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The pace of the first half of that match in particular was beyond anything I’ve seen this Canada team face. There was good and bad in there but they held their own and had chances tonight and that will only build belief going into Qatar. #CanMNT.

The face you make when you get cap-tied and then don’t play a single minute when called upon. @fikayotomori_ #CANMNT.

#CANMNT Photo,#CANMNT Photo by 🏴‍☠️ 𝕲𝖑𝖆𝖘𝖘𝕮𝖎𝖙𝖞 🏴‍☠️,🏴‍☠️ 𝕲𝖑𝖆𝖘𝖘𝕮𝖎𝖙𝖞 🏴‍☠️ on twitter tweets #CANMNT Photo

I remember being a #CanMNT fan back long before borderline top-10 national teams gave us the respect to play with the ball. And so have you, probably, considering I don’t think that’s ever happened before today😂 PROGRESS BABY!.

Stephen Eustáquio puts in the Gatorade Performance of the Match! 🍁 #WeCAN #CANMNT.

#CANMNT Photo,#CANMNT Photo by Canada Soccer,Canada Soccer on twitter tweets #CANMNT Photo

All things considered #CanMNT could have had a worse window….

#CANMNT Photo,#CANMNT Photo by Duane Rollins 🇺🇦,Duane Rollins 🇺🇦 on twitter tweets #CANMNT Photo

@CanadaSoccerEN Despite the result I think the #CANMNT will gain a lot of confidence from that performance. We showed we belonged on the field with them. We took it to them for long periods of the match. Just need to fix some things defensively and finish our chances and we’ll be fine..

This might be the toughest test of the New Era of #CANMNT - looking forward to it..

Before people yell at me about possession not mattering (I know already, lol. I can already feel the angry typing). Canada created most of the quality chances in the game. A beautiful free-kick and one of very few defensive lapses were capitalized on. I’m impressed #CanMNT.

#CANMNT Photo,#CANMNT Photo by 🅵🆁🅰🆃🅴🆂,🅵🆁🅰🆃🅴🆂 on twitter tweets #CANMNT Photo

Brilliant finishes from Uruguay have been the difference. #CanMNT have had a few good spells. Uruguay have respected 🇨🇦’s pace and defended it well. However I think we can create. I’m concerned about 🇨🇦 being susceptible to the counter when in we’re in possession. @footy_prime.

Imagine being Ismael Kone, this time last year he didn’t even know if he’d be a pro baller and now he’s almost a lock to represent Canada at a World Cup #CANMNT.

Oh… no, what are they doing? This is not a good look when paying customers enjoyed a technical difficulties board for 20 minutes, which can happen, but don’t try to take some bizarre victory lap. This is a day to say sorry and promise to be better. #CanMNT.

Terrific assessment on #CANMNT by Coach Herdman. Canada can compete with sides such as Uruguay. But must capitalize on their chances. From what I saw, still think this group can surprise in Qatar..

Happy birthday #CANMNT star Liam Millar 🎂 2️⃣3️⃣ today @liammillar11 🙌 🎥 @europacnfleague | #UECL.

Good thing you’re giving all the #CANMNT money to CSB and Onetario Soccer, so we can watch it all happen … oh wait, wut?! 🙃🤡.

Some positives, some negatives. A lot to learn from this match for the #CanMNT 🇨🇦 What was your biggest takeaway?🤔.

Kone proved me wrong. Got to hold my hands up. In March I rated his potential but doubted his current ability. He should be going to Qatar over Wotherspoon/Kaye based of current form. #CanMNT.

We will be recording our 50th episode tomorrow! We want to hear some of your questions whether they are about #VWFC, #CanMNT, any other soccer league or topic or literally anything else! Ask Away!.

Uruguay were happy to let Canada play after going up early. I would be more concerned about the lack of big chances Canada created than I would be confident with the possession they had in the second half. Definite learning experience for #CanMNT ahead of World Cup..

🇨🇦 vs 🇺🇾 instant reaction w/ @jamessharman in Room 442! #CANMNT @theparleh Full seg:.

They can compete at this level. The performance was solid and unafraid. The next step is more ruthlessness around the opposition penalty area. They have to learn to punish mistakes. If they can do those things, they’ll go from competing to winning against teams like that. #CanMNT.

Your thoughts on Canada 🇨🇦 performance vs Uruguay? Votre opinion sur la la performance du Canada contre l’Uruguay ? #CANMNT #CanVURG.

That game represents an opportunity to work on goal scoring #CanMNT next face Japan in mid-November 🇯🇵.

🖥 : @GPGraphicsSA @MagleraDoeBoy Lets mention him 🙏🔥🔥🔥🔥 Whatsapp 0790274386 for commissions & inquiries #AndileMpisane #CANMNT.

#CANMNT Photo,#CANMNT Photo by Guccie Pain Graphics,Guccie Pain Graphics on twitter tweets #CANMNT Photo

After missing the first 17 minutes (as we all did) it’s clear to see that we could at least be competitive. So with that box having been checked, time to create more and then to finish on those earned opportunities. Finish on their side as was the score line. 🇨🇦#CANMNT.

❌ Le score ne bougera finalement pas mais la 2ème période donne plus de satisfactions malgré le manque d’occasions et de buts ! 🔥 Place à la Coupe du Monde maintenant ! 🏆 #CanMNT 🇨🇦.

They certainly felt like they were a team who belonged Hear from @LukeWileman & @stevocaldwell on #CANMNT loss to Uruguay🇺🇾 in Bratislava Full post-game analysis and reaction here:.

Photo gallery: Canada lose 2-0 to Uruguay in international friendly #CANMNT #WorldCup2022 @CanadaSoccerEN @Uruguay.

Here is my story live from Bratislava Slovakia 🇸🇰 where #CanMNT lost a competitive World Cup tune up to Uruguay 🇺🇾.

Luis Suarez is going to be the toughest striker that Canada will face leading up to the WC - even after his We know #CANMNT can score goals, but now let’s see this test at the back..

The disrespect train towards 🇨🇦 continues. This is a heavily rotated xi, only 1/4 defence is a starter, backup goalie in net and 2 bench players in the midfield. If I’m Canada, this is my chip on the shoulder going into this game. I want to punish them for the disrespect #CanMNT.

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