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Keith Gretzky accomplished what Peter Chiarelli seemingly never could. He won a trade. His first one, as a matter of fact. (@SportsnetSpec).

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@AdamsOnHockey @CityOfChamps14 My record on Chiarelli is clear to everyone. But Maroon and Kassian are better acquisitions than today’s. People are carried away here..

so the benchmark to be Oilers GM is “don’t suck nearly as much as Chiarelli and you’re our guy” amazing stuff..

The difference is that Chiarelli would have traded McDavid for Gagner..

From what I’ve been told the Oilers had been consider bringing Gagner back for well over a month. Yes, when Chiarelli was here..

@TSNSimmer I’m a sens fan, but my take on it was that Chiarelli has set the bar that low that Gretzky looks amazing..

@RPW_1832 I think they eat tide pods Manning vs Chiarelli tide pod challenge!!.

It appears as if firing Chiarelli has done absolutely nothing to slow down the trend of stupid trades made by the Edmonton Oilers..

@CopperandBlue @nielsonTSN1260 It’s a fact. Chiarelli put the Oilers in cap hell. He’s fixing it so Sekera can play..

You can kinda see where Chiarelli flew off the rails as GM already. It seems he made trades only for guys that fit his vision, and had to take lesser talent for it. Gretzky is just winning trades..

@nielsonTSN1260 @DuckMillard How is gagner on a contract. Did chiarelli sign him!?!?.

@TSNBobMcKenzie Gorton, Chiarelli, and Benning all trade for Spooner in the span of one year. Why are former Bruins execs so obsessed?.

@NHLbyMatty @Stephane774 He won more trades in 2 days than chiarelli did his whole time in Edmonton!.

@nielsonTSN1260 Never said that. Said created cap space. If Chiarelli was GM the Oilers would have Elliott and given up a pick..

Ironic that Chiarelli chases old dog in ’t work, Chiarelli’s partner in crime, Benning goes out and grabs Spooner after PC leaves the #Oilers. Not sure how this will play out, but worth a shot with older, Gagner doing nothing of value for.

@mannyelk Talbot was leaving anyway so getting anything is nice. I would say less Stockholm so reassurance that Chiarelli was generationally bad and anyone can do better.

@CopperandBlue Can’t be worse then Chiarelli and these at least one of these two trades is better then Chia would have made for sure.

@TSNRyanRishaug Chiarelli wouldn’t of done that life without Chiarelli is amazing.

@J_TheCynic I have zero faith Mikko can carry this team next year without a safety net and am confident within a year Cam will regain his form but team because of Chiarelli couldn’t afford both moving forward so Keith did what he had to do..

@MissScarFever @Lowetide Eberle back to Edmonton for McDavid? Chiarelli would do that one!.

@NHLbyMatty In true Edmonton fashion the Oilers found a way to lose the Chiarelli firing..

@akaRCN Chiarelli threw a lot of shit at the wall and nothing stuck so this seems like a legit theory.

@Boyd_1212 @_RKH80 Chiarelli was fired nearly a month ago. But yeah, activating Sekera and shedding dead weight is the endgame behind this series of moves.

@Thegreasyeuro @UncleLaleet instead of just do you read the province? do you keep tabs on all our tio prospects? weekly updates maybe youd appreciate him a bit more..

@nielsonTSN1260 Chiarelli traded a house down to a paper clip, but at least Gretzky traded it for a right handed paper clip.

Keith Gretzky accomplished what Peter Chiarelli seemingly never could. He won a trade. His first one, as a matter of fact. (@SportsnetSpec).

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