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Tamar was problematic, entertaining, strategic, kept the feeds alive, and a super fan she deserves that win #BBCeleb #cbbus2.

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O que foi a final do #CBBUS2?! ISSO É OQ EU CHAMO DE REPRESENTATIVIDADE & FAIRPLAY! Chorei de emoção com quem ganhou! FEZ HISTÓRIA!!!.

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Ricky could’ve made history and guaranteed us an all black final 4 & winner if he evicted Dina although I’m sure we’re still going to get our 1st ever African American BB winner only took 2 decades 😂 #CelebrityBigBrother #CBBUS2.

But the best story I got in this season was the transformation between Tamar and Kandi. Even when Kandi placed that final key, that was so meaningful #cbbus2.

One thing I will say though, most of the them got their names redeemed, but sadly, I think Lolo’s name got a little tarnished. #cbbus2.

@robcesternino @ArmstrongTaran looks like he wants to push the Self-Destruct Button every time Rob talks about Dan #CBBUS2 #RHAP.

Your “love of your life” is a whole straight up bum, who has no job and your parents are supporting him. Rachel was not talking about the clown show of your proposal. Nothing was shining between you and Scammy either. #CBBUS2 #BB20.

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Tamar Braxton winning #CBBUS2 has been the only highlight of #BlackHistoryMonth so far..

in case you were living under a rock last night, here is the revealing of the jury votes and winner of celebrity big brother. #cbbus2 #bbceleb.

I really can’t describe it how hard I am gagging. @TamarBraxtonHer 😯😭🙌🏾9 UNANIMOUS VOTES! #CBBUS2.

i swear the houseguests’ memory wall pics always show the worst of them and how they never look in the house #CBBUS2.

Random #CBBUS2 cast picture thread. ~~~~~~ @natalieevamarie (1) 😍.

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Been following #CBBUS2 via tweets and a huge congrats to Tamar!!! Entertained, played and made history..

My girl won!!! Didn’t watch literally a minute of the show but I am v happy #cbbus2 #bbceleb.

Congrats @TamarBraxtonHer on being our first black big brother winner im sooooo proud of you ,you looked beat 💄 and beautiful tonight You def deserve this win #cbbus2 #MyFavoriteGirlOnMyFavoriteShow.

@Ajektiv Sadly, I just looked at the replies to her first post-show Twitter post and people are not, in fact, being kind. Reaction is 90% negative. I hope someone close to her can steer her clear of social media until she can reflect & decompress and others can calm down a bit. #CBBUS2.

We love brother and sister Dan & Tamar Gheesling-Braxton #CBBUS2.

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Woah! This season of #BBCeleb sucked, seemed really rushed every episode, and whole weeks being playing in 1 live show multiple times 👎 The celebs didn’t even play for rap and flipped loyalty week to week. #CBBUS2 Wack season, no more celebs!.

@TwitterNews thank you for the spoiler. The show started 4 minutes ago. #CBBUS2.

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The winner of Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 also broke the First to Enter curse. #CBBUS2.

I’m greedy now. I want this same energy for #BB21 and every other regular season. Black people making it far and WINNING #CBBUS2.

Julie thanks the Celebs for a great season and signs off, telling us she’ll be back this June with Big Brother 21! #cbbus2 #bb21.

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LET THIS BE Tamar lost SO much and WON so BIG GOD WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU EMPTY 🙌🏾 #cbbus2.

Now cast more than 1-2 Black people in the summer and watch this happen again. We needed this. #CBBUS2.

@KeithLDixon Tamar trumps Dan. 2nd woman 2 beat a male in final 2. 1st African American 2 win ever. Move over vanilla wonder bread there is a new sheriff in town. #CBBUS2.

Tamar was problematic, entertaining, strategic, kept the feeds alive, and a super fan she deserves that win #BBCeleb #cbbus2.

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