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Updated: November 30th, 2021 04:37 AM IST

The Phillies have claimed RHP Yoan López off waivers from the Atlanta Braves. To make room on the 40-man roster, OF Roman Quinn was designated for assignment.

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I’m going to the Braves home opener for the ring ceremony with my family and then back to ATL again when the Giants visit for their 4 game series. I’m getting so hyped thinking about it.

There’s only one irreplaceable player on the Braves roster and his name isn’t Freddie Freeman.

Expanded playoffs, draft lottery in MLB’s latest CBA proposal

@KyleTucker_ATH I hope he sticks at OU. Kelly to LSU. Fickell to Cincy. Whoever the heck to Cincy. And then the major carousel is done and we stop worrying about our boy, Mark.

Any one remembering Ted Turner managing the Braves for a game. I would have loved to seen Tepper go down at half, fire Rhule and coach the 2nd half.

@EvanRobertsWFAN Beautiful Money for a guy who is 37 with a dead arm how did he pitch against the Braves in the playoffs last year beautiful money 43 million a year for a guy with a dead arm who will turn 38 in July beautiful waste of money idiot lmao you can have him no one else would pay him

@PatDoneyNBC5 @Rangers I tried to get some to the Braves games ….of course they are sold out a day into the sale……

@DMAC_LA You’re right. If they can spread a bunch of money to different players then they can build a stronger team. Look at what the braves did with key role players. Not everyone needs to be a superstar.

🔙 Blazersmérides Un día como hoy, pero en 1975, Bill Walton conseguía el segundo de sus cinco triples-dobles de su carrera. Se daba en la victoria 130-115 frente a los Buffalo Braves. Stats: 14 PTS •• 50% FG (7-14) 10 REB 10 AST 2 STL 1 BLK

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@SportsTalkATL Lets be honest here, their is no way in hell the Braves let FF walk, especially coming off a WS championship. They’ll match any deal that he’s offered, he doesn’t wanna leave the Braves either. My final prediction is he resigns with the Braves for 6/$175.

I think the Braves have to be the favorites for Freddie Freeman up until the moment he signs elsewhere, but the more time that passes the higher the probability of him going elsewhere seems. It’s now scary. #Braves

@Trafloflo He was suspended retroactively, so unless the Braves trade him he’ll be back.

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As a @Braves fan I could not be more excited to hear about the Seager move. So long never have to worry about seeing you again. As for Scherzer eh been there done that no big deal to any of us Braves fans 0

@SportsTalkATL It’s absolutely ridiculous the Atlanta Braves have allowed this to get to this point. It’s a really big joke. Liberty media is one of the richest organizations in the country.

Freddie Freeman still be a free agent is crazy to me. Are the Braves still hungover from the World Series celebration? Dude should have been locked up MONTHS ago

@sportsrage I also think it’s the moves you make during season too. Trade deadline or even before that is huge for teams adding those little pieces that don’t jump out at you but add up. Braves OF was all on trades they made and they become their best postseason hitters


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@Sports54848524 @DOBrienATL I’m on a cloud cause I don’t want to cheer on a dude who beats his wife and possibly tries to strangle her? Have fun cheering him on. I still love my Braves, but I won’t cheer for him.

@taylorenokson @atlbaseballtalk He won’t be cut. The Braves ain’t eating 53 mill. We won’t get a return, he will be our DH

This is so frustrating. This dude is going to end up playing for the Braves again because the league won’t let you void a contract for a domestic fucking violence charge. It’s not that easy to just eat the money.

@BenjaminPack10 Saving grace for what? Idc how good a player he is or isn’t. I don’t want him playing on this team. Now Braves basically have to pay team to take him.

@DOBrienATL I assumed he was getting paid while on leave, so the 20 games of salary relief would apply for the 2022 season? How will the Braves allocate that?

And another thing if y’all think the Braves are gonna risk the Pr nightmare by playing him after winning it all this year I’m pretty sure that won’t happen because they aren’t going to play him

@BravesAshland If Freddie end up with the Dodgers the only one who should be blame is Alex and the Braves. You won the world series you made a lot of money last year stop being cheap.

Finally! Man I thought someone jacked it during shipping 😂 #WorldSeries #Braves

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@Braves hi there, are the guys in the front office still alive and breathing ? It’s been pretty quiet over there, just wanted to check in. 🧍🏾‍♀️

@nd4668 This surprised me honestly. Thought he would get 60 games or so. Still hope/think Braves will try to move him

Just over here seeing these big contracts being handed out and trying to remain hopeful Freddie Freeman will be in a Braves uniform next season.

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@RyanVeneman1 I mean that’s fine. I was just making my statement on the position it puts the Braves in. I think you make a fair statement as well. It’s tough without all the details.

The Phillies have claimed RHP Yoan López off waivers from the Atlanta Braves. To make room on the 40-man roster, OF Roman Quinn was designated for assignment.

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