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Investigan si la luz ultravioleta podría eliminar los coronavirus. ¿Cómo funciona? Te explicamos en este video.

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Indux :-/ ()

@taysbtw @The_FortniteGuy He was purposely trying to ruin clix is game that is breaking the rules

☆CursedSaiyan[PuyoGB]☆ ()

the streams lit as fuck i aint off to sleep yet lets go THE BIG CLIX YO nah but yall almost got the win on the finest controlla has to offer good jobs khanada and megga too yo

Omega_precision ()

@BeamZ47734404 @The_FortniteGuy Clix killed unknown and unknown was salty and tried to grief clix and got shit on because he is washed

Anthony13 ()

@JeltyTV Que unknown se fuera para parque por clix fue solo un pretexto para ya no caer en pantano contigo crack 🙋😎

G1uo ()

@achyfn Some guy in his comments named @heliqs_ tried saying that Clix is washed and that unknown should’ve done that and I said if you actually r on unknowns side you are autistic and he also tried saying Clix needs to stick to wagers when Clix makes bank from tourneys

Hycosmal ()

@QTLexur It would be okay to land somewhere else but Unknown thought it was clix and chased him all the way to sweaty from Pleasant.

Tigerz ()

Everyone was mad when that kid got banned for 4 years for breaking the rules now you guys want someone banned cause all yall little fan boys cant take your favorite stream getting killed like i love my man clix but you guys are dumb asf

Locksbtww1 ()

Tbh unknown was in the wrong but you guys act like clix calculus tfue nick eh 30 haven’t done anything wrong

Ben ()

@ItsTrajectory Definitely. If you stream events and get stream sniped that’s on you. But clix wasn’t even streaming just straight heavy sniper unknown and he decided to try and ruin clix‘a tournament. Straight disgraceful

Luke_ ()

@ljub0_ @znappyyy Scum move. Just because clix dances on him he’s ruining his whole tournament. If u agree with him u a fkn clown

Phobia ()

@Khanada He wont people are just worked up because its clix. This same type of thing has happened several times in the past nobody has ever been banned for intentionally landing on someone

JechsYT_ ()

@HossainiSobhan @UnknownxArmy1x Your fucking stupid, did you see his stream or vod? He literally griefed Clix by fucking up his loot path and griefed Ajerss by chasing him for 10 mins 🤡

どーた ()

@a2a2_nigate 大体だけど 大会でclixがunknown倒して、それに怒ったunknownがその試合以降clixの効果場所に被せてたって話で 「ぼくも競技プレイヤーじゃないから分からないけど、clixは自分の固定降りを晒してたのもあるけど今回はわざわざ被せたのが悪いよね、モラルに欠けるところがある」って

Throwsrr on ig ()

@coozicooz when clix and unknown were friends and unknown wasn’t a brain dead dumbass

Corey Abdella ()

Notice how the only people supporting Unknown are his fans. But the people supporting Clix are his fans and everyone else lol

Carlos ()

@NebbyFNBR @ClixHimself Ew big clix. So fucking cringe considering he gave himself that name and it’s a cringe name

Certic ()

@kvblazer1 @Khanada I don’t think you understand, unknown was on stream and stated that his main goal was to grief clix out of the tournament. intentional sabotage

Stufph لأ ()

@UhhYuno @BLiizZyy That’s the point of the tweet clix got dropped and went demon time

Slockerr ()

@JoYe_FN Revisatelo,no lo ha dicho,eso sí dice su compañero al ver que va a parque que va a ir donde va Clix pero él no dice literalmente que lo vaya a griffear y si es así pásame el clip.

Klickin ()

@The_FortniteGuy nah still great content. It will be funny if unknown knows where clix lands all 5 times

れおにす ping高いPAD勢 ()


#SequenceChrism ()

@uhGlyph It honestly depends on the plays made which might make Unknown better unless Clix will think more and not just go “fuck it” and rush

Duoduo30 ()

@Khanada Why is CLIX racist and his followers? Fortnite please look into this. I guess its freedom of speech but if you like this then thats on you as a company. Follow CLIX chat saying offensive words towards Unknown.

Stat hates controller players ()

No way ppl are complaining more about the clix and unknown situation when unknown called @yungcalc a racist like wtf

Zyvv ()

@M0Asif1 @Wei1586 what are you saying unknown said all stream hes griefing clix he went into replay to find where hes landing at he chased avery around the map because he thought it was clix thats against the rules litterly game sabatage

Teddy Dowling ()

@thatdenverguyYT If clix knew unkown was griefing him and hid in the bush dose that mean he got info not available on his screen? Someone ether told him or he was watching his stream? Isnt that agaisnt tos? Terrible decision by unknown anyway definitely bannable. Griefing isnt worth the grief

Flaw ()

@Stretched No shit people watching streams but nobody is w keying across the map because they think it’s Clix?

Asymtes ()

@UnknownxArmy1x When it comes to competitive ain’t no one watching clix but u bro 💯

Khuul Olen ()

@Wolfiez @ATL_LeTsHe Calc looking like after clix fans follow him:

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CNN en Español ()

Investigan si la luz ultravioleta podría eliminar los coronavirus. ¿Cómo funciona? Te explicamos en este video.

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