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#chuggablade2 I’m wagering 78! Fingers crossed! (Inb4 you pull them in three episodes)

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Xenoblade For Smash
Xenoblade For Smash ()

#chuggablade2 is trending on Twitter. It’s absolutely insane how a single let’s play can trend on Twitter worldwide. And better yet, the focus of this trending lets play is Xenoblade 2. He already is famous for his Xenoblade 1 playthrough.

aljalia news
Aljalia news ()

#chuggablade2 Diabetes Freedom Green Veggie Inflames for more informations

Mini💕 ()

#chuggablade2 My bet is on Episode 44 Massive fan chugga! I wish the best of luck to everyone


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Monado Strife 🎃
Monado Strife 🎃 ()

#chuggablade2 I know for a fact you’ll pull her on episode 104.

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Tombo ()

#Chuggablade2 Episode 44 Came out of crunching numbers, probability, and pulling numbers out of nowhere to come up with a decent answer. Chugga: bonus video how to get blade 101

Yamatsu ()

#Chuggablade2 I’m gonna guess episode 73. Hopefully we’re out of Mor Ardain by then.

Jaclyn ()

#chuggablade2 I will guess episode 64, simply because it’s your favorite number. Also I got her relatively early my first time playing, so I know it’s plausible.

Blu ()

#Chuggablade2 I think its going to be Episode 164! I never gotten the special blade on my own Xenoblade 2 file, but I know for certain its a good one.

BackButton ()

#Chuggablade2 my guess is episode 73 but I don’t know love the game though #XenobladeChronicles2

Anna Lily Mae
Anna Lily Mae ()

#chuggablade2 My guess is you will obtain them in episode 83. Hopefully my lucky number pulls through! :3

Masked_Elephant ()

#Chuggablade2 My guess for the contest is episode 64. Good luck to all those who entered!

Xepher ()

#Chuggablade2 Your luck can’t last forever, so I’m thinking it’ll happen during late-game episode 137?

Ben “Jay” Stocks
Ben “Jay” Stocks ()

#chuggablade2 Episode 72 I am loving this series so far and can’t wait to see more.

NyxNicks ()

#Chuggablade2 A million percent sure Chugga is going to get lucky and pull ███████ on Episode 64

Thelolface_9 ()

#chuggablade2 I don’t know anything about xenoblade 2 except what has happened in the let’s play so I’m guessing episode 64

MyNamesAShoe ()

#Chuggablade2 Dude my favorite lifetime YouTuber is trending?! This day is getting even better!

saturn is FAKE!
Saturn is FAKE! ()

Haven’t watched the new vid yet but THE KING IS TRENDING FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! #chuggablade2 🥺🥺🥺

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not me thinking #Chuggablade2 was about technoblade,,, yikes this pig-king really do be living in my head rent free

AnthonyGT ()

This man got 2 Magic Fry Pans, a shiny Koffing just low level enough to not blow up, and three rare blades in one session. My guess is by episode 33. #Chuggablade2

BurningHeart101 ()

#Chuggablade2 episode 34 is where this 1-in-1000 blade is gonna be, I got a good feeling about it

HexDawn ()

#Chuggablade2 I think it’s gonna happen in episode 64 He’s a very lucky guy after all

Harvey Austin
Harvey Austin ()

#Chuggablade2 I gotta go with my lucky number, hopefully lucky enough to get me somewhere. Episode 88 of XC2 LP!

Spencer ()

#chuggablade2 With your luck, Chugga, I assume this has to happen soon. My guess is: Episode 56!

Bufferdile ()

#chuggablade2 I’m wagering 78! Fingers crossed! (Inb4 you pull them in three episodes)

Prickly Prince
Prickly Prince ()

#chuggablade2 definitely episode 49, gotta bring home that waifu 😏💪

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Wiseytt ()

@chuggaaconroy I can’t quite explain it, but I’m really happy to see #Chuggablade2 trending in only an hour

SylkySylveon ()

#Chuggablade2 Good Luck to everyone who enters. However on to the episode i will be guessing. I predict that the blade will be obtained on episode 83 of the series!

Sneezum ()

#Chuggablade2 Gonna throw my guess out there for episode 81 Hope we get it before episode 200 am I right?

Trevor ()

I’m gonna take a crack in the dark and say Episode 53 for the 1 in a 1000 blade #chuggablade2

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