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  • We are two wins on each side away from the Washington Capitals finally arriving at the promised land, only to be greeted by the smiling face of Marc-Andre Fleury..

  • Happy Birthday, @Kuzya92! #ALLCAPS.

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  • Game 2, #ALLCAPS. Dominating win for the @Capitals as they take a 2-0 series lead. #StanleyCup.

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  • Hey, @Capitals how’d we do!? TOUCHDOWN CELEBRATION IN #ALLCAPS.

  • Beautiful work from Kuzy to Ovi on the 2-on-1. #ALLCAPS.


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  • GAME DAY! ⚡️ We’re back home in Tampa and looking for the 3-2 series lead. #TBLvsWSH 📝:.

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  • Kuzy Ties it Up! #ALLCAPS.

  • The Lightning defeated the Capitals 3-2 to take a 3-2 series lead in the Eastern Conference Finals. Tampa Bay is the third team since conference play began in 1975 to take a 3-2 lead in the Conference Finals/Semifinals after trailing 2-0. The previous 2 won the series in 6 games.

  • Eller for hooking. Bolts headed to the PP midway through the third. #ALLCAPS.

  • #Caps head coach Barry Trotz talks with the media as Washington heads home from Tampa for Game 6 on Monday night. #ALLCAPS.

  • I started really following the @Capitals in 1991 when my brother was diagnosed with cancer. We watched games together as he beat his illness. I believed in them then, and I still believe in them now. #allcaps #itsoktobelieve.

  • Såg period ett av Tampa–Washington. Trodde absolut Lightning skulle vinna baserat på hur de studsade tillbaka spel- och målmässigt efter Wilsons mål i första minuten. Därmed blir Capitals seger ännu mer imponerande. Två segrar på bortaplan utan Bäckström är en enorm bedrift..

  • “We don’t like to make it easy on ourselves.” Only path for Washington now is the hard one:.

  • @Capitals 5 penalties in 2 games, Eller. FIVE.

  • The Lightning have no idea who they are anymore, thanks to the Capitals. My story on a team literally at a loss after two games. #NHL.

  • This is the ninth playoff series the @Capitals had a 2-0 lead. They lost five of them. Caps fans already know this. ECF with @TBLightning now tied at 2. #InTheCrease #espn+.

  • The #Capitals remind me of the #BrooklynDodgers, circa 1941 through 1954. Cursed until they beat the Yankees for the 1955 World Series..

  • My feature on Ryan Callahan, who is always paying the price doing those things that don’t show up on the scoresheet until he pays it doing something that does:.

  • It’s Starting To Look Like It Might Finally Be The Caps’ Year.

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  • Kto przespał naszą nocną transmisję z #NHL 🏒🥅, może nadrobić zaległości❗ Łapcie wszystkie bramki z meczu @Capitals vs @TBLightning ⬇⬇⬇.

  • Sis Lily raising her sleepy tongue game. Or reacting to last night’s Capitals loss #ALLCAPS @OvietheBulldog @russianmachine.

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  • Francis is just plain funny.

  • Lightning’s Vasilevskiy is stealing the Capitals’ thunder as Tampa takes 3-2 series lead..

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  • @tshade5 @CollinsmSmith @Mikeysurf @JonSolomonAspen A Capitals fan telling someone to pipe down because their team blew a lead is truly hysterical.

  • @Capitals Maybe he should not play so much.

  • Congratulations @Justin_Adler on another excellent episode(s) and another amazing season of @LifeInPiecesCBS! You’re a bonafide triple threat!! Go @Capitals!!.

  • The Capitals took out all their frustration through their captain, via two-handed chop. Then came confidence as they hit the road for Game 5:.

  • CSA Playoff Update: Official Shots, Scoring Chances, Expected Goals, and Season Averages from Game #4 @TBLightning at @Capitals #NHLStats #ShotQuality.

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