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The leafs are going to do it. They have proved me wrong all year. Helluva team even i can admit it at this point. I thought the Cirelli goal was weak and since then Campbell completely shut the door.

Ref waived off the Tavares goal right away. Holl to the box. Interfered with Cirelli..

@ProducerDrew_ Didn’t impact the play at all. Cirelli wasn’t getting there in time. More incidental than interference. That play goes uncalled 100 times a game..


After what the refs let go in the 1st that’s now a penalty??? WTF Looked like Cirelli actually initiated the contact #LeafsForever vs the world it looks like … screw em… win anyways #DontStopBeLeafing.

In the absence of Brayden Point Alex Killorn - 21:41 of ice time Anthony Cirelli - 20:22 of ice time Nick Paul - 21:44 (led all TB Fwds) #GoBolts #TBLightning.

Joe Smith
Joe Smith

Five minutes to go. #TBLightning up 2-1. Lot of big blocked shots this period by Hedman, Cirelli.

Anthony Cirelli talks about the excitement after the @TBLightning Game 6 win! #GoBolts.

Joe Smith
Joe Smith

Cirelli, Paul, Killorn with huge shift in 6-on-5. Cernak and McDonagh too. Cirelli really pressuring up top.

#Bolts Cirelli on recovering after the second period: I think we go back in the room there and just kind of have a reset. Stammer had some words for us there just to clear our mind and reset. We knew we had another period and we had to come out strong. #TORvsTBL.

Look at it. Cirelli is chasing Tavares with his head down. Holl lets up and he’s even the one that ends up knocked over. Just an absolute joke that a goal was called off for it..

TB needs to find a way to get back on the offensive pressure. All TOR since the Cirelli goal..

Now Anthony Cirelli with a big shot block in front for the #Bolts. 6:30 left in the third period. #TBLvsTOR.


Note the five-forward power play unit on the 5-on-3 Tampa Bay went with: Point, Kucherov, Stamkos, Cirelli, and Perry. Hedman back on for the usual PP1 for the 5-on-4..

@karrar_h @JesseBlake He honed in on Cirelli from like 15 feet out. He had about a million other places to go..

Anthony Cirelli talks about the excitement after the @TBLightning Game 6 win! #GoBolts.

“mitch marner and anthony cirelli train together, they know each other intimately” excuse me?.

The Leafs deserved better last night, especially Matthews and Marner. Matching up against the Killorn-Cirelli-Point line once again, at 5v5 they controlled: • 67% of the shot attempts • 92% of the xG!! • 67% of the scoring chances • Outscored them 1-0. Utter dominance..

Since 2013 #Leafs are 0-9 in potential series clinching games. Yet they should be feeling confident for game 7: at home, have outplayed #Lightning at even strength, were better team in OT tonght plus can get the Matthews line away from Cirelli..

Justin Holl skated from the point all the way to set a pick on Cirelli…. The Sportsnet panel not even arguing that one . Not one of them….

I think it’s really important to point out the whistle went before the Tavares goal. They were calling that penalty regardless of what happened after Tavares got away from Cirelli..

SH Goals - 1, Cirelli SH Points - 1, Cirelli OT Goals - 1, Point GWG - 1, Paul/Point/Colton/Hagel SOG - 27, Hedman SH% - , Palat F TOI - 20:27, Kucherov D TOI - 25:42, Hedman FOW% - , Bellemare Hits - 31, Cirelli Posts - 2, Stamkos First Goal - 2, Stamkos.

#TBLvsTOR #TBLightning 26BS! hedman 6 mcdonagh, cirelli 4 segachev, palat 3 perry, foote 2 paul, colton 1.


by the way, negative chance a 5on3 gets called for us if cirelli was chasing rielly like that btw👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾.

@BudsAllDayCast They want battle of Florida so bad, Holl stood there and Cirelli skates into him but it’s interference?? Nylander on a break and Foote changes his position to stop his momentum and that’s good? 😂.

Find yourself teammates and friends in life like Cirelli!!! #GoBolts.

they actually called off the goal because they were being mean to cirelli.

@twistedleafs The whistle was before the shot so not rly overturned. If Vasy doesnt hear a whistle does the puck go in? Watching in realtime I immediately yelled thats a pick! Maybe borderline in some situations but it was obvious bc Cirelli is hustling & the pick allowed Tavares to get free.


Yep if #GoBolts resigns Nick Paul I’ll be purchasing a new sweater for him along with the one for Cirelli.


he changes his path and looks at Cirelli as he interferes with him. are you okay? did you forget the rules? i can send you a link if you want.

Literally a free timeout for Toronto seconds after a MASSIVE goal from Cirelli. It can’t happen man.

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