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Updated: September 9th, 2021 11:37 PM IST

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I learned today that Adam Cimber and Jordan Romano made a mustache pact, which is why Romano shaved. I will not be making a mustache pact. #BlueJays

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@bnicholsonsmith in innings 6-8 I see pitching-hitting matchup opportunities for Soria-Pearson-Merryweather. Allowing us to then transition to Cimber/Richards and handing off the ball to Mayza in the 9th if the game is close. Or Berrios can just go 8 or 9!!

This call easily could’ve swayed the entire game in the other direction if Cimber didn’t get him to chase. We came *this* close to an infuriating loss.

We know if we’re going to do this, we’ve got to be all in as bullpen ” said Cimber. We’re having fun early in game, then when time to get phone ringing, it’s focus time. We’re all locked in right now and excited for this push. #BlueJays #Cimber

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Adam Cimber’s fist pumps are even awkward. I fuckin’ love this dude.


Cimber, Richards 24年オフFA Romano, Mayza 25年オフFA Merryweather 26年オフFA 今期はもちろんだが、オフにベテラン中継ぎ投手獲る必要性は低くなったのは大きい

Adam Cimber has been a season-saving acquisition and Jarrod Dyson could turn into a secret weapon on the bases in a playoff game. Taking tomorrow’s game would be massive.


@TweeterTelek @KeeganMatheson First rule of moustache pact is you don’t talk about moustache pact. Also, Cimber has done us all a great service.

unfortunate but also understandable that theyve decided to go with puns on timber for this guy rather than jokes about cimber being the name of one of the guys who killed julius caesar

@BlueJays @A_Cimber CIMBER! You better move, you better dance


Nice little 4 hour game but the right guys won! The side arm beast @A_Cimber settled things down when it got dicey. Sweep it up tomorrow!

That was a GRIND it out win, 6-3…. Huge outing by Cimber in the middle of all that too.

Cimber and Romano with the dirty stache for it! But like, once that stops working, plz shave because ew. @BlueJays #jayswin #yankeeslose

Yankees pitching coach got tossed for a Bluejays called strike that was borderline. this was called a against lolll

#BlueJays 6 @ #Yankees 3 [Bot 9th, 1 out]: Pitching Change: Jordan Romano replaces Adam Cimber.

#BlueJays 6 @ #Yankees 3 [Bot 9th, 0 out]: Pitching Change: Jordan Romano replaces Adam Cimber.

Blue Jays 6 (Pitching: #90 Adam Cimber) Yankees 3 (Batting: #12 Rougned Odor) Bottom of 9th, 0 Out, No one on

@NickAshbourne Jays pulled off theft in this trade. Trades like this can really propel a team in the right direction. No big flashy names, just solid useable pieces. And Cimber is proving to be more than just a solid pen piece.

Never mind. I think Pearson was warming up in case he had to replace Cimber. Romano now up in bullpen.

@Baseball4Brains I think that was just in case if Cimber got into trouble. Romano only threw 13 pitches yesterday so he should be available.

@_bkuh_ @IGotBlocked6 If ur a blue jays fan and ever watch cimber, you would know that this happens to him almost every time


@KeeganMatheson Im sure he was only going to come in if cimber struggled. There’s no way he’s going to close it out …. That’s tough ask for the youngster

The Bluejays had the best 2 off-season signings, and had the best trade with Adam Cimber.

Adam Cimber gets out of another jam after getting Sánchez to pop up in a 3-1 count. #WeAreBlueJays

I’ve got it. I’ve finally figured out what it reminds me of. Cimber’s stance makes him look like Sheriff Woody.

Yanks keep getting knocked down and I keep telling CIMBER! Yeah my Dad jokes are top notch. #WeAreBlueJays

That was a NASTY strikeout pitch by Cimber. The sidearm made it so the ball was elevating until just before it reached the plate and then it sank to make the batter whiff.

I learned today that Adam Cimber and Jordan Romano made a mustache pact, which is why Romano shaved. I will not be making a mustache pact. #BlueJays

Adam Cimber strikes out Anthony Rizzo for a BIG out for the #BlueJays with two on. I expect like 17 more dramatic moments before this one is over

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