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Been a Rebel my entire life. Never had a feeling like this! Thanks boys! Couldn’t be more proud of this group of guys! STATE CHAMPS!.

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💠 2v2 $500 Black Ops 4 Elite Champs 💠 🏆 @BBintly 🏆 @s8nBik Bracket ».

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One last thought: it was a fun season, but ended prematurely. I get why people are mad, but I feel that this team is close. They went toe to toe with the b2b cup champs. Not the result we wanted, but there was improvements. Run it back, they are close to breaking through..

It was ALWAYS the Lightning‼️ #NHL🏒 TB ML (+115)✅ Classic Leafs. 18 years n counting… Why would anyone lay a buck & a quarter, against the B2B champs, on a team that chokes every single postseason?! Getting the Bolts at plus-money was a gift. TB/FLA will be electric 🔨.

anyone have any cool alumni at your colleges? we have the drummer from state champs, lieutenant dan from forrest gump, and bill pullman (star of spaceballs).

@TheBrittWithAnI Good pick. Panthers vs Lightning is interesting. Who do you have winning that? Florida dominant regular season vs older two time defending champs..

Leafs played a great series but simply just couldn’t beat the back to back Stanley cup champs, ggs was a fun series to watch.

@expomick I was fairly certain Toronto would win. Like you said, Tampa seems vulnerable. I thought the Leafs had what it takes to pick them off. Where do the Leafs go from here? I shame in losing in 7 to the 2x defending champs,.

@MatthewSEsteves @RawCharge They have a very good team. Just got beat by the Champs. One thing the Leafs need to learn is how to grind it out in these tight checking playoff games..

easy to say the Leafs choked — but the fact is they didn’t. hard series against the champs. went all the way. hockey is hockey..


Amazing watchimg Twitter tonight. Leafs lose game 7 by one goal and fans (?) think everyone should be fired and top 5 players run out of town. It was a great year, great series, and they lost to the 2 time champs. Good grief..

🎥 Sights and Sounds 🔊 The Defending Champs are back tomorrow at 10 am 💪 #LeveIUp | #RollHumps.

The only reason this sucks is because it’s the first round. They had a good enough team to beat the back to back gunna be a long off season but if the Leafs make big changes it will be a mistake.

@Eseay3 I don’t know man. Luka is pretty darn good - and before this year I would have said him - but I feel like it’s JT. To be fair, Luka is incredible and I wouldn’t be mad at anybody that said he’s better. & JT dominated the reigning champs in the last game..

@MapleLeafs Even tho I wanted a different outcome, great series guys! Exciting games & you almost beat the back to back champs.👏👏👏.

@ryanwhitney6 @BSSportsbook Another victory and STILL Champs!!.

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@mattlef2 @ian_mendes They lost by the thinnest of margins to the two time defending champs. At the end of the day it’s about winning but to pretend they’re this inherently flawed perimeter team is ridiculous.

All my brackets are already useless (I put Washington, Toronto and Minnesota as the champs). LOL. The only prediction that is still possible is my october prediction of Tampa going for the threepeat.

Toronto should’ve won game 6. You gotta bury the champs when you have the chance. Florida won’t make that mistake. Panthers in 5!.

I see the Leafs making some minor adjustments in the offseason, but nothing too huge. They just lost to the two time defending Cup champs, in 7 games. This is still the Leafs team that can do damage moving #LeafsForever.

@AdamCarterCBC It’s no shame to extend the 2-time defending champs to 7 games and lose by 1 goal. I’d be hard-pressed to say blow up a 115-pt team but there are going to be changes for sure..

This sucks. This really sucks. Threw the kitchen sink at Tampa and it wasn’t enough. But for the first time in a while I’m proud of this group. Fair play to TB, they’re B2B champs for a reason. Hopefully we see most of this group in September..

@itsHarmody arby nerf wont do anything the gun is used purely to break barriers, you never really use it to kill champs and even post nerf just finisher them for more heavy anyways, and renewals were just a worse omni lol, you were giving up so much kit that void has for some damage resist.

@georgemalik Agree. Sucks they have a good season and draw the 2-time defending champs. Go back to 1-8 but, it’s still funny. 😜.

Your demons are state champs!! What a tournament #duncanbaseball.

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This was anything but a choke job. The Leafs went toe to toe, with the 2-time defending champs. The big boys showed up and Campbell was great. The refs didn’t make it easy but the Leafs pushed hard, and just ran out of time. Still proud to call myself a Leafs’ fan. #LeafsForever.

115 god damn points and they get matched up with the back to back defending 2x champs. Who they nearly beat. I mean that’s just fucking unreal. I would be devoid of all hope if i were them..

@MichaelWentz_ I just hope we get the Bolts in the ECF (If we get through PIT/NYR) at this point I wanna go through the champs to win it.

going to log off for the night to avoid the idiots that are going to cry to fire Dubas, team is very good, setting new franchise highs, and just took the 2x champs to 7 yall would have blew up TB the year they lost to CBJ too.

@gatorsfins This going be fun series to watch you got shot knock the champs out of the playoffs.

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