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TWICE 「Breakthrough」Music Video 30,000,000 VIEWS🌙 #TWICE #Breakthrough.

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Isa sa mga pinakafave kong Album ni Julie ang Breakthrough 🧡 @MyJaps.

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Happy birthday to #astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell who discovered pulsars! Her supervisor Hewlish received the Nobel for this work, but in 2018, she was awarded the $3M Breakthrough Prize in #physics in recognition of her discovery. She donated the p….

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TWICE 「Breakthrough」Music Video 30,000,000 VIEWS🌙 #TWICE #Breakthrough.

⚠残り4時間です⚠ 一秒でも過ぎてしまったら参加出来ませんのでご了承下さい!! 本日一杯は受けつけてます! 固定ツイート見てください!! 沢山の人に参加して欲しいのでRTお願いします!! #breakthrough #TWICE #onceいいね #ソンムル企画.

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@EQpe4oO0DQKRwPB 私breakthrough行けないので 出たら交換して欲しいです!.

Breakthrough for what? It is going back behind the paywall. Can we stop the hyperbole that cricket has suddenly had an eureka moment. The ECB are not going to do anything to change.


タイプだ カッコ良い ずっと聞いて見てられる #TWICE #breakthrough.

Cheers to a new year filled with lots of love, peace ,joy, breakthrough, laughter, favour and Grace in abundance. We wish you a glorious and wonderful birthday celebration as you step into a higher level in this new year of yours. God bless your new age © CCCYMS Publicity Unit.

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Will more climate strikes achieve the breakthrough that we need?.

フリーペーパー無かった😭 無くなるの早くない? 福岡ONCEが多いいのか、準備してる枚数が少ないのか、どっちだーー😱 Breakthroughの時は早めに行こう!😤 #1日1ツイート.

Placed 33rd/550+ at breakthrough cheering for gohan sitting in winners finals atm y’all should check out the stream!.

Had a lot of fun chilling at breakthrough today, first time driving the 86 to an event too which was nice 👌.

Have a powerful week, your appointed time is coming, that breakthrough is on the Galilaya! @EvahMwalili @Milele_FM #BarakaZaMilele #BarakaZaMilele.

After a full day of 550+ smashers competing in round robin, we’re not in bracket for top 140! Who will be making a Breakthrough tonight.

I’m starting to believe depression and anxiety never goes away, you just learn how to deal with it, live with it, cope with it, keep going with it and breakthrough episodes..


DDing did DDing things, congrats to him on yet another POTM! #ShanghaiDragons #Breakthrough.

Music video shoot was a major breakthrough 🔥 @9_Studios.

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Streaming! Hanging with you guys & playing Elite smash! Also, commentating top 8 of Breakthrough (A 700 man Socal Arcadian) later :).

I was supposed to wake up early, go sell charms at Breakthrough, play Hollow It’s 3pm 💀💀💀 OFF DAY SLEEP BE HITTING DIFFERENT.

Follow *BrunersBreak 100% Follow Back Blogger/ Author From Breakdown to Breakthrough.

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All successful people tell of a painful story. They tell of the hardship endured so as to achieve their success. Accept the pain, go through it, grow through it and get ready for the breakthrough. Most painful stories have a successful ending. #AskKirubi.

🔥It’s lit! It’s fire! We’re Shanghai! AND WE’RE GOING SHANGHIGHER!🔥 Our first stage final is tomorrow~ As thanks for having our backs all this time, we’re giving out 3 home jerseys so we can have your back too! Like and RT, and we’ll pick winners after the game! #Breakthrough.

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📸 Building towards a breakthrough in Perth. #MUFC #MUTOUR 🇦🇺.

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