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Tweet247 | Updated: Fri, 18 May 2018, 22:02 PM IST

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  • If this Victoria #CanPL team happens the league will launch as the largest all-Canadian professional sports league of all-time (tied with @CFL). Surreal..

  • Calgary event on now. Watch it live here: #CanPL #WeAreCalgary.

  • Well, @footsoldierssg cornered me. They wanted to send a message to all #FCED fans and everyone in #yeg, especially #yeg4cpl. #CanPL #CavsFC @CPLsoccer @CPLCavalryFC.

  • It’s hard to express what the @CPLCavalryFC announcement means. I’m just beaming. Proud of @sean_clarke7 & my fellow @footsoldierssg for all the hard work supporting. Proud of @tommywheeldonjr & @FoothillsFCU23 for believing & working so hard. #CanPL.

  • looking out over the Wanderers Grounds and thinking we’ve got quite a year ahead of us. starting with this coming week! #CanPL.

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  • One of these #CanPL teams is going to announce Octavio Zambrano as their inaugural manager in the not too distant future, i can almost smell it..

  • I enjoy seeing #CanPL trending in Toronto even though the announcement was in Calgary. This league is going to be special from coast to coast..

  • Really liking this minimalist design.👌 #CanPL.

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  • Tommy is an inspiring speaker - “we are here to change the landscape of soccer in Canada, and we are going to do it together.” #CanPL.

  • So proud & astonished by the accomplishments of our @FoothillsSoccer club! So incredible what happens when brilliant passionate people put their hearts and minds together to develop something as spectacular as our @CPLCavalryFC 💚❤️ @CPLsoccer #CanPL.

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  • I’m In! I am Cavalry Football Club Member 67. Make your deposit at #CavalryFC #CanPL.

  • For those of you following the action at home: Tommy Wheeldon Jr. is wearing a suit. #CanPL.

  • Welcome @CPLCavalryFC to the @CPLsoccer - official unveiling took place today in Calgary. Just over a week to go until the third club announcement. Please 🔁❤️ to get the word out to the masses #CanPL.

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  • I’ve been waiting for concrete details on the @CPLsoccer for well over a year and I’m so happy to be seeing the first clubs formally announced. I cannot wait to finally see the #CanPL on the field!.

  • The banter is fun but I’m seriously pumped for how this league is coming together! #CanPL #FinallyALeagueOfOurOwn #CanadiansAsDomestic #NoLongerAMLSFan.

  • Phenomenal job by @PeteSchaad on the story, @TweetsbyOffside on the reveal, Jon Rogers on the crest and @RoyNasrala for continually pushing the team to be its best. 🙌🏻 #CanPL 🇨🇦.

  • Sem playoffs 👍 #CanPL.

  • Got my @CPLCavalryFC Swag already! SNAPBACK✅ HOODIE✅ SCARF ✅ #yyc #calgary #cavsfc #CanPL.

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  • Cavalry FC unveil #CanPL.

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  • Bem vindo a #CanPL, Cavalry FC! 🇨🇦🇨🇦.

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  • Fun time breaking down tonight’s #CavalryFC launch announcement. We dive into the stadium location, club identity and @FoothillsFCU23 impact. #CanPL.

  • It appears that David Clanachan may be holding the official #CanPL soccer ball. Look real close..

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  • So far, Cavalry FC is the most Arsenal-esque Winnipeg’s Valour Fc is announced #canpl 😅.

  • Some great news: Calgary will be getting a team in the new @FIFAcom-sanctioned @CPLsoccer league: @CPLCavalryFC! Their venue will be out at @Spruce_Meadows – what a beautiful location. So, folks, how do I reserve my season tickets? | #CavsFC #CanPL #YYC |.

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  • 📰 | | #CanPL | Total Soccer Project - Cavalry FC unveiled as Calgary’s new professional soccer team – will play in Canadian Premier League.

  • @CanSoccerHist @CPLsoccer @League1Ontario @PLSQ1 @CanadaSoccerEN @OntarioIsSoccer @SoccerQuebec @NunavutSoccer @1BCSoccer @AlbertaSoccer @SaskSoccerAssoc @ManitobaSoccer @SoccerNB @SoccerNS @peisoccerassoc @SoccerNLSA @yukonsoccer @NWTSoccer D3 would be regional leagues (BC D3, Prairie D3, L1O, PLSQ, Atlantic D3), then national D2, then #CanPL. What a system it could be. It would turn Canada into a football factory..

  • Cavalry FC flag unveiled. #CanPL.

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  • How to connect with Cavalry FC. #CanPL 🇨🇦 Twitter: @CPLCavalryFC Facebook: Instagram: Snapchat: YouTube:.

  • “Spruce Meadows will be a hallowed ground for football” Ian Allison, President, Spruce Meadows S &E #CanPL.

  • Rendering of the stadium plans for Calgary’s new professional soccer team, @CPLCavalryFC, at Spruce Meadows. #CanPL #CavsFC.

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