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Chris Boucher WENT OFF for 38 PTS and 19 REB against the Bulls 😳 Despite the loss, what a game for the Raptors big man

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kyle lowry supremacy
Kyle lowry supremacy ()

knicks-grizzlies on my phone, celtics-wolves on my laptop, bulls-hawks on my monitor 😭

Bulls Nation Brasil 🇧🇷
Bulls Nation Brasil 🇧🇷 ()

Bulls 103x111 Hawks. ⏱3:07/4Q Bulls não mostra nenhum poder de reação. A defesa está muito ruim.


Zach LaVine scored 25 (!!!) straight points for the Bulls in the 2nd quarter 🥵

Platinum AIO
Platinum AIO ()

One more day until the release of the Jordan 5 Raging Bulls. Whos ready to cook! 🐂 Maybe a chance to join before?

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Lakers in 6
Lakers in 6 ()

I hope they shut down the streets everywhere with dirtbikes, 4 wheelers, and pit bulls

D ()

⁦@drgauravchandra⁩ this is how you’re making me and the other $ENZC bulls feel rn. #HYPED ⁦⁦

Honker ()

@HayhaBots Heard you guys took stock on the UNC’s! Congrats. Would def like to help take the bulls stock as well!

University of South Florida
University of South Florida ()

Have you been accepted to #USF? Welcome to the Herd, Bulls! 🤘

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Thunder México(20-32)
Thunder México(20-32) ()

PARA RESUMIR EL Gabriel Deck a OKC y todos enloquecimos, además sigue el tankeo Bulls ya agarraron ritmo con el dúo estaba jugando muy bien y se terminó hijo de , Mavs y Pistons ganaron

Analytics Capper
Analytics Capper ()

4/8 #ACVIP Recap + ❌ Ancer>English 1u ❌ DBacks 1u ❌ Arsenal 1u ❌ Rangers 1u ❌ Kings 1u ✅ Rahm>Rory 1u ✅ Hatton>Horschel 1u ✅ JT>Finau 1u ✅ ManU -1 1u ✅ Angels o10 1u ✅ Preds 2u ✅ Bulls -4 2u ✅ Cavs 1u ✅ Mavs -2 1u The hottest run of my life. 🙌

Locked On NBA
Locked On NBA ()

Which seed will the Bulls be at the end of the season? Chicago beats Tampa Bay, @Bulls_Peck reacts.

Russ Bets
Russ Bets ()

MLB Brewers/Cardinals F5 U4 ✅💵 Bluejays/angels O10 ✅💵 Whitesox/Twins ML parlay ✅💵 NBA Bulls ✅💵 Thunder/cavs O218 ✅💵 Jrue Holiday pts ❌🤡

Faizan Qurashi
Faizan Qurashi ()

That’s 3 straight W’s for the Bulls :) They are heating up at the right time! I told y’all don’t panic. Next 6 games: Hawks, Wolves, Grizz, Magic, Grizz, Cavs Let’s keep this going!

Jarred Fleming
Jarred Fleming ()

@CoachLundberg @Coach_JD_Atkins Q5) we “rebranded” our OL group from “the Hogs” to “The Bulls”. I do a presentation each year that explains what the differences are. It’s just a different way of looking at it that tries to add a little more swag to the position. #ALFBchat

Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report ()

Chris Boucher WENT OFF for 38 PTS and 19 REB against the Bulls 😳 Despite the loss, what a game for the Raptors big man

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Jason Patt
Jason Patt ()

Coby is playing a bit better lately but still committing some of the most comical turnovers lol

See Red Brasil ®
See Red Brasil ® ()

Fim do 1º quarto. Bulls 33 x 27 Raptors. Depois de começo apagado, o Bulls acorda para o jogo e engata uma virada após estar perdendo por nove pontos.

chuck swirsky
Chuck swirsky ()

Bulls 33-27 after 1---Bulls have made 13 of last 20 fgs. LaVine with 11. Sato with 4-1st quarter assists.

Rob Schaefer
Rob Schaefer ()

End of Q1: Bulls 33, Raptors 27 LaVine: 11 pts Vucevic: 8 pts, 5 reb Satoransky: 4 pts, 4 ast Boucher and Siakam have 9 apiece for the Raps. Bulls fell behind 16-7, but won last seven mins of quarter 26-11.

The Daily Show
The Daily Show ()

After million votes cast, we have a winner in our annual Bracket of Bulls**t:

Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity ()

EXPOSED: Florida Dem Official Says He Told CBS News the DeSantis-Publix Story was ‘Bulls***’

D.C. United
D.C. United ()

One final preseason match next Saturday against the Red Bulls. Post-Match Facts from today >> 📸 @kcahalin

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Ballislife.com ()

20 YEARS AGO TODAY @JerryStackhouse dropped a career-high 57 on the Bulls. He also averaged a career-best PTS during that All-Star season. Check out some of the best plays of his career!

gabriel luc
Gabriel luc ()

@ricardofenili @theobarbosa_19 brufraud cakewalk path to a mickey mouse ring: ice cold thereu 🥶🥶🥶🥶 mismatch againts the bulls weak ass west conference finalist 🥵🥵🥵🥵

Crypto Jordan
Crypto Jordan ()

#Qtum alanlar bereket versin 🧿🙏 Kar almayı unutmayın dostlar. Bulls aç gözlü olmaz👍

Linjala ()

Aika hassulta se varmaan tuntuis, jos joku aamu ei kuuliskaan uutista Lauri Markkanen heitti xx koria ja otti xx levypalloa, kun Chicago Bulls hävisi jo xx:n ottelun putkeen.

K.C. Johnson
K.C. Johnson ()

Thad Young: Defensively, we have to get better. Cited lack of practice time as impediment, especially with new Bulls needing to be worked into coverages.

Pure Point Guard
Pure Point Guard ()

As médias de Nikola Vucevic em seus 3 primeiros jogos com os Bulls: 22 pontos rebotes 26-47 FG ( de aproveitamento) 31 minutos


Steph (32 PTS & 6 AST) was back at it against the Bulls ♨️

Red Bull Racing Honda
Red Bull Racing Honda ()

Bulls setting the benchmark 😉 Another pit-stop masterclass 💪 #BahrainGP 🇧🇭 #ChargeOn 🤘

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☚ #bluebloods #Bellator256 ☛
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