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More than just a game 💙 Maxime is a 9-year old goalie who fled Ukraine this past spring and was only allowed to bring one thing into Canada. He chose his goalie gear. Last night, Maxime attended his first hockey game and got a chance to meet fellow goaltender, Thatcher Demko!.

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Hey #Canucks Twitter! Let’s help Daryl find this good samaritan!.

Daniel, Henrik, and Roberto were honoured tonight by the three nations of the unceded and traditional territories of Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh with a traditional blanketing ceremony that symbolizes the highest form of respect and honour from their communities..

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COMEBACK COMPLETE! 🥳 Elias Pettersson buries the @Energizer overtime winner to give the @Canucks the extra point in a wild game!.

General Manager Patrik Allvin announced today that G Thatcher Demko will be out approximately six weeks with a lower body injury..

Brock Boeser’s agent liking a tweet throwing shade at the Canucks 👀 If you needed any evidence how Brock feels about this organization.

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How can I get a job as a video coach with the Canucks so I can sit there and make Jimothy watch his game tape. Serious question..


In one sequence, the Canucks surrendered the fastest three goals of any NHL team this season and lost their starting goalie — it’s hard to see any light around the team now. “It seemed like giveaway after giveaway after giveaway.” (@imacSportsnet).

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The number 1 draft pick for team Butter Chicken. @strombone1 ✊🏾 #Canucks @Canucks.

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That’s a wrap from Rogers Arena. A huge shout-out to @ThomasDrance for showing us the ropes, to the excellent @CanucksPR team for putting on the Botchford Project, and to the #Canucks for capping off a great day with a win. #RIPBotch.

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😂 Don’t worry Trudeau, oh I mean .@CTVNews Canucks won’t be making any “Bat” soup anytime soon. 60 bat bites from 1950-2009 and ZERO since then. Idiots. Canucks have a better chance of getting bitten by .@cafreeland if that counts 😂.

Here’s a wild thing I missed earlier: When Timo Meier was on the ice (all situations) the Sharks had 45 shot attempts and the Canucks had 17. Shots on goal w/Meier on the ice were 17-14 SJ..

The #Canucks 7-6 win over the Canadiens was absurd. Like, philosophically absurd. IWTG is up for one of the most bonkers games I have ever witnessed..

According to Kaplan, Canucks had explored options to replace Boudreau last month, then the team started to win again. His tenure in Vancouver’s hanging on by a thread. The expectation is that there will be a new coach in Vancouver next season, no matter how this one shakes out..

🏒🇺🇸 NHL - Les tendances ⭐️Bruins✅ ⭐️Oilers✅ ⭐️Capitals✅ 💪🏻Wild❌ 💪🏻Sabres✅ 💪🏻Vegas❌ 😎Canucks✅ ❤️♻️ si tu suis #TeamParieur.


I’m not sure I wanna know what happened in the Canucks game so here’s a timeline cleanse pic of Nala.

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.@Canucks prohrávali 0:4, zápas však dokázali otočit a vyhrát 7:6 v prodloužení. Tady je sestřih všech gólů týmu z Vancouveru. 🚨.

When I fell asleep at 830pm like an 85 year old, the score was 4-0. When I woke up, it was this. Saint ciboire, nous sommes tous des Canucks. 🐳.

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#Canucks now tied for 9th in the Western with the Avalanche? Crazy year in the NHL..

In the face of hopelessness, i appreciate that Bruce is able to speak candidly instead of defaulting “they’ve got a good team over there” or some other default soundbite. #BruceThereItIs.

@Lose4Bedard the Canucks have a better roster but the Kraken have a more well balanced roster (more depth and an actual defense).

Management and coaching department need more communication though it sounds like. Work together and treat Bruce with some respect while he’s a member of the team. #Canucks.

Je ne peux pas croire que Canadien aie perdu contre les Canucks… Je regardais le replay et les défenseurs sont incapable de jouer M2M autour du net, ils jouent la passe. Montambault a été faible sur plusieurs buts, donc celui en OT. Bcp de désorganisation dans notre zone..

Fell asleep last night only to see this crazy comeback by the #Canucks this morning Still think major changes are needed, but this was fun to watch.

Everyone and their family pets know about Millers back passes. Learn a new trick man. #Canucks.


About 40% of Canucks cap deployed on useless players 🤯 @Canucks @Sportsnet650 Boeser $ Garland $ OEL $ Myers $6M Pearson $ Poolman $ Stilman $.

A view from Canada 🇨🇦 of Donald Trump and his #MAGA cult. Most Canadians I know pretty much agree with this line of thinking. Big thank you, fellow Canucks 😌 (The Fifth Estate is a national CBC documentary series.).

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Ngl, I started watching the game after it was 2-1 for Arizona… soooo, your welcome Vancouver🙂😉 #Canucks.

@Canucks @theprovince “i didn’t know it was HFC night” “joshua woke up from a nap and wasn’t feeling right” that’s a bunch of excuses to cover the mistake he knew he made..

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