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STUNNING: The Catholic Church has a POPE who has yet to comment on the ROE V WADE.

A Vatican News editorial reiterated the Catholic Church’s defense of unborn life, but emphasized that this goes beyond abortion. It said truly being for life meant addressing maternal mortality rates in the , poverty and the threat of firearms..

The killing of Reverend Father Vitrus Bogoro of the Kaduna polytechnic Catholic Church by terrorists in his farm in Kaduna is sad,unfortunate and condolences to the Catholic community in Kaduna and his relations..

@JAWestman The episcopal church welcomes you if you’d like to drop in. I’ve been a member for five years now. Knowing I could go to seminary and become a full priest, something denied to Catholic women on flimsy grounds, is a powerful thing.

@SambasFather @CWBChicago Yes because the southern Baptist church is the model of morality. So was Ted Haggard. Let’s add the Catholic Church while we’re at it. Spare us your sanctimonious bs.

@JAWestman What did you think would happen? Catholic Church forbids women from serving as Priests, covers up sexual violence by Priests, sponsors fascist politicians, and takes taxpayers money for their schools without paying taxes..

In Canada, the Catholic Church was responsible for *educating* indigenous children which they abused, murdered & covered up instead. Canadians are responsible but the purported morality of religion convinced the masses this was the *right* thing to do..

@JoJoFromJerz They’ve obviously never heard of separation of church and state and this coming from a Conservative Catholic!.

did you not notice that the Catholic Church is a child raping death cult before this or.

No Man or the Catholic Church should be against a Woman’s Choice I guess the Temple they praise within is sinful of guilt because Nuns are being raped and abused from telling the Truths Even many Children should come forward to speak their peace That Religion is toxic for real 🛐.

Catholic Church Photo,Catholic Church Photo by OKIT-LOVE-ISM,OKIT-LOVE-ISM on twitter tweets Catholic Church Photo

@mzpresser Here @ age 49, 10 yrs ago. W/ my wife & later all my kids (adults). Long family history of Protestant ministers, missionaries, etc. Have a Masters in Theology from a Protestant seminary. Bible reading and experience in many Prot denominations led me to the Catholic Church..


@LaLunaVT @JAWestman But the problem is it’s the Catholic Church, historically the most judgemental, accusatory, and prosecutorial churches throughout history. They SAY they’re about love and forgiveness, but their actions and even most of the teachings are the exact opposite. It’s a disease..


@JAWestman It’s Mass, and it’s too bad that you left. Kind of surprised that, as a Catholic, you are just now learning the Church’s position on life, too🤔.

A friend sent this to me after the shooting in Uvalde. I was feeling so angry by the Catholic Church, a religion I love, but that tends to thrive on hypocrisy and scandal, for being so outspoken about Roe V. Wade, but not by guns. A message from a bishop that left me hopeful..

@LourinHubbard @JAWestman It may not be true across the board but I believe there are priests who would follow this standard. 35 yrs ago I had a Catholic Church who would not let my 5yo go to Religious Ed classes because he was unable to read. I left the church..

The Catholic Church, by no means, is the only option. Consider the Episcopal Church, which typically adopts a much less stringent view on the world..

@benshapiro they’ve done a wonderful job so far seeing as there are over half a million children being bounced around from home to home in foster care! i, for one, agree that it is probably best practice to leave unaccounted-for children with the catholic church. they love kids.

@JAWestman Frankly, to go there and expect anything else is just insanity on your part. I’m a former Catholic, broke with them when I was 14. And, after hearing about the child molestation coverups, I never looked back. Attend the church within yourself..

@mamajcress I stopped being a practicing Catholic when my local church treated my family with such disdain during my grandfather’s funeral services. He gave, donated & sweated for this church for years. The pastor only cared for “where’s my fee” and bullied my mother & aunt for $. I was done.

@JAWestman The Catholic Church is deeply immoral, as are most religions. They’re mired in the past, in savage brutal times before people knew better..

The Catholic Church are outdated obsolete and hypocrites …….. the way I see religion we are all equal we are all on the same bus does it matter who’s driving Time for change.

@JoyceWhiteVance Remind Catholics and others that the Catholic Church won’t give last rights or hold a funeral mass for a still born baby because it never “took a breath” but claim life begins at conception ?.

Whatever the long term effects of Protestantism are the catholic restoration is to give his life for the church of England.

@krisspencer91 @CTVNews All of that BS is driven by the Catholic Church and it’s evangelistic followers. If you attempted to save a fetus before twenty three weeks. It’s unlikely to survive. Therefore not a viable life. That is the science..

@TGiflady @JAWestman Abortion has always been banned by the Catholic Church. If you have an abortion you can’t receive communion. I suspect you were never really a catholic..

@JAWestman Quit the Catholic Church a long time ago due to stand on abortion and gay rights..

Eight years in Chicago, some highlights: 2/8 Y2: Met my Alderman, called him “Your Grace” as I thought he was associated with the Catholic Church.

@JAWestman mass? If so, why would you expect the church to do anything other than praise the ruling given the church teaches respect for life from the moment of conception. By walking out, you served satan and made him happy..

The Catholic Church always advocated child abuse. Look what the priests did. They take a vow to abstain from sex! A joke! When the noise got a little loud, the priest was transferred to another parish to do it all over again. HUGE COVER UP.

40 people unfollowed or blocked me since anniversary of my callout a year ago lol. first time i stepped into a roman catholic church.

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