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Updated: January 18th, 2022 09:37 AM IST

64,000 likes for a proposal to give everyone $23 Bucks in lieu of working for two weeks?

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01/17/2022 Recap NBA Bucks ML-210 (20 UNITS)❌ Khris Middleton Over -115 (10 UNITS)✅ Suns ML-180 (20 UNITS)✅

that caption was so just post the score and say whoever runs this account has to be 13

Hace 3 años, James Harden le anotó 58 puntos a Brooklyn Nets, jugando para Houston Rockets. Venía de meterle 57 ante Memphis. De hecho, esa semana ya había logrado: - 42 pts vs. Bucks - 43 pts vs. Cavs - 38 pts vs. Magic

10/10 agree… we dont really need and beppe should avoid his past mistake paying big bucks to a 28/29 free agents Maybe i sounds like a madman… but we should get raspadori/ sccamacca over dybala

We’ve had aggressive deer, particularly in rutting season with bucks in yards, and people have been afraid to go outside.”


Bucks Photo,Bucks Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@wizofecom Honestly insane people are even asking that You’re way too generous with that guarantee MONUMENTAL value in Utopia for less than a couple dozen bucks If anybody is that scared of losing $25, they shouldnt get into business imo

This nigga sold something that worth 85M today for 500 bucks dman

@bilesprite Fujita out here ready to do the best damn fireworks display the cul de sac has ever seen for 50 bucks

@boredgentleman Yes. The talk is really fun. My main concern for people focusing on VR is that it will be limited to people who have the ability to spend bucks to get into it. And that tech getting cheaper will take time. Where as AR is here. Phones are capable and hopefully it will be accepted

@WireManFGC I’ll take vin diesel, Ryan reynolds, and John cena for 5 bucks each. Who your 3.

@KeemWinsAgain Everyone tries to do the bucks and Kenny’s style of story telling but it never works lol

Próximos jogos. Grizzilies Cavs Bucks Provavelmente teremos 6 derrotas consecutivas e perderemos a lideranca do Leste, é esperar o pessoal voltar de lesão e tentar recuperar de novo a ponta.

Pascal Siakam is packing these Bucks up 😭😭😭 Giannis is a 5th seed and he’s your MVP???

And now we shift our focus back to the most important sporting event happening the Bucks-Raptors january regular season game

@howboutthemsox @MiamiHEAT We actually beat the bucks in full strength and whooped them lmfao

them celebrating every time the other has relationship issues fjkfjskfjdk im not forgetting bucks little smile/look of relief after eddie broke up with ana either

Anyway I am now the proud owner of thirty bucks in pecorino and parmesan and you know a carbonara is going down tonight.

Good morning, The Milwaukee @Bucks won a game of basketball last night and we are winning the championship this year. The repeat is happening. Fact.

that rich person twt reminded me of the time my friend was like hey i’m getting some new sandals help me decide, one of em was some random brand and the other one was chanel and it was like a brajillion bucks i was like IDK MAYBE THE FIRST

@NateBadFellas3 @JrueHolidayTr portis’i, cousins’i adam eden eşşek bucks’ımız onu da düzeltir diye düsünüyorum

Giannis Antetokounmpo en la victoria de los Milwaukee Bucks anoche: 👉🏼 30 PTS 👉🏼 12 REB 👉🏼 11 AST #FearTheDeer #NBA75

first time seeing my favorite team live and their three best players did this in a road victory to net me 85 bucks, can i get a W in the chat 🤤

The Warriors had no answer for Giannis Antetokounmpo tonight: ◽️ 30 PTS ◽️ 11/17 FG ◽️ 12 REB ◽️ 11 AST ◽️ 3 BLK Bucks win by 19 👀

Bucks Photo,Bucks Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

spectrum at it why is the warriors/bucks game blacked out? it’s not even a local 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ This is fuckin trash

West and East title contenders square off 👀 The @warriors battle the @Bucks TONIGHT at 7:30pm ET on TNT!

Bucks Photo,Bucks Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

This afternoon we continue our Berks and bucks journey as we travel to Milton Keynes to face North bucks side Great Linford 🆚 Great Linford ⏰ 1:30pm kick off 🏆 The Charles Twelftrees Trophy 🏟 great linford playing fields, marsh drive. mk14 5hh.

KRJP🦍🔥 Korean fightは楽しい🦍🇰🇷🔥 負けたくない‼︎ ドン勝した時、ポジション強すぎた👍🏻 素晴らしいチームワークでした👏🏻

20 point first half for @BPortistime. #NBAAllStar 📸 @PicknSaveStores Photo of the Night.

Bucks Photo,Bucks Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

64,000 likes for a proposal to give everyone $23 bucks in lieu of working for two weeks?

Bucks Photo,Bucks Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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