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Why do they keep calling Jeffrey Clark an “environmental lawyer”? He’s an ANTI-ENVIRONMENTAL lawyer, a hired gun for the fossil fuel industry whom Trump stashed in DOJ. Let’s keep that straight. Don’t give environmental lawyers a bad name, please!.

The investigative circle tightens. This means a federal judge concluded there is probable cause to believe there’s evidence of crime in Jeffrey Clark’s home. Let the flipping begin..

Clark Photo,Clark Photo by Glenn Kirschner,Glenn Kirschner on twitter tweets Clark Photo

Federal Authorities Were At Home Of Jeffrey Clark via @YouTube.

@usatf USA Track & Field USA Track & Field Alumni Association Will be honoring the Clark Sisters tomorrow afternoon at Haywood Field . @Joettacdsf an Olympian Is get in the festivities started by receiving gifts from USATF and USATF Alumni. Jearl Miles Clark Hazel Clark Mac.

Clark Photo,Clark Photo by Dr. Sharrieffa Barksdale OLY,Dr. Sharrieffa Barksdale OLY on twitter tweets Clark Photo

SOVIET AMERICA!! 😡😡😡😡😡 January 6 hearing target Jeffrey Clark recounts FBI raid via @YouTube.

Maddow Blog | Why it matters that the feds showed up at Jeffrey Clark’s door.

@GeneratorRexy Yeah, I prefer Clark figuring out that he would want to be Superman on his own . Sure his Krypton/Earth parents guided him, but it was Clark who decided that he wanted to use his powers to help the helpless in a public way. Not to serve as a passive preacher/ leader of heroes.

Clark Photo,Clark Photo by Bala Mah’moud,Bala Mah’moud on twitter tweets Clark Photo

@johnnyheller 40 minutes after meeting with senior Justice Dept. staff, where they threatened to resign if he put Jeffrey Clark in—and he backed down—, he called the acting AG and said that there are a whole bunch of fake votes in a truck. Rubber room..


@MeidasTouch Former Trump employee 😬 on the Propaganda Network. The Patsy Ass Kisser Jefferey Clark, the former Environmental Attorney of The Department of Justice with ZERO Criminal Justice background..

Clark Photo,Clark Photo by GW,GW on twitter tweets Clark Photo

over the DOJ w/Clark. From J6SC hearing today: blanket pardon request for everybody who voted to reject EC results. “Pardons are for criminals.”- MSNBC, 6/23/22, “Trump’s coup, smoking gun: DOJ Vet says Trump ‘at center’ of criminal conspiracy”-.

@TuckerCarlson Jeffrey Clark plead the 5th 125 times. And here you are supporting him..

@RepScottPerry It looks like you will need a pardon given your treachery with Jeffrey Clark..

@Acyn Does Clark realize what happened to Navarro after his last TV appearance?.

Clark Photo,Clark Photo by INDICT TRUMP NOW!!!,INDICT TRUMP NOW!!! on twitter tweets Clark Photo

@glennkirschner2 @YouTube As has been brought up the raid on Clark’s crib today could only be authorized by AG Garland… Who must’ve done it from Ukraine… Which means they’re now targeting Trump, too. (Better seize passports).

@Delavegalaw I dunno, I bet trump didn’t even realize he had nominated Jeff Clark or that he was confirmed by the Senate..

This is how bad FOX is……Clark was NOT a trump employee, he worked for the DOJ, this is subtle propaganda by these vile radical right fanatics..

Jan. 6 hearings: Pennsylvania Republicans draw scrutiny in hearing, by FBI.

For those of you whose ears perked up at “electronics sniffing dog” with regard to the raid on Jeffrey Clark‘s house… yes it’s a thing. 😬.

@NotHoodlum Jeffrey Clark looks like the kid who came to school late because he wet his bed every night and needed a morning shower, sat alone at the lunch table in the cafeteria and picked his nose,and ate paste..

@AshaRangappa_ So is Clark going to take the fall for the rest of them, and especially Trump?.

They not trying to leave y’all 😂 Go get Mr Clark 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

@WilkowMajority Hello Andrew. Thanks for taking my call about the US Constitution and abortion. The title of my book is The Founding Fathers: What Did They Really Say?. I hope you find the copy I sent you and read it. Cheers, Mat Clark.

@RepJeffries Pettifogger - had to look it up. noun - ARCHAIC An inferior legal practitioner, especially one who deals with petty cases or employs dubious practices. Sounds about right to describe Clark..

i never saw one tvnz host, reporter or jounalism jizz about john key, helen clark or jenny shipley the way they fizz and orgasm while speaking about jacinda. When did these professionals become fan girls?.

Jeffrey Clark was as excited as Rommel was in becoming a Leader of an Authoritarian Fascist Theocracy. Clark should look up what happened to Rommel. Fascists are Anti-All Jeff..

She is in the mood for breakfast, Clark, and YOU’RE the breakfast..

@itsJeffTiedrich Quick Mr. Clark, Trumps needs you. There is a major oil disaster in Russia. Bring 5 suitcases you will be there for a while..

Hopefully Clark goes down, then Barr, Ivanka and the rest as they flip against DJT:.

Witness Tells Jeff Clark He’s Perfect for Trump AG Because His First Step Would Be to Commit Felony via @politicususa.

@DaveLG @Delavegalaw When I watched Tucker as Clark spoke, I imagined his producer was shouting into his earpiece: “Tucker! You aren’t looking angry enough!!” Then his lips would purse harder. His brow would furrow more..

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