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On the bright side: Kelly Loeffler doesn’t have to pretend she likes wearing those trucker hats any more.

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Pad ()

no wonder bright was so happy when talking about sarawatine’s comeback. he was having the best time of his life again, finally

Eirene ()

then, after intro, we cut to a shot of percy and rachel driving in the afternoon for their date. the opening scene and the car scene would have a very different color tone, as u can see, its very bright and warm here, and as the episode goes it’ll gradually grow darker.

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Jon Miltimore
Jon Miltimore ()

On the bright side, the media have abandoned the ridiculous phrase mostly peaceful protest to describe acts of mob violence. Progress!

Mutlu🦝 ()

@mementomeliora @_taehugs__ It’s super depressing but on the bright side it doesn’t look like they’ve physically harmed any residents of the capitols

Colleen Lindsay
Colleen Lindsay ()

The bright side: Facial recognition software works GREAT on white people. Go get ‘em, @FBI.

Kellie ()

@AllTransLivesM1 You are always a bright spot in my day and I care about you and your feelings too!

mya ଘ(੭ˊ꒳​ˋ)੭₊˚★
Mya ଘ(੭ˊ꒳​ˋ)੭₊˚★ ()

@daintycatboy true !!! i just hate how the butterfly is so bright blue lol it doesn’t look as cute

Robert Graham@🏠
Robert Graham@🏠 ()

On the bright side, today’s events will serve as a clear break for many Americans. Trump has effectively managed to incite a shitshow end of his own cult.

Rob Swartz
Rob Swartz ()

Heading west on the 417 this afternoon? That ☀️is bright! You will need your sunglasses 😎 on!! #otttraffic

Monty Ashley
Monty Ashley ()

On the bright side, if the country survives this, it will be fun laughing in the face of Republicans who claim to care about law, order, or the Constitution.

Jefe ()

@alinatotheleftt It’s hypocrisy at its finest. The same results contested are the ones that put some of them in those seats. On the bright side, the contention will be useless. House will not agree with the opposing senators.

LifeOfdaCEO ()

Well look at the bright side, pencil sellers will cash out today 🤷‍♂️..... una dey find demon .... keep it up after una go still full for church they cast and bind village people. #CharlieCharlie

爪乇乂Ꮆ乇乇Ҝ ()

@JohnBrownMortal Using a ghillie suit in a urban setting while wearing a bright red hat is peak larp

Giuli⚡ ()

JATP INTEGRACION MI CANCIÓN FAVORITA ES BRIGHT soy nueva, espero me resivan bienn 🤗 @jatpintegracion

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Michael R Palmer
Michael R Palmer ()

Hate burns bright for a moment. It a person feel good. Hating the same people is intoxicating. It gives a person the feeling of power. But hate cannot last. It demands more and more hate- like coal in a fire- to perpetuate the rage. Eventually the person/group is consumed.

Hehe ()

i hardly wear deodorant anymore and it’s been making my armpits look so clean and bright!!!

Anil_J_IV ()

As i said have a very bright Soon we will see you as national Mostly watch you on 🙏🙏

chloe ♡ᵕ̈
Chloe ♡ᵕ̈ ()

no bc if i went out in a hoodie, joggers, bright pink beanie and those glasses i would look so stupid🧍‍♀️he pulls everything off

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🌈🌊🇺🇸✊🏿🌊🏳️‍🌈🌊✊🏿🇺🇸🌊🌈 ()

@GabeDiLaurentis 🎶We can see clearly now that Trump is gone. 🎶Lindsay & Mitch? Not obstacles in our way! (Yay!) 🎶Gone are the dark deeds that had us blind. 🎶 It’s gonna be a bright, bright, 🌞sunshiny🌞day! 🎶 It’s gonna be a bright, bright, 🌞sunshiny🌞day! - RIP Johnny Nash-1940-2020

Mechanize ()

@LockandloadLiv @cgbarrett Yeah, probably somewhere in the middle, like a pale blue. That second shot has him a bit more bright and saturated from heavy Taken butthole lighting in his face.

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Dianna E. Anderson
Dianna E. Anderson ()

@hannahboning LITERALLY what I did on Monday, lol My ‘fun’ pair has a bright green stripe.

Gage Bright
Gage Bright ()

@PayToPrice Geniuses everywhere. Lol. We have three different vaccines now too. Biden has said multiple times he won’t shut the entire country down but people can’t read

Edward Pegram
Edward Pegram ()

@EdwardAshton30 @realDonaldTrump You are not very bright, did you miss a lot of school as a child ?

God Eater
God Eater ()

@didierdrogba @ChelseaFC Bright Enobakhare is a much better striker than Timo Werner. I am not even joking. Look at the goal he scored today eliminating 6 players.


@sc_eastbengal We all East Bengal fans need long term agreement with Bright .... he is class player ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Cliff ()

@IAmWomanDriven @AvalonKing_com wow very nice shine job shines almost as bright as you do

dt uchis
Dt uchis ()

Let’s look at the bright side yeah the bright side ...the bright gda best performance! 😄

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アサマー ()

@bright_fred ละตอนนี้ติดซีรี่ย์ด้วย แลปก็ไปทำไม่ได้ ลาออกดีไหมเอง55555555

Karen Tumulty
Karen Tumulty ()

On the bright side: Kelly Loeffler doesn’t have to pretend she likes wearing those trucker hats any more.

Hubble ()

Big things come in small packages. The relatively small, but extremely bright, center of the galaxy NGC 1566 in this #HubbleClassic image emits strong bursts of radiation. It’s also home to a black hole that’s many millions of times the mass of our Sun:

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