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Police ID woman fatally stabbed inside Canadian Tire store in Mississauga as wife of suspect.

Saw a kid freezin his ass off in the Canadian tire parking lot underneath his beat up truck. Had an I love oil and gas sticker Reminded me of myself at his age Bought him a burger from the food truck and said hey kid it’s your lucky day, Hes like noooo wayyyy duuude! Lol.

CN: intimate partner violence Chandanpreet Kaur, 22 should still be here but instead, she was killed on Monday night in Mississauga. Her husband has been charged with first-degree murder. #WeCountFemicideBecause it is predictable and preventable..

Ok the Canadian Tire trip is over, regulator for the camp stove is here. I am not going out any more (he says, most likely jinxing any chance he had of not going out any more).

@YukonStrong You’re not a real Canadian until you’ve laid on the ground under a car in a Canadian Tire lot. My Indian coworker just got his citizenship but last year he had to lay under the car fixing something in the Canadian Tire parking lot, which counts retroactive..

Already intimately familiar with the miniature Canadian Tire on Bellechasse I must now go to Ottawa to see the massive.

All these suckers lining up at the gas station, meanwhile next to no line up at Canadian Tire for a syphoning kit. #WorkSmarterNotHarder.

@brittlestar Now come on, folks. We all know that the experience of Canadian Tire is not about the appearance. It’s about desperately trying to flag down service, then finally getting help from a bored teenager who can barely hide their contempt for having to be there. Tradition..

The scent of new tires and lawn furniture can be smelled for miles. More Canadian, more tire..

Canadian Tire Photo,Canadian Tire Photo by Brody Langager,Brody Langager on twitter tweets Canadian Tire Photo

i cant find shit in a normal canadian tire you do not need bigger stores you need consistent aisles.

@jessdeming @dave__whiteside We did once! But as I recall, it was literally one tire!😆 Maybe if the name had been Canadian.

@MarkyMarkBrant @StephenPunwasi My local Canadian Tire is sold out of gun safes…because people are buying them to fill with cash and these precious metals in plastic thingies. Not exactly a super secure set up, now is it?.

To celebrate its 100 birthday, Canadian Tire is holding a scavenger hunt over the next week giving away $100 special edition bills in 19 cities across the country..

I did not know this ... did anyone consult Tim the tool man? Canadian Tire says all customer and employee washrooms in the new store are gender neutral..

Now I have a reason to go to to visit the behemoth Canadian Tire.

@ScumLeague @charlesadler See China for what a real lockdown looks like. Having to wear a mask in Canadian Tire is not a lockdown ya crybaby..

@sillyCDNgoose @sproudfoot Its not a new building. Think of it as recycling an old building into a fun new super Canadian Tire. You’ll feel better..

@halifaxnoise @mini_bubbly Canadian Tire, Sail, local hunters or hobby fishermen might have other places..

@brittlestar Little story here. A friend from France was visiting over. While driving in Kanata, she asked-me what was the huge building on the left. I answered the biggest Canadian Tire outlet in the country. She trusted-me. That was the Sens arena of course..

This Canadian tire looks like the the bastard child of Nordstrom and Superstore..

Happening right now at Canadian Tire. Christmas decor going out on the shelves. What month is this? #Barrie #ChristmasTree.

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Browns 138K Ime Udoka 198K CPP and EI Good Friday 55K Dahmer 127K Stormzy 117K Russia 606K Atlantic Canada Adam Levine 112K Cape Breton George Pickens 43K Putin 557K Halifax Canadian Tire Latifi 20K Legault 13K The Weeknd.

Is there anything *MORE* Canadian than the biggest ever Canadian Tire store? Like people are going to go on road trips to visit this as an attraction (me. by people, I mean me).

@mchkzn You could go to the new Canadian Tire. I’m sure it would take a while and you aren’t out in the lovely November weather we are experiencing!.

@politicsfisher @sproudfoot I always can find someone. I believe its easier to get customer service from Canadian Tire than most other stores I frequent..

epic, Canadian Tire has just opened a 135,000 sq ft store in Ottawa in celebration of its 100th birthday.

@sproudfoot Yea. No. Ottawa did not open a new canadian tire. Either corporate or a franchisee opened a Canadian tire in ottawa.

Bridgestone announced a 4-year partnership with the Canadian Superbike Championship Series (@cdnsuperbike) and will also serve as the exclusive tire supplier through the 2026 season. This new partnership furthers the brand’s storied history in motorsports..

Canadian Tire Photo,Canadian Tire Photo by BridgestoneUS,BridgestoneUS on twitter tweets Canadian Tire Photo

@Brett_CBC I came _thiiiiis close_ to buying a RV/cottage solar panel from Canadian Tire yesterday, but then decided against it..

What the hell is going on that people are being stabbed in Canadian Tire and Home Depot? Society is unwell..

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