nobody he eliminated was a stretch, until you got to Braun and Keith, but those eliminations happen each year. Notice only low blows allow people to beat Brock apparently

Chris Jebeles ()

Sens. Lankford and Braun react to Trump defense team kicking off via @YouTube

Mima ()

@M_H_Zero_ (Same here. Braun was locked cause it was encouraging suicide with what he said)

Adam Buckland ()

@WWEBrayWyatt ,@BraunStrowman, I know this may be old. But I was replaying fallout 4. In the Far harbor DLC I think there may of been a wyatt family Easter egg. There is a group of raiders with the last name of Husky. The first names of Bray, Rowen, Braun and Luke.

Spellman. ()

Porqué siento que Taylor Swift, the Queen of Grammys no ganó nada porque Scooter Braun debe tener la pija metida en la gloriosa academia?

Cami ()

de repente todos aman a demi lovato y se olvidaron de que defendio a scooter braun ¿¿??

‏ً ()

@diorseokies i don’t hate I just think whe was problematic some years ago but also because of the people around her + now I don’t like her because of scooter braun but I like her music and I think she deserves better than this but :/ it sucks to know that she’s under that rat

Leo ()

braun strowman depois do keith Lee em cima do brock lesnar FOI ISSO QUE EU PEDI #RoyalRumble

Eric Columbus ()

@gtconway3d How can Sen. Braun say impeachment will be “instructive” for Trump while denying that Trump did the thing he was impeached for?


Republican Sen. Mike Braun said he hopes the impeachment process will “be instructive” for President Donald Trump’s conduct if he’s acquitted

Jeanine Pirro ()

Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) and Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) on the latest developments in President Trump’s impeachment trial

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