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Cigarette butts take 12 years to biodegrade, aluminum cans take 200–500 years, diapers and sanitary pads take 500–800 years, and Styrofoam takes 5,000+ years Glass bottles take 1,000,000+ years to biodegrade.

The Dodo
The Dodo

Rescued sheep loves to give little head-butts to every animal she meets — especially her new sister ❤️ @peepalfarm.

There’s even more that water companies can do to end sewage discharges- like becoming not-for-profit organisations and ploughing money back into their abused and neglected sewage networks and restoring reservoir capacity. But it’s a lack of household water butts, apparently. 🤦.

When it comes to getting our butts and skin looking good, you can never go wrong with a good supply of supplements..

@crow_about Butts being dropped makes me even mere certain we are going for the other Himmelberg.

Lusa has just gone live on Twitch. Gets your butts in.

I’m perplexed. Didn’t Muz get subbed out last week as he was injured? Yet Butts is dropped? Who’s standing Lynch? Surely they are throwing a furphie out at selection..

@Jim_Jordan What are repubs focused on - NONE of your complaints ! they are focused on Hunter and either impeaching people or “demanding” people in law enforcement (AGs) be arrested ! Get off your butts and LEGISLATE! ! DO YOUR JOB!!!.

@todayyearsoldig Do they have air going out of their butts while sucking the water in? 😜.

Good morning my little demons ❤️✨ I wish you all a very nice and relaxing day with lots of boobas and butts ❤️.

@secretskye22 I have seen allot of perfect Yours is off the blessed you with everything beyond.

@TheRickWilson Funny how he omits his record on , over 700,000 deaths while he told Americans to shine light up their butts..

I think I’m moving on from butts finally, I can only think about big cheeks for so long.

Let me squeeze ur boobas, butts 🍑😈😏 every morning. mark my hand print buries 🗡️.

Cigarette butts are a major pollutant in the environment. They are made of paper and plastic, and when burned, release toxic chemicals into the air..

Spain has seen a public health campaign against littering and cigarette butt litter in the streets. This Campaign aimed to reduce the amount of cigarette butts and other litter which is harmful to people, animals, and the environment..

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