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Ethan made up his mind—he can’t do this anymore. #ChicagoMed

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Randolph Harris Res. ()

Desecrating sacred ground might generate a curse. You heard about the curses on archeologists who raided the pyramids and people disturbing Indian burial grounds. #ChicagoMed

Diane ()

@NBCChicagoMed here we go again Dr Choi judgey judgey. Never stops with this character #chicagomed

Kitten ()

I’m wondering why April & Marcel are continuously working together given what happened? #ChicagoMed

Spring into Cin🌺🦋 ()

I knew it, Dominic Raines played a doctor on GH Night Shift before he joined #ChicagoMed

Kitten ()

I knew it lol I knew as soon as they showed Ethan walking in on April & Marcel that he was going to be blamed for her not learning whatever it was she was being taught. #ChicagoMed

Kitten ()

I’m 100% that the kid jumped. His dad is something isn’t right about the dad #ChicagoMed

Carissa Pavlica ()

HOT FROM TEAM TVF: #ChicagoMed Season 5 Episode 19 Review: Just A River In Egypt via @HeroicMuse2016

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PROMOTIONS: The Chicago Trilogy of shows continues tonight with a brand new episode of #ChicagoMed. Tune in at 9pm on #CHATTV

Kitten ()

Ok so now we have our set up for #Chexton: a jealous Ethan & April/Marcel acting like everything is just “normal”. #ChicagoMed

CraveYouTV ()

These doctors on #ChicagoMed really need to learn how to compartmentalize and keep their personal lives personal! Read our review of the @NBCChicagoMed penultimate episode now!

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Mo ()

Come on man. Cruz went down easier than a crack whorem #ChicagoMed #OneChicago

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Budini 🦁 ()

@citizenjaney Why is Will into this druggie Doctor? She’s not pretty or interesting. (Yes, still better than Natalie ) #ChicagoMed

Classically Morgan ()

As a community activist I’d be upset if my local firestation was shut down because of protesters! #ChicagoMed could have done better with this.

Kathy ()

Dr. Asher in #chicagomed really gots to go, she knew better than to perform that risky procedure. Even if the patient was a stage IV brain cancer pt, it didn’t mean she had to die under Asher’s terms.

DeadlyBrieGist🐞🌹🌷MondayNightMessiah🦋🌺🌸 ()

@NBCChicagoMed Thank yall, for giving us all this content every time. We love yall. #ChicagoMed

Tilly ()

Arrrrghhh! This is an insult to OR staff everywhere. @chicagomed tv keeps putting ER nurses in the OR! #chicagomed

Sleeping Beauty aka Aurora ()

Well Ethan was not the lying that the problem is between Ethan & April. Med writers should have at least let Ethan & April have a serious conversation. @NBCChicagoMed #ChicagoMed @ChiMed_Writers

Nick Gehlfuss ()

Thanks for tuning in and tweeting #MedHeadz See ya next week for our final episode. Single #ChicagoMed

Britt ()

I actually hate it here #Chexton #ChicagoMed I need April to go to therapy and resolve whatever lingering feeling she has from losing her 1st baby/now having infertility issues/work on his to communicate in a relationship and then April and Ethan can rise away

Chicago Med ()

Ethan made up his mind—he can’t do this anymore. #ChicagoMed

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