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Después de mucho tiempo negándome a verla y tener a mi esposo pidiéndome que le de una oportunidad a Breaking Bad, hoy por fin la termine y wow. En el último capítulo no podía dejar de llorar sin razón alguna solo asimilando que ya no había más capítulos. 10/10 haha 👏🏻🥲.

Tonight. Episode 611 “Breaking Bad” Written & Directed by @TomSchnauz #BetterCallSaul@rhea.

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10 años después, Jesse Pinkman y Walter White reaparecen en el episodio ‘Breaking Bad’ de ‘Better Call Saul’: La escena | El sentimiento.

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Cidade de Albuquerque ganha estátuas em homenagem a Breaking Bad.

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PS5/ Bad reporting has consequences. Media has so often told Americans that Trump gave up on using the Pentagon for his coup on December 18—with him supposedly deciding to focus solely on January 6, instead—that this breaking Pentagon news will not horrify Americans as it should..

Ya me vi todo Better Call Saul 📞 y a la madre la última temporada, si les gusto Breaking Bad, esta los vas a dejar así 😍 *Las primeras temporadas son un poco lentas pero valen mucho la pena por la construcción de los personajes y situaciones. Joyita ⚖️💰🐓🐓🔪.

Sunak says Truss’s Australia free trade deal is bad for Britains farmers but he won’t renegotiate it because it would be wrong to rip up an international treaty - so why is he supporting breaking international law by ripping up parts of the NI Protocol?.

Everything has to fit into the prestige category now to be considered good Bad was just great TV.

The only 4 characters that appear in Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and El Camino. #BreakingBad #BetterCallSaul.

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Es más fácil que a una persona se enganche más rápido con ‘Better Call Saul’ que con ‘Breaking Bad’. Empezaré a recomendar ese orden a la gente que aún no tiene idea del universo de Vince Gilligan..

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Seriously everyone at some point has to watch breaking bad or better call Saul I literally beg you to🙏🙏.

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Ahora quiero una serie de Lalo Salamanca y así podríamos estar toda la vida viendo Breaking Bad #polEmico.

okay i’m breaking my silence… tbh tao’s hair grew on me like i actually kinda sorta like it??? like i don’t think it looks bad imo..

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Watching : Better Call Saul and breaking bad Hector Salamanca be like :.

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What TV characters (if any) are as complex as Jimmy McGill / Saul Goodman / Gene Takovic after the events of both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul?.

that tweet that pointed out how breaking bad is no longer so much a story of a single man’s gradual corruption than it is about two rage-filled men colliding at the worst possible time…i could not agree more like we thought saul was jimmy at his worst but it’s clear now that.

@randowKelBuu Davi Cesário Queiroz; 16; NinjaGo/Apenas um Show/Gumball; Breaking Bad; Seu Jorge - Tive Razão (Meiaum edit); Cookie Run/Brawl Stars;.

@Sarf_London One of the most difficult things to dispose of properly. The scene with the corpse in the bath from Breaking Bad had me in.

@_martinbh @solcibet Tiene razón Tincho, la alerta de spoiler tiene una fecha de caducidad. Es como que yo me hubiera enojado por saber el final de Breaking Bad cuando la arranqué a ver 3 años después. Pd: Coincido con lo del final.

With only two episodes of #BetterCallSaul to go, it has occurred to me that there’s a very real chance that the wine bar scene will be the very last time we ever see Gustavo Fring in the Breaking Bad universe. And that would be kind of perfect and beautiful..

as i get through breaking the bad habits i developed in my teens and childhood i think it’s about time i take on new bad habits so that i have some shit to do when i hit 30.

Lo mejor que pude hacer este año fue inducir a @mirandaalan11 que viera breaking bad 🙏🏻.

@sepinwall If we have reached the point in time when there is no Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul Universe of shows on the air any longer then I think the Peak TV era is over imo.

how i am supposed to explain to my younger brother who is watching breaking bad that jesse is a trans man.

Been about 9 years since Breaking Bad ended and yet, to see its headliner duo back together even if only for a few minutes felt quite satisfying. #BetterCallSaul.


Je suis désormais assez mature pour dire que le Breaking Bad Universe fracasse Prison Break..

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@JustEsBaraheni It’s closer than people want to admit but Breaking Bad is still better. BCS also plays on our existing understanding of the cartel which helps the show but is a product of BB. It comes down to the characters for me and Walt and Jess are still the two best from both..

@LuisCValois Quem não assistiu Breaking Bad vai ficar sem entender Better Call Saul. A história ficou bem amarrada nas duas séries. Muito bom!.

Dizi tarihinin en havalı sahnesi falan breaking bad #breakingbad.

Si Walter White es diagnosticado 2022 de cáncer, se abre un only fans y nos perdemos toda la serie Breaking Bad y la cambiamos por una nopor de vejetes via streaming Es dato, no opinión.

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