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China pumps more CO2 into the atmosphere than the , Japan, and the European Union COMBINED. So, why is the Biden admin more concerned with kneecapping the economy with radical green mandates than holding Beijing accountable?.

Zero evidence of Trump/Russia collusion. Penn Biden Center accepts $54 million from China. Guess which one the mainstream media called a national security threat?.

You’re witnessing the accelerated fall of an empire. This year expect major escalation with Russia and China for driving global de-dollarization. When the US can no longer fund its debt with money printing it will collapse under the weight of its current debt. It’s happening now..

O BRASIL VAI FINANCIAR EMPRESAS BRASILEIRAS PARA ELAS VOLTAREM A EXPORTAR BENS E SERVIÇOS DE ENGENHARIA GERANDO EMPREGOS QUALIFICADOS NO BRASIL. É sobre isso a fala do presidente Lula na Argentina. Ou vamos ficar passivos enquanto a China avança no mercado internacional?!.

Threats around the world are serious and growing. From Russia and China to the rise of authoritarianism. But to Kevin McCarthy, the Intelligence Committee is just a political plaything. His conduct is embarrassing, and worse, dangerous. The American people deserve better..

BREAKING: Photos unearthed by the @FreeBeacon show Hunter Biden driving his dad’s Corvette in 2017. That means Hunter — who has extensive business ties to communist China — likely had access to the garage where his dad hid classified documents..

China Photo,China Photo by RNC Research,RNC Research on twitter tweets China Photo

China must be BANNED from having ANY ownership of our infrastructure, and President Trump is the ONLY person who can DESTROY China’s corrupt influence on our country. If we’re going to stop China, we MUST get President Trump BACK in the White House!!.

En nombre de nuestro Presidente Nicolás Maduro, conversamos con el Embajador de la República Popular China, Li Baorong, sobre una agenda estratégica y de cooperación integral que permita avanzar en el desarrollo de las relaciones entre ambos pueblos..

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Three years ago today, Jan. 20, 2020, Beijing was Shanghaied by ABC Nightly News while reporting on the outbreak of a mysterious virus in Wuhan, China. 三年前的今天,中共首度承认病毒是人传人。但美国广播公司的晚间新闻搞错了北京上海的地理位置。.

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@CNNBrasil LÓGICA de programação, desenvolve muita coisa pra vida, o nome já diz, LÓGICA. E é ensinado em muitos países: China, Inglaterra, Australia, EUA….


China’s in this position because they explicitly adhered to Deepti’s preferred policies of hard lockdowns to prevent transmission at all costs, rather than recognising that targeted mass vaccination & hybrid immunity was the key to reopening. Own it.

The taste of the new year is getting stronger, and what you want to achieve. #China is returning to normal production and life in an orderly manner.

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About 1000 years ago wild Turks so called Uygurlular still 25 000 000 are living in China in the region called Xinjiang, moved towards the rich West 1066 Turks won the famous war in Malasgirt, got the first time entry into our Holly territory of ANATOLIA This was the beginning.

@marieisobssesed se q tiene q ver algo con una tradicion china o por ahi, todos los personajes de liyue se juntan a festejar y etc, hay muchos minijuegos y regalos (como 14 deseos) y al final hay una cinematica de los pjs mirando las linternas dura unos cuantos dias w.

南岳衡山:华南最美雾凇观赏地,冰雪王国,绝美仙境,冰晶森林,千树万树梨花开❄️❄️❄️ #锦绣神州 #Splendid China.

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Programa InterD: Elias Jabbour e a ciência na China, artistas pela democracia via @ad_luna.

STOP borrowing money from China. We already pay millions per day in interest charges..

@carloscoracini @Astronomiaum A China é um país lindo! Também sempre quis visitar..

China’s emigration ‘run philosophy’ results in surge for Hong Kong visas amid city’s top talent hunt.

@chucktodd Trump, Trump, Trump, Russia, Russia, Russia, Trump’s kids, Trump’s kid! Where there is smoke there is fire! Crack head 85K a month! China anonymously 54 million to a Biden think tank? A journalist doesn’t think it should be investigated? #FJBiden.

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International Banking Corporation China $1 1919 Peking PMG 58 eBay.

China Eastern, Southern to de-list US depository shares: China Eastern Airlines (MU, Shanghai Hongqiao) and China Southern Airlines (CZ, Guangzhou) will apply for the voluntary delisting of their US depositary shares from the New York Stock Exchange….

🗺️ World top topics in media headlines: 1. Ukraine 2. Biden 3. Nepal 4. China 5. Russia 6. Bolsonaro 7. Russian 8. Iran 9. Dnipro 10. Japan.

Why New Nebraska Senator’s China Ties Are Causing Concern via @thedailybeast.

@TheRichFromCali After they finish with the investigation of the $31 million the Bidens got from China. Why do you think the Chinese gave the Penn/Biden center $54 million,?? Wait, your not even curious..

@robreiner Your irrelevant, you never reply to anyone, Biden has classified docs in multiple places took money from his drug attic son funneled from china, he knows his son should be in jail but protects him..

@yourfavevegan2 You mean you fell for the bullshit and got an ineffective ‘vaccine’ for a china virus from which 99% of infected people recover. 🐑🐑🐑.

@ChuckCallesto 100% agree. China should not own any property outside of their country..

@ANTlWEF @GretaCzyta Chip Roy Unveils Bill To Defund The World Health Organization‼️ With Republicans now in control of the House, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) reintroduced legislation Thursday to defund the World Health Organization and raised concerns about China’s ” 👇.

👏DEFUND THE WHO! Rep. Chip Roy Calls for Defunding of China-Friendly World Health Organization.

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