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GOAL 🎖 What. a. hit. 🤯 Sean Rea gives @ValourFootball a 1-0 lead over @YorkUtdFC in the 87th minute with a long-range belter! #CanPL | 🔴.

News: @OntarioIsSoccer announces milestone Premier Partnership with Toronto FC and the #CanPL on behalf of its three Ontario based Clubs.

That was the best crowd I’ve seen in a while at TD. Well done to the Dub and good game by @atletiOttawa we’ll get the W soon #AtléticoOttawa #CanPL.

Thanks to my lovely wife Hanna, this video is everything. ❤️👏🏻❤️👏🏻 #ForValour | #CanPL.

Can we talk about that #AtléticoOttawa performance? Left everything on the field, both individually and as a unit. Yes, the finishing touch was missing but I don’t think I’ve seen us play better. This team is going places. Oh yeah, & atmosphere was electric - again 🔥 #CanPL.

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🔊 What a battle tonight. Not the desired result be we move forward to our CanChamp match on May 10th 🔴⚪ 🔗 | Check out the match recap below: #ForOttawa | #PourOttawa.

par•i•ty /ˈpærɪti/ n. equality, as in status or character: #CanPL.

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CF Valour are stealing the show today in Winnipeg. Good for Rea. More often asked to be playmaker instead of finisher, but definitely has that in his locker. Nice to see him remind the #CanPL of that..

Doing what we do best, bringing the 🔥 (thanks everyone 🙌) Huge shoutout to all the @atletiOttawa boys for that performance. Resolute, passionate and, at times, silky smooth. How you can’t be excited about the trajectory of ⚽️ in the nations Capital is beyond us 📈 #CanPL.

Fantastic @ValourFootball game today. My 9 year old son called @willyakio “Danger Man” and I think this needs to catch on #canPL #ForValour.

We are only in May, and I already have no idea what I’m gonna do if I have any input in #CanPL goal of the year…..


HIGHLIGHTS 🎥 @Pacificfccpl remains at the top of the #CanPL table after defeating @atletiOttawa 1-0. ▶️ |.

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I still have a resounding love for @CPLsoccer for helping to develop our lads and @onesoccer on taking the chance to showcase our league. Nothing but love & respect for our fans, teams and cities across the nation 🇨🇦 #CanPL.

CPL: A 1-0 loss to Pacific FC on Saturday left Atlético Ottawa without three points again, but gave them an important lesson for when the games get even tougher that the best teams can find a way to win. My recap for @49SPORTNET #CanPL | #USPORTS.

#CanPL 🇨🇦🍁⚽ - Electrizante partido en Halifax, donde @CPLCavalryFC rescató 1 punto al minuto 94 que le ayuda a seguir en la 3° posición de la Liga. ▶️ @HFXWanderersFC acumula 3 partidos sin derrotas (1V-2E) ▶️ Cavalry mantuvo su invicto de 3 partidos sin perder..

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#CANPL BANGERS ONLY™️ The only league that delivers stunning goals every single week, guaranteed* *kinda.

Pacific are already 8 points clear from the 2nd-placed team 😱🟣 #CanPL | 📸: Pacific FC / James MacDonald.

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🔊 COMPTE-RENDU: Atlético Ottawa 0 – 1 Pacific FC ⤵️ 🔗 | #PourOttawa | #ForOttawa.

#CPLRefStats 2022 REGULAR SEASON Includes all games through May 7 20 g, Y/g, 5 R, 10 pens (2 missed), FC/g HOME: Y/g, 4 R, 6 pens, FC/g AWAY: Y/g, 1 R, 4 pens, FC/g HOME RECORD: 10 W - 6 D - 4 L ( PPG) #CanPL.

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Notes/ratings on 0-1 L away at the Peg. Offense did not flow w the traditional-footed wingers in Eduardo Jesus & Hernandez, should maybe consider inverting the two. Wright at ST w his booming shot & DeRo at CAM w his linkup play might’ve made for a better flow. #CanPL #YUFC.

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#CanPL 🇨🇦🍁⚽ - La sexta fecha la cerró Sean Rea y el golazo de la jornada para darle el triunfo a Valour FC. ▶️ @ValourFootball es el equipo junto a Pacific FC que + goles han anotado (10). ▶️ @YorkUtdFC perdió una racha de 4 partidos sin derrotas (2V-2E)..

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#CanPL 🇨🇦🍁⚽ disputó su 6° Fecha y nosotros venimos con un hilo 🧵 explicando los detalles de los 4 juegos. ¡Atentos! ⚽ Se marcaron 10 goles en la jornada, donde hubo triunfos de 2 locales. Ningún visitante pudo llevarse los 3 puntos..

Cavs get goal in final minute to pull out tough road draw in Halifax #CavsFC #CanPL.

Tomorrow at 12 PM ET 📺 Join the Newsroom team as they recap a weekend of action full of late drama and stunning goals #CanPL l Live on YouTube ⬇️.

@dubesimonp @JeremyFilosa Bah c’est sa 2e saison et l’an passé il n’était pas portant indiscutable et il ne brûlait pas la CanPL. Lui qui a été dominant en CanPL, c’est Karifa Yao. L’autre qui a été bon était Jonathan Sirois. Et bien beau vouloir le monter, faut qu’il déloge quelqu’un. C’est pas gagné.

1/3. I’m going to talk about the elephant in the room and bring up the quality of play in the #CanPL in regards to the Pacific-Ottawa match. Malcom Shaw, an alleged star player on Atletico Ottawa has a wide open shot on goal 12 yards away near the penalty spot but shoots it.

It’s cold at the top 🥶🔱🟣 Pacific enjoying life 5 points clear at the top of the table 🔝 #CanPL.

#CanPL Photo,#CanPL Photo by CPL News ⚽️🇨🇦,CPL News ⚽️🇨🇦 on twitter tweets #CanPL Photo

One Soccer continuing their trend of generally awful MOTM selections. In what world does Diaz get the accolades over Irving?.

Hell of a performance from Callum Irving today. Kept #PacificFC in the match more than a few times. #CanPL.

#CanPL 🇨🇦🍁⚽ - El líder se consolida y toma ventaja. @PacificFCCPL derrotó a @FCEdmontonNow y ya le sacó 8 puntos al segundo, Valour FC. ▶️ Dos victorias consecutivas para el equipo de BC. ▶️ FC Edmonton sigue sin ganar en la Liga 2022 (3E-4D)..

#CanPL Photo,#CanPL Photo by 🇨🇦 Radio Sports 🇨🇦,🇨🇦 Radio Sports 🇨🇦 on twitter tweets #CanPL Photo
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