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This is irrelevant from the Liberal perspective of course. They don’t see any distinction between a Canadian citizen and a temporary foreign resident. All are equal in our postnational state.

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National Newswatch ()

Social assistance recipients allowed to double-dip on CERB payments, depending on province they live in via @nationalpost

Matt Jeneroux, MP ()

“The federal government should use the COVID-19 pandemic to reverse a brain drain of top tech talent south of the border, a House of Commons committee heard Monday.” #cdnpoli


The Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) is now available. These disbursements will only be made through cheque or direct deposit. So, be suspicious of any notification you receive stating otherwise. More tips below ⬇️

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Maryjuvin💕 ()

Karma is real lmaaaao the filipino girl who complain about the $2k CERB money not being enough now has a petition on wanting to go back to the Philippines. Like bitch do not be ungrateful 🤦‍♀️

1of1 ()

oh I thought a bitch who only had CERB money in her bank account was talking .... 😳

AnonymousJ ()

1/3 Liberal government handing out CERB checks to inmates, fake Social Insurance Numbers, but wont help small businesses/ farmers etc. Some of these companies pay anywhere from 2 - 40 thousand rent a month. Will they give 40, 50, 100+ thousand dollar loans to small businesses,

Diabolic Dialectic ()

Because of my broken ankle my insurance says I am eligible for 70% of my lost wages, BUT ONLY UP TO $400/week. I should apply for CERB instead.

Sarah Colero🥄🌱 ()

@LegalAdvocacyCa @fordnation Until we get money from the federal government. Then they remember us real quick. (: the CERB clawback for ODSP recipients who worked)

Zain Manji ()

What happens to mortgages when CERB stops but some people don’t have jobs to go back to immediately? At what threshold does govt stop distributing cheque’s?

Not inklessPW 💎 ()

This link is the closest thing on the entire internet to an ATM that will promptly put $2000 into the bank account of anyone who answers a few easy questions and cliks a box indicating that the questions were answered honestly. No documents required.

John "as b/4, someday, god willing" fink ()

will be nice if in five or ten years when covid is behind us (largely, ok, being optimstic) things like CERB and 10 federal sick days are as uncontroversial as medicare

Maxime Bernier ()

This is irrelevant from the Liberal perspective of course. They don’t see any distinction between a Canadian citizen and a temporary foreign resident. All are equal in our postnational state.

I r bert ()

Welp never lucky @Malfoy_rs . Cerb crystals done on the hcim 208 kc with 2 extra smouldering stones and the puppy.

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Bryton ()

The #CERB should be permanent and reformed into a UBI-styled program based on the Ontario Pilot model:

Stuuuuuuu ()

@milddevon You can still claim CERB as long as you are making $1000 or less month? (but not $1001)

Victor Lau 🧢☯️🃏🏴‍☠️🇨🇦 ()

@JoshLL18 Some people on #CERB are self-isolating until #COVID19Canada is over. If you want to work, then work. But do not put down those who do not want to take the risk. Be Safe. Stay Home.

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Cath Bossenberry ()

@merry123459 @mcleans4 Every cent my daughter receives from CERB goes into mortgage, taxes, groceries, utilities - there is no cushion here - this is survival #thankyouJustinTrudeau #COVID19

R ()

@SickLittleDoll Omg noooo it is literally there for anybody who qualifies. If you are included in those who qualify then you! are! entitled! to! it! You collecting CERB will not prevent someone else from collecting CERB because it’s for ANYONE who qualifies, not just first come first served???

CTV News ()

Payments for CERB top $40 billion as feds open doors for commercial rent help

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David Khan ()

To all those on the right who claim people are fundamentally lazy & would rather sit at home for $2000/mo than work (I see you Mr Scheer)—here’s *another* study (on Finland’s #UBI experiment) debunking that view Our #CERB is developing into a UBI. The time for a UBI is now.

Kota ()

I’d probably like to work if my work actually started back up again. The #CERB outrage wouldn’t even of happened if people didn’t close down the country in the first place 😂

Times Colonist ()

Payments for CERB top $40 billion as feds open doors for commercial rent help

Dan Kelly ()

SMEs are bracing for a significant hike in EI premiums to cover the cost of the higher levels of unemployment we expect to continue once CERB benefits are removed. Plus, we have many years of CPP/QPP premium increases planned. Small firms cannot afford new costs at this time.

MsDesignDiva ()

@Lefty_Mind @NDP Wish the $2000 benefit was available to everyone, cause CERB still has the $5000 earning requirement the previous year to qualify.

Cyndi Cherney ()

@omeiddeen @AndrewNJohns I’m not a single mom. My husband is front line shift worker. Daycares and schools are closed, so I’m staying home to care for our young childcare. CERB helps but we budget like crazy. Your statement is offensive.

ישוע הוא מלך ()

People are really saying #CERB should be canceled and 2k a month is too much. Smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

Souls4TotalFreedom ()

#CERB Do you notice that the only people complaining about CERB are wealthy assholes? I lost not only my work, but possibly my whole set of jobs because of this, and no I do not use CERB to tend to my laziness you bunch of assholes!

Omari Akil Newton ()

What bugs me most about the demonization of low income workers on #CERB is how dishonest it it. NOBODY making these arguments about lazy workers ACTUALLY thinks you can live large on 24K a year. If you do, PROVE IT. YOU live off that for a this lavish life for us.

T Lee Humphrey ()

I’m sure some Safeway workers feel the exact same way, the difference between them and @ElizabethMay is the Safeway workers show up for about $140,000 less per year. Time for politicians who don’t show up in parliament every day to go into CERB or EI.

National Post ()

No need to show proof of work permit to get CERB, Ottawa tells temporary foreign residents

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