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Mavericks Catch & Shoot 3P% in 2022 C. Wood Doe Doe Brunson Dinwiddie Bullock Davis ( Career) THJ (37% Career) Maxi (37% Career).

Wood, Dorian, Doncic, Bullock y Brunson, desde el banquillo Dinwiddie y Hardaway. Equipazo aunque no hagan más movimientos. Han reforzado de una, su zona débil los Mavs. Es tremendo 🔥🔥.

Last year in the playoffs it was just THJ, KP, Doe, Maxi taking multiple spot up shots. Now swap KP for Wood (who is a better spot up shooter) and add Brunson, Bullock, Davis, and Dinwiddie..

A priori, un quinteto con Luka, Brunson, Bullock, DFS y Wood suena muy bien. Sigue faltando pedigrí, pero es una mejora..

Attention, vous allez tomber amoureux de Wizard and Ziggy ! Au bureau, on se bat pour les 😍.

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@tj_trail @BillSimmons I’d greatly prefer a defensive big, and ultimately we need a number 2 or co lead with Brunson, and we do need another 3D wing cuz every team needs as many as possible, but Bullock and DFS are both legit 3&D guys…two biggest reasons we were good, not great but good, defensively.

@bbart76 Had this happened under Bullock, Gianforte would have been the first person to be droning on about how how the governor is MIA and in vacation while his constituents need help..

@iamsys__tem @MavsStan41 OG is my vote ! Him combined with Bullock and Finney-Smith make for a tough defensive rotation!.

Game 2 just started, Team Drisdom vs. Team Bullock. Team Drisdom features former Runnin’ Ute Tim Drisdom and his brother Terrence. Team Bullock boasts Jordan Loveridge, another former Runnin’ Ute and 2012 Utah Mr. Basketball..

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@Buzzer_BeaterFR @wojespn a mon avis, Kidd veut pousser son idée de small ball au maximum de ses capacités, une line-up qui donnerait : Doncic-Brunson-Bullock-DFS-Wood Spacing a tout va, défense au périmètre potable, défense extérieur bonne, jeu rapide. De +, un Wood est beaucoup + utile en attaque imo.

@AlbertoB_10 Lo veo: Wood DFS Bullock Brunson Doncic Dinwiddie 6to. hombre. Imagino que irán a por un alero de cierto nivel. Para Lakers me lo hubiera traído desde luego..

@rubenmesias91 Yo creo que Wood que es un buen intimidador y mejor reboteador que Kleber. En el sistema de Mavs no creo que vayáis a pasarlo mal. Bullock y Dorian son muy buenos defendiendo. Elite. Doncic cuando quiere not bad. Brunson infravalorado ahí. Y Wood tbn. Que ha jugado en 2 tankings.

the right and correct lineup would be this The correct lineup Luka Brunson Bullock DFS Wood Dinwiddie Hardaway Jr Green Bertans Kleber.

@picknpod Luka-brunson-bullock-dorian-wood İlk 5 bu şekilde olur kalanı maç içerisinde şekillenir.

Edición Elektra de 1992 de este LP de David Sanborn, Upfront. Jazz con la participación de Eric Clapton, Randy Brecker, Marcus Miller, Jason Miles, Cornell Dupree, Hiram Bullock, Steve Jordan y otros..

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@EduLogan2000 Plus, I’ve always preferred the Leon/Claire dynamic but I understand it probably wouldn’t end well. To quote Sandra Bullock from Speed 2: “Relationships based on extreme circumstances never work out”.

Luka,Brunson,Bullock,DFS,Wood with Dinwiddie,THJ, Green, Bertans, and Kleber off the bench 💪🏿🔥.

@dsaezgil @kevin_bullock I think ‘ask’ is too weak: ‘demand’ seems more appropriate. Add strong penalties / deterrents for cutting trees in urban / suburban areas..

@NekiasNBA Terrible take on the starting 5 by @BR_NBA More like: Brunson Luka Bullock Finney-Smith Wood Dinwiddie Hardaway Jr Green Bertans Kleber +potential FA/MLE/Min signings.

@GovGianforte: Release Political Prisoner Ron Glick! - Sign the Petition!  via @Change #Anonymous #FreeRon.

@LobCityPistons @sponhourm ?? all offensive. your forgetting Bullock and Finney Smith.

No. No. No. This ain’t it. DFS and Bullock are starting - since Luka can’t defend, somebody has to..

@TreIindor20 Bullock isn’t making up for having Luka and wood in the same lineup lol.

@jtd400 Finney Smith and Bullock have to be in the starting 5 someway somehow imo to make up for lack of defense imo.

I’m watching this bad Sandra bullock movie and it has one of those rare plot lines: Sometimes the love you’re looking for has been right in front of you the whole time..

Impressionante como TODOS os filmes que a Sandra Bullock participa são ótimos, sou fã mesmoooo.

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At 9:49 PM NWS BMX has Cancelled a Severe Thunderstorm Watch for Barbour, Bullock, Calhoun, Chambers, Clay, Cleburne, Lee, Macon, Randolph,.

@DallasMavsLATAM Creo que ese alero va a ser alguien que pueda darle descanso a Bullock porque lo mas seguro es que se perdió la confiansa en Josh Green..

BMX updates Severe Thunderstorm Warning [wind: 60 MPH (RADAR INDICATED), hail: <.75 IN (RADAR INDICATED)] (cancels Bullock [AL], continues Autauga, Elmore, Lowndes, Montgomery, Pike [AL]) till 10:30 PM CDT.

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BMX updates Severe Thunderstorm Warning [wind: 60 MPH (RADAR INDICATED), hail: <.75 IN (RADAR INDICATED)] (cancels Bullock [AL], continues Autauga, Elmore, Lowndes, Montgomery, Pike [AL]) till 10:30 PM CDT.

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