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Jordan set the playoff scoring record at 23. 33 years ago today, he dropped 63 on the Celtics without shooting a three (via @NBAHistory).

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5th Corner Three Show Fantasy Draft: all-time #Celtics. Choose your 5: Team 1: Bob Cousy Ray Allen Dominique Wilkins John Havlicek Bill Russell Team 2: Kyrie Irving Larry Bird Paul Pierce Al Horford Kevin Garnett.

@SithLordAR @G_Webs_Since_93 The Celtics are the tougher matchup. Because of Horford and Kyrie. Those are just playoff dudes. Kawhi isn’t really the same threat to Milwaukee..

Celtics 47 x 49 Pacers Pacers joga melhor até o Halftime e vai pro intervalo na frente por uma cesta. Pelo que parece hoje é dia de Myles Turner Destaques: Tatum 9pts 6reb Hayward 8pts Brown e Rozier - 7pts cada Collison - 11pts 3reb 4ast Bogdanovic 9pts Turner 8pts.

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🐐behavior In 1986, Michael Jordan set an NBA postseason record with 63 points against Larry Bird and the Celtics..

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Jordan set the playoff scoring record at 23. 33 years ago today, he dropped 63 on the Celtics without shooting a three (via @NBAHistory).

Celtics Elite 2021 takes first loss of the season to Game Elite Platinum 71-61 led by @chase1cormier 19 @eyb_3 11.

watching the pacers is painful esp collison, celtics should be steamrolling these guys #NBAPlayoffs.

Kyrie is doing some extra studying during the playoffs 🌎 (via @celtics).

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Il y a 10 ans exactement, Derrick Rose plantait 36 points (record pour un rookie) lors de son premier match de playoffs dans une série légendaire face aux Celtics. 🌹 (video by @NBCSBulls).

Based on his Celtics prediction for this season, I’d be extremely worried if I was a Patriots fan (which thankfully I’m not cause I make good life decisions)..

✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅ 🔥CASH THAT TOP(s)🔥 That’s #10 this month✊ 🧹ATS🧹 +456🤑 Celtics -7✅ Bucks -14✅ Rockets -6✅ +231 🤑 Rockets -6✅ O -214✅ Straight picks go 4-2. Nice run today boys. Preciate the faith!🤙🤑🤙.

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@tmwarning kkkkkkk a não, e igual o como idolatram esses jogadores do celtics pqp.

¡Los @celtics se ponen en ventaja en la primera mitad! 🔥🔥 Irving: 18 PTS/3 REB/ 5 AST Young: 13 PTS/4 REB.

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@Noah_Sayed529 @celtics Lmao struggling against a borderline playoff team with no stars.

Se todos jogadores do Celtics tivessem um arremesso igual ao do Irving seria perfeito.

Bogdanovic ha metido 1/9 triples en los últimos dos partidos y esta primera parte contra los Celtics. Aun así, ha sido clave en la dinámica positiva de Pacers durante muchos minutos..

When the Bruins Celtics and Red Sox are playing: an update every second from the ESPN app 😂.

The Celtics ☘️ Bruins 🐻 and Red Sox ⚾️ are all on right now ... I need a picture in picture in picture TV..

Celtics somehow have the halftime lead (somehow = Kyrie). Let Uncle Drew have all the shots..

@TheBostonBrit The difference is, the Warriors can do that because they won rings. The Celtics need to learn how to put together &Not take their foot off of the gas. A lot of them are young &Need more experience..

Los Pacers son un puto equipo, que mueve la pelota, sin egos y que buscan siempre lo mejor para el equipo. Los Celtics? lamentables en mi opinión. Y ya me tienen hasta los cojones..

I need someone to explain to me why McMillan isn’t running Celtics defenders ragged with pin downs and flare screens for Aka he was the focal point of the 1Q offense and it worked, why not hammer it? Am I off here?.

@Celtics_Tr Buna da şükür indiana tüm ekstra şutları soktu son 5-6 dakika haricinde.

The Pacers caused more problems for themselves with all of their switching than they did for the Celtics. Boston looked a little caught off guard by it in Game 1. Tonight? Too much miscommunication trying to do something they aren’t used to..

#celtics Assists with the steal, assists with the bucket.

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