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April 17 1982 17 Rose’s planted here at GSU🌹❤️#charterday #gramfam.

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3/3: Receiving approval from Britain for the last time, Queen Elizabeth II signed the Canada Act on April 17, 1982 in Ottawa. This action gave Canada control over its Constitution and guaranteed the rights and freedoms in the Charter as the supreme law of the nation. #CharterDay.

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𝐁e𝐜𝐤 - 𝐌𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐨𝐰 𝐆𝐨𝐥𝐝 #CharterDay #IndigenousRightsRedfinedAlways.

And yes, I was five years old when I worked for Hazen Argue. Six when I worked for André Ouellet and seven when I started to work for Anne Cools. #CharterDay #oldpeople.

April 17 1982 17 Rose’s planted here at GSU🌹❤️#charterday #gramfam.

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CPC hate the Charter because Pierre Trudeau who had the nation-building vision & intellectual capacity to patriate our Constitution from England and oversee the drafting of a thorough Charter of Rights & Freedoms in the spirit of Rousseau & the French Enlightenment. #CharterDay.

Is it some day in Toronto? Or am I mistaking rush hour for something special? Surely not all these people are celebrating #CharterDay.

Patrick Gossage speaks to the irony of politics. You had to be here. #CharterDay.

I grew up admiring the Just Society. I would realize later it leaves our First Nations, Metis and Inuit as equals. I don’t admire now. #CharterDay.

@prayingmedic @terribug13 Its #CharterDay in similar in meaning I 😊We celebrate the charter of rights and freedoms (CCRF).

The women own the show and the Constitution. Monique Begin and Judy Erola. #CharterDay #Senate.

Some professor from Carleton speaking on constitutional issues and cabinet unity just made a joke at the current government’s expense. #CharterDay #Senate.

@JossOssim gives a huge and valid shout out to Justice Harry Laforme. #Sec35 #CharterDay.

When I began law school the #CDNCharter was a wee youngster -- only 5 years old! Look how it has grown up and how our quality of life as Canadians has been transformed. Happy #CharterDay!.

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The #CanadianCharter of Rights and Freedoms guides the work we do everyday. Happy #CharterDay!.

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I loved volunteering in public high schools to teach the Charter of Rights and Freedoms - the awe that students felt when they understood the extent of this incredible law. On a tous un role à jouer afin de sauvegarder les droits et responsabilités de notre Charte. #CharterDay.

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Why does the document not enshrine property rights? #cdnpoli #CharterDay celebrates a rag..

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My fascination with human rights and the Charter only deepened when I took the course the Canadian Constitution at @mcgillu with @ProvostManfredi. I feel incredibly lucky to live in Canada - Happy #CharterDay!.

Happy #CharterDay 😁🇨🇦 Do you remember that historic day? // Joyeux #JourdelaCharte 😁🇨🇦Vous souvenez-vous de ce jour historique?.

Today marks the 37th anniversary of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Charter allows us to express ourselves as individuals and celebrate our differences. What does the Charter mean to you? #CharterDay #CDNCharter.

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37 Charter cases that helped to build the legal framework for analyzing Charter claims #CharterDay / 37 causes qui ont contribué à édifier le cadre juridique pour l’analyse des demandes fondées sur la Charte #JournéeDeLaCharte.

It’s CharterDay!! What great timing to speak to your kids and their teachers about submitting a visual or written piece for this awesome @OBAlawyers Law Day program!.

Happy #CharterDay everyone! Today is a good reminder that we have the privilege of living in a country where these fundamental freedoms are protected, by law..

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