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Biden after 6 people dead in Nashville shooting of private Christian school: I came down because I heard there was chocolate chip ice cream..


Hundreds of people paid their last respects to Christian Atsu in Ghana today 🇬🇭🕊️.

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BREAKING: The deceased mass shooter of the Christian school in #Nashville has been identified as #trans person Audrey E. Hale. Three children & three staff were murdered. The shooting comes amid a surge in far-left death threats in Tennessee over the state ….

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We are not talking about the indictment of a former President so much as we’re talking about the indictment of a life-long criminal who lied & cheated his way to becoming President by tricking half of the country into thinking he’s a Christian man who cares about each of them..

🚨#BREAKING: NBC News is reporting and identifying the 28-year-old Nashville shooter as “Audrey Hale”, a biological female that identifies as “He/Him” on their LinkedIn Authorities believe the transgender shooter previously attended the Christian school with reports that all of….

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Obi ran on a Christian-Muslim ticket. Tinubu ran on a Muslim-Muslim ticket. Obi ran a campaign for Nigerian youths. Tinubu ran a campaign for Yoruba people. Obi said go and verify his merit. Tinubu said it was his own turn. Obi never baited any ethnicity. Tinubu baited Igbos..

JUST IN: Former J6 defendant and America First candidate Derrick Evans speaks out — ‘It was myself & other J6 political prisoners yesterday, today it’s President Trump, TOMORROW IT’S GONNA BE YOU and every God-fearing American Christian’...

I told you it was coming😉🙏 Happy Sunday! US Christian group accused of covering up sexual abuse of minors.

A brilliant account of the rise of White Christofascism, why it cannot succeed without devouring democracy and bringing America down with it, and how to resist its march toward universal destruction 👇🏼.

Mike Pence Attacks Trump’s Faith and Accuses Twice-Impeached Ex-Prez of Being a Fake Christian.

Christian street preacher David McConnell was arrested, held in a cell for 14 hours, charged with 80 hours community service and a £700 fine, and reported to Prevent. His crime? ‘Misgendering’ someone..

Hend F Q
Hend F Q

Ukrainian soldiers cut pig over the holy book for Muslims. Keep in mind that technically, Ukraine’s enemy is of Orthodox Christian faith. But #islamophobia is rampant and hate is always a hot topic. Muslims in Russia numbered 14 million or roughly 10% of the total population..

. When I say, “I’m a Christian” I’m not here claiming to know all the answers ... I’m here claiming I know The ONE with all The Answers “that One is JESUS” ..

Credit Suisse collapsed Is Switzerland reliable as a global financial hub? Why is nobody asking this? Same reason nobody asked why Switzerland is neutral in Ukraine war But they all asked questions to India Because Switzerland has white, liberal & Christian privilege.

*ATLANTA UPDATE* Just Signed: MIKE BAILEY vs ALEX ZAYNE Plus: Vikingo vs Komander Allison Danger vs Billie Starkz Matt Cardona Bryan Keith Nick Wayne Blake Christian Jordan Oliver Bussy +more! Get Tix: Streaming LIVE on @FiteTV+ 4/21 - 8PM.

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— Então, está me dizendo que todo esse caos que tem acontecido é por culpa de um vampiro que se apaixonou por uma humana? — pergunto, incrédula. — Lucas. Sim — Christian concorda, suavemente. A maneira que me olha, faz meu pulso acelerar. — Consegue imaginar um amor assim?.

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No. 10 Blazers Complete Three-Game Conference Series Sweep Over Christian Brothers.

@TheRickyDavila @GaryKoepnick Agreed. Her excuse is stupidity. That is correct. But she still violated her oath. But the Christian Nationalist are well known for that. Also known for their Facist behavior and ..........


Steve Harvey is a man who can and will say The United States was always a Christian country, and we need to make it Christian again and There are 4 key methods for taming your bitch in the same speech, and that is what America apparently wants.

@TopSuperKicker @AdamGoldberg28 It’s not comment section with TSK and Christian cage supremacy.

If Christian evangelicals really want to slow their decline, they might consider getting out of the unpopular political ideas market (, abortion bans) and stressing values that could win back young people (, conserving the planet, ministering to the poor and the weak)..

Christian v. Nigrelli, Hardaway v. Nigrelli, Spencer v. Nigrelli, Antonyuk v. Nigrelli, Gazzola v. Hochul (2nd Circuit): Oral argument audio (click the 2023 button) Panel: Jacobs, Lynch, Lee.

Grace does not suddenly transform a Christian into a new and perfect creature. Dregs of the old and natural corruption remain. The Spirit of God cannot at once overcome human deficiency. Sanctification takes time. ~Luther “O foolish Galatians”.

@jack_stargate Exactly and good thing I been following you and I loved Christian Bale in those movies TDK trilogy and as an actor..

per me sono loro due, un ballerino di hip hop e un latinista per eccellenza ad avere il verificato, io sono sempre più orgogliosa di Christian e Mattia per tutto quello che fanno. Chissà se lo sanno di quanto bene vogliamo a loro e che siamo fieri. @turbojr_ @MattiaZenzola 🤍💜.

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Charming piece about Maid-Management. Reminded me of one Christian Maid we had called Elizabeth Rani. Yes, she was named after the erstwhile British Queen..

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CNN all about the gun, not a mention of this being an anti-Christian hate crime by a transgender wacko by @AlisynCamerota..

@NoLieWithBTC Reminder that everyday Communists wear Pride Flag pins in place of where their American flag pin would normally go. And today one of the mentally ill represented by that flag showed up at a Christian school and murdered children..

Christian Clare Emily Camp #太原资源 #太原 Winfred Jessie.

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Aussie decathlete Christian Paynter is hoping to compete at the Portarathlon dec in Naxos this summer - that’s a long way to lug your poles, and he’s got a little crowdfunder going ⬇️ Get me to Greece.

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