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Auston Matthews on Michael Bunting: He’s the ultimate teammate, honestly. He’s a guy that’s going to stick up for everybody. It doesn’t matter who he’s going up against, he’s going to battle & compete. We’re extremely close ... I know he’s always got my back out there..

Leafs power play work features Rielly with Matthews, Marner, Nylander, Tavares No reps with five forwards (Bunting) @TSN_Edge.

Michael Bunting on John Tavares: We wanted to make it a night to remember for him. We wanted to get a win and we said that before going out there. We were able to do that and we’re all really happy for him and now he can celebrate tonight..

Michael Bunting 15th of the Season vs Washington Capitals courtesy of Joe Bowen and Jim Ralph. #LeafsForever @BonsieTweets @Jim_Ralph 29/1/2023.

this is your friendly reminder that Michael Bunting scored a powerplay goal tonight, meaning you can get a free 8 piece nuggets from popeyes 😽.

Bunting Photo,Bunting Photo by inferno 💙’s ava 🇺🇸,inferno 💙’s ava 🇺🇸 on twitter tweets Bunting Photo

Always a good day when you learn of a new, truly ICONIC, species to you in this world. Take a Tenerife blue chaffinch, make it pretty, make it Mexican, turn its tum into a mountain sunset and 𝕨𝕠𝕨; Rose-bellied bunting! 📸Macaulay Library ML77429251.

Bunting Photo,Bunting Photo by Jonnie Fisk,Jonnie Fisk on twitter tweets Bunting Photo

PSA……Youth travel baseball coaches…..do your families a solid and take time to teach and practice the SKILL of bunting. I know it’s not glamorous or flashy but a SKILL they will need in HS and college. Thank you..

Best hitter in the game working on bunting, nobody is above the game. #TrustTheProcess.

Bunting Photo,Bunting Photo by Harlem Baseball,Harlem Baseball on twitter tweets Bunting Photo

@leekeyass @TicTacTOmar Bunting has 8 lest points and makes about million less, I think you should put down the pipe. Prob hard to do in Winnipeg though..

@bostonfiancee I am brunch obsessed so we had it for both showers! Our sprinkle with Lottie was literally sprinkle themed. Super minimal! Polka dot bunting, fresh flowers, and my mil found sprinkle confetti on Amazon..

Bunting Photo,Bunting Photo by Midwest Mom,Midwest Mom on twitter tweets Bunting Photo

@TicTacTOmar I love watching bunting have a 6 year old temper tantrum lmfao what a baby.

@TicTacTOmar Only reason bunting gets an audience is because he’s a leaf. He is otherwise irrelevant in any other market..

@Steve_Dangle I was at this game, bought a Bunting jersey and he SCORED and got an assist!!! I was so happy!!! The Leafs were lucky to not have more goals scored on them thanks to Samsanov. Was he as awesome as he looked?.

Only bunting drill you need: crank the machine up as fast as it goes and figure it out..

Toronto Maple Leafs Morgan Rielly scores the winner and 1st goal of the season, to help his team to a 5 to 1 win over the Capitols. Nylander, Bunting, Engval, Aston Reese with 1 goal each. Leafs 28 hits, shots Leafs 27 .. Caps 24.

Bunting Photo,Bunting Photo by G_Tarion,G_Tarion on twitter tweets Bunting Photo

@hodgey_27 7 more points than Nylander, Marner, Matthews, Tavares, Bunting, and Jarnkrok combined (281)..

@EditorinLeaf Dubas replaced him with Nick Ritchie. After Keefe realized Ritchie sucked, then Bunting got moved to the top line..

Skater of the Day - Michael Bunting: 1 Goal 1 Assist 5 Shots on Goal 1 Hit Points #LeafsForever (@TRich56__) -- 1st this season.

Bunting Photo,Bunting Photo by Awesome Balls,Awesome Balls on twitter tweets Bunting Photo

aku umur 23 mau nikah blm ada calon, mau bunting duluan juga mikir 1000x masih kasian sama ortu😭kok org² gampang aja tiba² bunting duluan, emang ga stress kah?.

Triangle banner, Wood triangle garland, Wood party banner #WoodBunting #bunting.

Bunting Photo,Bunting Photo by Mik Choo,Mik Choo on twitter tweets Bunting Photo

@TicTacTOmar Has Bunting actually dropped the gloves and squared up with someone yet?.

Peter Bunting sought an enemy in me, but he is not up for the task. Book coming soon..

and bunting, red, yellow, filled with a festi #尔湾 约 炮 约 炮.

@PapaSaunds @TicTacTOmar can’t fight? bunting is literally always trying to fight lmao.

@mic_mazz gonna have to fight AT LEAST once before ANYONE should mention Bunting in the same breath as Darcy Tucker..

@mic_mazz This is insulting to Darcy tucker. Bunting doesn’t fight or hit, just talks shit behind the bench where he’s safe..

@mic_mazz I don’t know man I thought Darcy Tucker took a lot of dumb penalties, usually putting the team down a man when a comeback was still possible and ensuring it wasn’t going to happen. In other words, I thought he was a cement head. Give me Bunting any day. He contributes..

@Askrlfess mendingan telat tapi happy, nikah ga segampang bayangan lo. nikah ama yg lo sayang dan sayang bgt ama lo aja cobaan dr luar nya kg maen2 apalagi kalo basic dr lo bedua gada kecocokan. tinggal nunggu bom waktu meledak aja~ apalagi kalo lo sampe bunting, kesian ntar anak jd korban.

@DailySoleh @agnezmo Yg bunting rame2 itu kok gue gk ad liat yg koar2 generasi rusak, apa gue yg kudet.

setelah 3 bulan uuuhhh akhirnya day one. 🥹 trauma lahiran belum kelar kalo bunting lagi tepongkeng lah. 😭😭😭.

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