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Hook up with that person you wanted to in high school. Straight people’s advice is holding you back. They will literally cease to exist when you go back home? Be a whore and then eat thanksgiving stuff.

It’s 2022 and snipers no longer one shot head shot in cod BR and cease to exist in competitive play 😔.

Canada is deeply concerned by ongoing reports of sexual violence and abuse perpetrated against Iranian protesters, including women and youth. We call on the Iranian regime to cease its abhorrent violations of human rights and to stop all acts of violence against its citizens..

… “America “can’t even make penicillin anymore.” The United States… is almost entirely “dependent”on Beijing for the manufacturing of penicillin and other antibiotics to combat superbugs. Were China to “shut the door on exports, w/in months hospitals would cease to function.”.

AP Africa
AP Africa

More than three weeks after the warring parties in Tigray signed a cease-fire, allies of Ethiopia’s federal military are looting property and carrying out mass detentions in the region, according to eyewitnesses and aid workers..

We reiterate our call to Russia to withdraw its forces to pre-conflict positions as stipulated in the August 2008 ceasefire agreement. We also urge Russia to cease its actions to absorb additional parts of Georgia’s territory..

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“Christ is coming! Let creation From her groans and travail cease! Let the glorious proclamation Hope restore and faith increase! Christ is coming! Christ is coming! Come, thou blessed Prince of Peace!” Happy Advent, folks, and may it be a season of blessings..

My lord taught faith is a choice. Complacency was not the motto for the mixed race man to win his jersey. Play or cease was the meaning to keep going. There is just more to life than thinking we are immortal..

@LostRobotMusic2 @pinkfluffyturt1 Once a man realizes he is mistaken, he either can choose to cease being mistaken, or cease being honest.

@jellyjelly_HJC ceasefire, cease to exist とかが頻度多めかもですね~. n-gram してなくてごめんなさい。 早くCOCA を買ってお知らせできる財力を身に付けます!.


@ChubbieMochi ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ i am going to fuck you silly . you`d better cease that shit , now ..


Ukraine crisis needs ceasefire & negotiated settlement. Russia - cease taking further territory & attacking infrastructure. Ukraine - cease military expulsion of Russians. US, UK, EU & NATO, Canada & OZ - cease providing weapons which perpetuate the war..

20. Spurning the clouds written with curses, stamps the stony law to dust, loosing the eternal horses from the dens of night, crying: “Empire is no more! and now the lion and wolf shall cease.”.

@OsakaPosting Very true, osaka posting Once more, you do not cease to amaze me with your correctness on this matter.

@nocturnehelli Literally today😂 Just one of many, my love. And they’ll never cease😘.

😂😂 People offering square goes on twitter will never cease to astound me. The actions of a moron. I was following this walloper too..

@ominous_arts Oh right…they’re fictional and without me they would cease to exist 😈.

@AnnPate52882764 @Cherylbaker What the good old British public are capable of will never cease to amaze me ..

17. And thou shalt speak this word to them: Let my eyes shed down tears night and day, and let them not cease, because the virgin daughter of my people is afflicted with a great affliction, with an exceeding grievous evil..

@JoshuaLWatson Regarding (1): Would you say actual prisons happen to be torture chambers but allow that if we changed prisons in certain ways they would cease to be torture chambers?.

Help us tell the @mcgilltribune to cease publishing anti-Israel disinformation & antisemitic content as it only increases the likelihood of more antisemitism towards not only Jewish students on campus but also Jews across the country. @honestrepcanada.

@ThomasW94225731 At the center of a circle, one can only become aware of manifestations, they spring forth and dissipate naturally without effort. The mind will never cease to be, however our awareness in present moment is our eternal self. Even feelings become a vice if adhered to compulsively..

@cookedairforce1 sometimes it helps to type in related words or key features of the design, like if i want to look for vivienne westwood i’ll type in “saturn” or “orb” instead of the name. sellers sometimes try to not use the brand name so that they don’t get hit w cease and desist etc.

you both funny jokers , you are cascading the efforts of common citizen of india. Who are joining #BharatJodaYatra to place their issues in main frame. Exactly what time you both sum up your shame and cease to speak lies ? PATHETIC!!.

@hazeyjaneii_ i never thought u would get into kpop fanwars u never cease to surprise.

@halfbakedporxie I just googled it. Bruh…I wonder if they got a cease and desist already and that’s why they deleted. O_o.

Movies and TV shows as well as Live Content will never cease or go out of style and new media will always be created. Simple reason why the entertainment industry will Grow. is a tech leader in the Space. #Markets.

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@3bdalla_21 That might be one of the worst takes I’ve ever seen. Arsenal fans never cease to amaze me 😭.

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