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So incredibly excited to tell u ROSA’S GOT A GIRLFRIEND & IT’S ME The cast + crew at #brooklyn99 rule & @iamstephbeatz is a dang hero..

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I haven’t seen tonight’s episode of #Brooklyn99 yet, but I have watched this gif for at least 22 minutes..

#CriticalRoleSpoilers #Brooklyn99 Ron Burgundy Seton Hall Kevin Parker.

some people are so fucking dumb omgggg you don’t know what satire is and it shows #brooklyn99.

So incredibly excited to tell u ROSA’S GOT A GIRLFRIEND & IT’S ME The cast + crew at #brooklyn99 rule & @iamstephbeatz is a dang hero..

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We love Holt and Amy’s friendship!! #Brooklyn99 This is me laughing at people who think odaat won’t be saved!! #SaveODAAT.

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Amy and Holt fangirling together is the best thing ever!!! THAT FIST BUMP THO!!!! #Brooklyn99.

omg I planned to livetweet #Brooklyn99 but it really didn’t work out this time 😭 today is the worst #SaveODAAT.

#StarTrekDiscovery and #Brooklyn99 were on their games this week. Great episodes for both shows! @nbcbrooklyn99 @startrekcbs.

“Wellll that backfired really quick” When has Jake’s plans not honestly lol #Brooklyn99 @nbcbrooklyn99.

“hi jake i love you!” wow a mood. a big mood, nikolaj. #brooklyn99 #saveodaat.

@nbcbrooklyn99 y’all went with Father Fly when Lord of the Flies was right there #Brooklyn99.

HOLT AND AMY HAD A SYNCHRONIZED SIGH! S6 AMY IS THRIVING. @melissafumero #Brooklyn99 @nbcbrooklyn99.

LOL @iamstephbeatz did SO good maintaining character here #Brooklyn99 @nbcbrooklyn99.


Bringing this back for all the Disney love on #Brooklyn99 tonight.

Even after yee being outed as a fraud amy and holt r still thirsty for him lmao #Brooklyn99 #SAVEODAAT @nbcbrooklyn99.

That serious moment between Jake and Charles about Nikolaj really had me crying. I’m so glad this show is presenting adoption in a positive light :’) adoption and caring parents aren’t acknowledged enough on TV #Brooklyn99.

Surprised jake didnt squeeze a title of your sextape joke talking about charles moaning #Brooklyn99 #SAVEODAAT @nbcbrooklyn99.

good night to my favorite best friends #brooklyn99 @nbcbrooklyn99.

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@melissafumero That was so beautiful. Amy (and we) have waited for this for so long. She deserves ... and Holt too, bc to him, commanding, working with an Amy has always been a pleasure ❤️ #Brooklyn99.

ต้องกดดันเน็ตฟลิกเหมือนตอน Brooklyn99 ปะ555555.

I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING! @melissafumero and @AndreBraugher are so funny together! this scene must have been so hard to film HAHAHAHA #Brooklyn99.

“It’s perfect” 😂🍆 (this line got a fantastic laugh at the table read, have never seen Andy embarrassed but there were maybe shades of embarrassment ??) #Brooklyn99.

I love tonight’s storyline with Holt because we never could’ve done it in earlier seasons. Amy has EARNED her spot next to Holt geeking out. 🙌🏽 #Brooklyn99.

Catch my tutorial on filling in your brows on my Youtube channel now. #Brooklyn99.

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