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No team has scored a goal against Morocco since Walid Regragui took charge on August 31. Morocco 🇲🇦 2-0 🇨🇱 Chile Paraguay 🇵🇾 0-0 🇲🇦 Morocco Morocco 🇲🇦 3-0 🇬🇪 Georgia Morocco 🇲🇦 0-0 🇭🇷 Croatia Belgium 🇧🇪 0-2 🇲🇦 Morocco Canada 🇨🇦 1-2 🇲🇦 Morocco (own goal) Morocco 🇲🇦 0-0 🇪🇸 Spain.

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The United Nations General Assembly just voted 149-6 that Israel must give up its nuclear weapons. The US, Canada, Israel, Micronesia, and Palau opposed the resolution. The United Kingdom abstained..

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Hoy es el día de la Constitución y a 14km de la Puerta del Sol, en la Cañada Real, se vulneran los derechos que recoge..

I’m so sick of the endless slaughter of Indigenous Women & Girls in a so-called democratic & just country like Canada. The facade has to come down-the world needs to know & call on Canada to stop the genocide. My blood is boiling with righteous anger. Retweet if you’ve had enough.

He mostly can’t wrap his head around the idea that Americans don’t do ketchup chips, because they’re so quotidian for him. It also blows his mind that people outside of Canada don’t do poutine..

@DavidKrayden Not his job. Canada is not supposed to be a nanny state. His job is to get the hell out of the way.

@SunshineSucks My family loves to act like we have some royal mandate to be “cultured” when we’re a bunch of nobodies from Scottish settlements in western Canada. It’s just one of many coping strategies that helps them maintain the illusion that they’re superior to everyone else..

Canada hat Verantwortliche, welche anscheinend die derzeitigen Probleme mit mehr Menschenverstand und Vernunft an gehen. Thanks @CPHO_Canada.

@elonmusk @elonmusk in Canada there are some censorship laws, that even Twitter said was draconian (earlier this year) will that affect us still on Twitter ?? (C-11).

Best Cyber Monday deals on Amazon Canada 2022.

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@stupipipiiiid He is present and little tired but he will be present with canada inchallah.

That’s nothing try the fked up country of Canada u need 200k+.

yung experience ba as community RPh tinatanggap sa ibang bansa, like canada? Send halp pls.

@drummerpaolo La plena ......siempre algunos frustrados por Ecuatoriana y me siento orgullosa de mi selección desde ya ...pero si no sirven chuzo quitenle los 4vpuntos y ya vamosnos a la cada como Canadá y Qatar bueno ellos se quedan 🤣 disfruten el mundial y punto..

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@trocolo1986 Ya les dejamos hasta tres lugares libres en concavaf,, ya que ni USA, ni Canadá ni México disputarán eliminatoria ya clasificamos directo..

¿Australia o Canadá? ¡Inicia tu proceso! y cambia en todos los aspectos, tanto financieros, como familiares y profesionales. Los esperamos este lunes 28 de noviembre: 10am - 11am Oportunidades en Canadá 5pm - 6pm Oportunidades en Australia.

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@gadex2022 @Vindice37 Todo era una descomunal mentira y manipulación para crear un pánico moral progresista, reforzar el etnomasoquismo y perseguir al cristianismo y la derecha en general..

Ha habido salseo entre Canelo y Messi y los mexicanos y los argentinos siguen insultándose después del partido, y luego somos los europeos xenófobos por decir que en la Cañada Real hay delincuencia organizada..

Parkhurst of Canada Classic Wool Basque Beret-Unisex YPTNXC6.

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MediaKind’s Mediaroom Play Powers Next-Generation Streaming Experiences to More Viewers Across Canada.

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Guys why people are leaving Kerala and settling in UK, Canada, I am sure it is not because there are not getting jobs here. There are other reasons. Convey your opinions..

@SpeakUp407 @BarbLarochelle Actually she was elected. She holds the Brooks Medicine Hat seat. You may not know this, but in Canada we don’t elect the party leader. That is voted on by the party. They can elect whomever they want. It just helps out when they hold a seat and can sit in the house..

You don’t have to read very much up on Canada’s assisted suicide thin end of the wedge actually turned out to be correct situation to realise that something went seriously badly wrong here. Some lessons to be learned, to say the least.

Featuring over a million light decorations, Festival of Lights kicks off at VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, Canada.

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BBC News - Jeff Bezos: Does US-style philanthropy exist in UK?.

Featuring over a million light decorations, Festival of Lights kicks off at VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, Canada.

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Canada’s Euthanasia Policy Shows the Slippery Slope Is Real.

Five years ago, PM @JustinTrudeau apologized to 2SLGBTQIA+ communities in Canada for the violence & discrimination they had faced as a result of the LGBT Purge. Today, we continue to work towards a public service where 2SLGBTQIA+ folks can live and work as their authentic selves..

I got some packages from Canada that i was expecting early December but they came on my bday 🥲thank u God.

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