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As much as I don’t like Chelsea Clinton, she’s not responsible for the New Zealand massacre either. You people are nuts..

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Watching this episode and the way it positions Zoey Bartlett, I can’t help but think of just utterly perplexed about the incident with Chelsea Clinton in the aftermath of Christchurch over the weekend #WestWingMonday.

Liberals are out here doxxing college students cus they made fun of Chelsea Clinton, who grew up with slaves..

Good, I will never feel sorry for this spoiled little brat. College Students Turn on Chelsea Clinton, Say She ‘Stoked’ New Zealand Massacre.

@politico It was just about time for their normal bi-weekly Bernie hit-piece too, guess all the Clinton staffers were busy or something criticizing a college student who dared speak to Chelsea.

@missanphan Sieht man doch schon an der jungen Frau, die es gewagt der salbungsvollen Chelsea Clinton ihre Meinung zu sagen. Und dabei ist sie dabei noch ruhig geblieben..

This student has no morals blaming Chelsea! She and whoever staged this should be exposed and ashamed of themselves! Hillary, Bill Clinton visit Chelsea days after she was berated at NYU via @MailOnline.

here we Gives Anti-Israel Activists Who Harassed Chelsea Clinton A Guest Column.

NYU: Muslim students claim Chelsea Clinton responsible for New Zealand massacre because she criticized Ilhan Omar.

I thought Chelsea Clinton was impressively more respectful than Rep. Omar deserved. And to those opportunists critical of her thereafter, for that matter..

College Leftists now claim the New Zealand attack means NOBODY can ever criticize Muslims ever again, including Chelsea Clinton (Natural News) Most people who pay attention to politics wouldn’t describe former first daughter Chelsea Clinton as not being….

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@vivafalastin Frankly, I would nominate Chelsea Clinton for the Nobel peace prize if I could now, purely for the way she handled herself in dealing with you. She turned the other cheek to you & let you rant & point a finger inches from her chest. Most people would have told you to piss off..

Protester confronts McConnell at dinner and we get lectures about civility. People confront a pregnant Chelsea Clinton and we’re told we need to hear their perspective..

As much as I don’t like Chelsea Clinton, she’s not responsible for the New Zealand massacre either. You people are nuts..

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