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Me and 63 year old angry rescue parrot Claude. We bonded 😝🦜❤️ #NewProfilePic.

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Jean-Claude Darcheville : Les Girondins ont vraiment besoin des trois points pour pouvoir terminer la saison sereinement -> #Girondins.

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Theme Image Processing(お題画像加工)FF14 同じお題で同じ座標位置から画像撮影して加工して遊ぶ企画。 同じお題+同じ座標で撮るのが原則。参加形式自由。 参加するかたは、お題主と評して、そのトピにツイートする形で公表 していきましょう。加工が楽しくなるかも! #TIPFF14.

Le guide géolocalisé pour smartphone vous fait découvrir Belcastel sur Château de Belcastel Photo : Claude AZAIS.

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Flower Beds at Vetheuil Claude #Monet Messenger #Bag.

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Tank: Gatotcaka Mage: Nana Marksman: Hanabi/Clint/Claude Fighter: Sun Support: Angela ???.

何が怖いって、 一緒に観戦している人が 健勇移籍後に私に昨年の(健勇の) セレッソグッズを全部プレゼントしてきたのと 普段物凄く穏やかな人だから絶対 ブーイング凄いなって。 ゼロックス見てる時ですら憤りを感じたらしい 杉本さんが活躍すれば彼女は怒り狂うだろう.

健勇は出るのか? 試合に出たとしても ブーイングされるほど活躍するとは思(.

@yattokame_san 調べたところや2部素材は使わないはずなので…あの顔の良さを見てください…やっっばいので….

🍃 @Claude_emperor 님께서 저를 팔로해주셔야 디엠이 가능합니다...

El 15 de marzo de 1933, en París nació Philippe de Broca, actor, guionista y director de cine, fue asistente de Claude Chabrol en El bello Sergio (1957) y Francois Truffaut en Los 400 golpes (1959). Le fue reconocida la Legión de Honor..

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“Comienza tu día con una sonrisa y luego supérala” ― William Claude Fields.

@Athanasia_0907 ... 그래. 에메랄드 궁 장미화원에서 하는 것이 좋겠구나..

@Athanasia_0907 너무 방 안에만 있지말거라. 몸 상할지도 모르는 일이니 밖에 나가서 햇빛이라도 받아야하지 않겠나..

@Luktti_keko 잘 잤다니 다행이구나. 자장자장 노래, 듣지 못하여 못 자는 것은 아닌지 걱정이 되었거늘..

@courtroomtango FE gaymers don’t want official merch. We want Claude and Dimitri to get sent to detention after throwing oranges at each other in the courtyard.

“Music is the space between the notes” - Claude Debussy “Yasuo is the deaths between the kills” - Blaustoise.

IMO, coaching has a lot to do with this recent slide. Claude has tinkered with his lines so much, he doesn’t know who to put with who anymore. And Kirk can’t coach the PP to save his life. They were 1 point out of 2nd on FEB 20th. Cmon man. An average PP and Habs are locked in..

Cette haute fonctionnaire du service juridique de la Commission européenne avait été contrainte de défendre la nomination entachée d’irrégularités de Martin Selmayr, ancien chef de cabinet de Jean-Claude Juncker, comme secrétaire général de l’institution..

My beloved grandma died last Monday. Only once in her life, she told me something explicitly political - right after I was elected to the EP: Terry, tell Jean-Claude Juncker that we don’t want war in Europe ever again. I will try my best to fulfill your wish, Oma. RIP ❤️❤️❤️.

“Back of the hand” being made to look better in cricket than a Jean Claude van Damme movie c. 1984 👀 👀 👀.

@Electric_Forest @VonStroke will never get over papa claude during the rain weekend 1 2017⚡️🥚.

@Tatawerneck Vendo ao #LadyNightNaGlobo me lembrei que uma vez a Gretchen fez o Jean Claude Van Dame ficar excitado e ele ficou todo sem graça!!kkkkkk.

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Sky News: “Government to agree Brexit delay with Brussels”. I think they mean “Government to plead with Jean-Claude for a Brexit delay”..

Me and 63 year old angry rescue parrot Claude. We bonded 😝🦜❤️ #NewProfilePic.

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Beauty Plus, a near 20-year fixture on Elysian Fields and St. Claude avenues, is closing after owners say they found out rent will triple, @jenlarino reports.

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