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You might know it as walking the dog. I traced its 70-year history, from 60s legends to Chris Paul, and dug deep into how a new generation - led by @JaMorant - has found its most cutthroat purpose yet. The history of walking the dog, for @espn:.

Trae Young is only 24 years old and is already tied for 7th most 30pt/10assist games in NBA HISTORY. He has more than: Steph Curry Allen Iverson Damian Lillard Dwayne Wade Kobe Bryant Chris Paul All said and done, he’ll go down as the best scoring&passing guard, ever..

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OKC has had 19 All Star selections in 15 seasons. OKC has had at least 1 All Star in 12 of 15 seasons. OKC has had 2 All Stars in 7 of 15 seasons. Russell Westbrook: 8 ⭐️ Kevin Durant: 7 ⭐️ Paul George: 2 ⭐️ Chris Paul: 1 ⭐️ Shai Gilgeous-Alexander: 1 ⭐️ (so far) Rare air..

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Chris Paul was not aware Damion Lee wanted to be in the 3-point contest and spoke like he’s gonna try his best to make it happen. “Well we gonna get D-Lee in it. Real talk. It’s a damn shame Cam wasn’t in it last year. If D-Lee leading the league in 3-point percentage, yeah.”.

The NBA is scripted. Chris Paul after reading his script against the Hawks:.

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How I’m going to sleep tonight knowing Dwight Powell silenced Chris Paul’s trash talk with game icing free throws.

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Everything in us trying not to add Chris Paul after what he just pulled tonight..


If the sin of anger is so deadly, why does the Catechism call it “noble” and St. Paul call it “virtuous?” Fr. Chris Alar explains how patience helps us preserve our peace of mind in the midst of difficulties and trials. TODAY at 6:30 ET -.

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Você sabe que uma noite de apostas na NBA foi estranha quando o Mikal Bridges termina o jogo com mais assistencias que o Chris Paul 😂.

Chris Paul tonight: 3 PTS 1/6 FG 0/3 3PT 2 REB 3 AST 0 STL 2 TO +/- -26 2000 CALORIES BURNED ‼️🔥.

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The Hawks held Chris Paul to 3 points in 27 minutes, his lowest scoring output in that many minutes since 2015..

Chris Paul ha entrado en declive y poca gente habla de él. ¿Cómo le tratará la historia? Ha sido un jugador impresionante, un maestro del baloncesto. Pero ha tenido mala suerte y lesiones que le han apartado del anillo. Además no es el jugador que mejor cae al público..

De verdade mesmo de positivo pro Suns apenas uma coisa hoje: Chris Paul e o CamJo seguem jogando muito bem. Se o Chris Paul e o CamJo mantiverem esse nível aí, com a volta do Booker é mais do que suficiente pro Suns conseguir uma boa subida na tabela. Booker é o que ainda falta..

Chris Paul sur Jae Crowder : « Il me manque. Ce n’est pas un secret. C’est l’un de nos frères, je suis arrivé ici avec Jae. […] Mais c’est un business, c’est la ligue. ».

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Trae young and Chris paul are some cucks. We’ll run something fun back later.


Encerrado: Phoenix Suns (25-25) 95 x 99 (26-24) Dallas Mavericks DAL 📊 Spencer Dinwiddie: 36PTS/6REB/9AST Dorian Finney-Smith: 18PTS/12REB/3AST/1STL PHX 📊 Chris Paul: 22PTS/6REB/10AST/1STL Cam Johnson: 22PTS/8REB/1BLK #NBA.

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Novak Djokovic, after a sticky first set, beats Tommy Paul at a canter to reach a .. 🎾 10th Australian Open final 🎾 33rd Grand Slam final (level with Serena, 1 behind Chris Evert) And that’s 40 wins on the bounce down under.

@RyB_311 I’m so sorry Monty had Chris Paul guarding Deandre Hunter bro that shit kinda pissed me off and I’m rooting against y’all 😭.

ESPN reporting: Clippers have agreed to a contract buyout with Chris Paul, per sources..

Chris Paul had 3 points? That man hasn’t played the same since Kanye aired him out..

Dave King
Dave King

Chris Paul says they lacked situational awareness tonight. They just got to want it more, and tonight they didn’t..

🏀 | ⚽️  ✅ Empate Atlas-Santos [+240] ✅ Dallas Mavs ML [-105] ✅ Madrid se clasifica live [+190] ✅ Chris Paul doble-doble [+135].

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ENERGIZED PRAYER Friday, January 27th 2023 Pastor Chris If you desire certain changes in your life, your city, state or nation, you can make it happen through effectual prayers—praying with passion. Paul knew how to pray effectively; that was 👇.

@HarvoOCE thats actually pretty good but likeeeeeeeeeeeeee sunssss to be fairrrrrr have more nameable players like Devin Booker, Chris Paul, Deandre Ayton, Mikal Bridges, Jae Crowder, Cameron Johnson, Damion Lee, Cameron Payne and Josh Okogie just to name the main well known players.

@slowmovngtrains @DaveKingNBA I can agree with this. Chris Paul had issues with Monty at end of playoffs last year, so did Ayton, and Jae said he was disappointed on coaches. At some point we need to ask why is Monty always the common denominator.

【1/16発売!】 「NHK ラジオ英会話 2023年2月号 下」 著者等:大西 泰斗(著)、大西 泰斗(ナレーション)、Paul Chris McVay(ナレーション)他 発売日:2023年01月16日 #朗読.

Chris Paul can’t get 10 points and 6 assist ? Shxt just be so horrible from these players . Nigga would go 5 games dropping 20+ and then boom.

A $1186 parlay and the main player u would think would be a safe bet was the only one to fuck it up 🤦🏽‍♀️ damn Chris Paul smh.

@SknurtBetting Je ne dois mon salut qu’à la faible cote de Winamax sur Chris Paul et du coup de l’avoir enlevé de la montante 😉. En tout cas merci pour ce vol @SknurtBetting j’ai fais pas mal de benef grâce à toi vivement le prochain décollage ☺️. Merci mec 💪🏼.

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