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In case you doubted that Vince McMahon was still running things,, Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar has been booked.

Conservative MP Larry Brock grilled Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland on Tuesday for relying on a fake CBC story that claimed a majority of the funding to the Freedom Convoy came from foreign sources. Read more: #cdnpoli.

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Good morning Australia! Big all Australian fight made for our first show! World number 1 and 22-0 @ParoLiam face 20-0 Brock Jarvis in a thriller! Demsey McKean in big Heavyweight fight, @skyebnic for her first title and much more! Press conference tomorrow in Brisbane 🚀.

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Bully Ray
Bully Ray

Happy F’Kn Saturday Nation!! @BustedOpenRadio is LIVE NOW!!! HALL OF FAME AND PAIN!! w/ myself and @TheMarkHenry What did you think of the return of VKM and Brock on #SmackDown ?? Call. In. NOW!!!!! (877) 344 - 4893.

@SportsRealityTv @SeanRossSapp Seth and Cody never fought before. Brock and Roman started this thing 7 YEARS AGO..

que partida impecável do nosso capitão eduardo brock. é ele demais meus amigos!💙.

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#OTD 1939 - Lou Brock was born in El Dorado, AR. Brock was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1985 in his first year of eligibility, becoming just the 20th player elected in his first year on the ballot. Happy Heavenly Birthday Looooouuuuu! #STLCards.

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I see the “Brock Lesnar v Roman Reigns break in case of emergency” button was well and truly smashed last night.

@K999Cops @LeominsterCops Aaw well done Brock good work I’m glad you helped find that vulnerable person good job 💖👏🏻.

The result of wasted time. The result of disturbing your chief. Brock? You’re 𝒏𝒆𝒙𝒕..

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Backstage news regarding Brock Lesnar taking Randy Orton’s spot at #WWE #Summerslam.

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@WWE John Cena greatest rivalry: 1- Randy Orton 2- Edge 3- Aj Styles 4- Brock Lesnar 5- The Rock 6- Dave Batista.

@Fiend4FolIows It actually makes sense with how lashley has said there is unfinished business with Brock. Do it wwe.

@Spider_Culture @badjujubean117 The only way I see them having Tobey appear in Venom 3 is as a multiverse version,since Raimi’s already went against a Venom & Eddie Brock , who both died in his universe, unless somehow Goblin’s and Otto’s preventions of their deaths changes that timeline.

Would #KamalaHarris prosecute #MicheleDauber for collusion with DA Jeff Rosen to cause the recall of Judge Aaron Persky and rewriting of California sentencing after her collusion to frame Brock Turner? I doubt that too. These are serious issues..


Hard disagree. Raw from the moment Brock took the WWE title at EC and just only showed up on Smackdown till now has been considerably better than any period of Raw from 2020 on..

The way Seth luck been going he’ll come out and Brock and Roman will beat his ass..

@IWCkilledKenny @WrestleOps Roman randy was never supposed to happen first place if Brock was come to summer slam who u thought he was facing it was obviously Roman an Brock the whole time that wat y’all get for listening to dirty sheets an fake rumor.

@shigoubouncing @landon_milan That guy was a stunt master bro. All these brock lesnar no sabi anything.

omg I haven’t watched smackdown and brock is actually back💀.

@Fett256 Pero me apoyaste cuando dije que quería a Flash Thompson y Eddie Brock como pareja. Eso lo guardo en el corazón.

@Hells_Harley @TheEnemiesPE3 I think Rollins was the best bet since he never lost to him. They could have ran back Bobby and Brock at Summerslam to build Lashley up again..

@x_Helium_X brock vs roman vs braun vs joe is better than all was not there in that.

@Ritamrakshit516 They unified the titles to try and give Roman more challengers, and his next PPV title match after unifying them is still Brock Lesnar 💀.

Reason Why Brock Lesnar Challenges Roman Reigns At SummerSlam! #SmackDown #WWE.

the fact that wwe has Walter on the same brand as brock and instead chooses to do brock vs roman instead of brock v Walter is maddening.

Congratulations to our new Cuyahoga County Democratic Party chair, David Brock. Dave has worked in the trenches, knows what it will take to rebuild the party. And with the work he did rebuilding Central Committee so far this year, he is already doing it. @ClevelandBrocks.

when eddie brock edits before the second movie had the same four scenes bc this dude had a whole movie with himself and somehow editors still only used those four🙏.

📊 #The Roman Reigns x Brock Lesnar match in the upcoming SummerSlam will be the ninth match in history and the number seven in the monthly shows..

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@realtdx Right. Roman is above Brock at the moment lol no one is above Roman. He’s untouchable.

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