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Updated: September 24th, 2021 02:40 PM IST

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BREAKING REPORT: North Carolina Hospital Systems Suspends Nearly 400 EMPLOYEES for Refusing to Get Covid

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@carolina_moine Entonces que se maten a tiros así Sarlo ya no dice tantas pelotudeces

@Carolina_Abril_ : the perception is here #sensualityneverend #perfectgirlsfriend

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Felicidades Carolina y que se cumplan la mayor parte de tus deseos.@Carolina___cm. 🥂🍾

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Shaggy - Oh Carolina #MMM Voor de verjaardag van @MissCar0lina

Patchy dense fog forming across parts of the eastern Tennessee Valley and southwest North Carolina early this morning for Cherokee, Clay [NC] and 40 forecast zones in [TN] and Lee, Russell, Scott, Washington, Wise [VA] till 10:00 AM EDT

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manifesting circle: 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 JISOO POST 🕯 OT4 LIVE 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯

Carolina Panthers vs. Houston Texans Week 3 | 2021 NFL Game Highlights


That was quite the debacle. Carr had 117 yards on 41 passes that game. The only player ever w/ fewer yards in a 40+ pass game was Jesse Palmer with 110 on 43 attempts for Giants vs Carolina 12/28/03

EUA: RE VOL TAN TE ! Médicos da Carolina do Norte discutem como aumentar o número de mortos x Covid para ATERRORIZAR as pessoas e levarem-nas a se 💉💉

If he weren’t such a pathetic loser, he might have talked to me and learned that I grew up in South Carolina singing that song at the Bojangles 500

CASH IT!!!! “A Gamblers First Glance” | Sept. 23rd, 2021 NFL Carolina Panthers vs via @YouTube

*Houston does something bad* Immediate flag on Carolina. These officials are absolutely atrocious. For real.

to feliz sim pela selma ter se mandado tomra que agr a carolina conte a vdd pro evandro #sobpressão

the weather was so nice in louisiana this week, then i get back to houston and it’s hot asf, i go on ig to see people in north carolina wearing jackets… like when do we get fall weather ???

En Venezuela se comenzaron a fabricar carros en Cua, era un vehículo de altas prestaciones, 1er gobierno de CAP, chasis de aluminio carrocería de fibra de vidrio, casi todo hecho en Venezuela, si iba a llamar CAROLINA… No existen registros…

@ListinDiario La elegancia es andar como si no hubiera nadie en tu casa? Hoy Carolina Herrera tiene migrañas

A couple of college picks this week. Tennessee plus 18 1/2 Baylor plus 7. North Carolina minus 12 1/2 #paisonCFWeek4

Either Carolina really doesn’t know how to line up or the refs got the Texans in this game 😂😂😂😂

@BGlennCreech @NewEraNYJets Right … looks like Carolina gotta decent QB for a 6th 2nd and 4th

Thursday Nice Foorball Carolina Panthers at Houston Texas Carolinaに来たQBのSam Daは良い。

Cool. A blown calls turns a 3 and 8 into 3 and 13 instead of 3 and 3, and then Carolina fails on 4 & 1. Officiating!

Watch Carolina Panthers vs. Houston Texans Thursday Night Football Game Live Online Streaming on September 23, 2021: TV Channels. Live Stream:>> *** Texans vs. Panthers: TV Schedule, Live Stream,

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Lmao it’s DJ Moore, Christian McCaffrey or bust for this Carolina offense. I’m sick 😂

We have one of the best RBs in football, but on 4th and 1 we don’t even want to put him on the field, let alone give him the ball lmao perfect example right there why Carolina won’t be anything this season. Enjoy your easy schedule for now lol

Horse shit flag costs us a possession. Guessing the public money is on Carolina? @NFL

Ya gotta be kidding me CAROLINA! #NathanielPicks #GamblingTwitter -4 1st H. Almsot wrapped sealed to deliver me 💰 🤬🤯. Hold , D!!

4th & 1 …. Run your best player? Nah…. Let’s try the rookie….. and then turn it over on downs… don’t overthink things, Carolina… smh

That’s a fair question to ask. Although the Jets don’t have the skill position players that Carolina does.

BREAKING REPORT: North Carolina Hospital Systems Suspends Nearly 400 EMPLOYEES for Refusing to Get Covid

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