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🔝 Connor Goldson has made more ball recoveries than any other player in the Europa League this 🤩 @RangersFC | #UEL.

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#Steelers rookie numbers have dropped 5 Chris Oladokun 8 Kenny Pickett 14 George Pickens 19 Calvin Austin III 83 Connor Heyward 93 Mark Robinson 98 DeMarvin Leal.

We have signed TE/FB Connor Heyward, LB Mark Robinson, & QB Chris Oladokun. @BordasLaw.

On this day in 1984, at 1:52am, a T-800 Terminator arrives from 2029 to try to kill Sarah Connor..

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The PA race was a perfect example of what happens in a fair match between an establishment Democrat and a populist progressive. Without a huge advantage in money or media, Connor Lamb had no chance against @JohnFetterman. On an even playing field, we won by 30!.

David Bell says Vladimir Gutierrez is heading to the bullpen. Connor Overton will stay in the rotation..

Connor McDavid First Oilers skater with 10 assists in a playoff series since Mark Messier in the 1989 Smythe Division Semi-Final vs the Kings.


@ConnorEatsPants @TheCreatorClash connor i will grab you by your shorts and flick you away like a bug! 🐜.

You don’t touch Connor Mcpetedavidson like that! Good for Kane, I’m loving the way he’s punching people in the fucking face tonight sticking up for his team and making a statement that doesn’t involve a bank. You need guys that are down to do that.

Resumindo a reunião com o prefeito: Foi decidido que amanhã ele passaria a Petrolífera para o Connor e Gabe..


Joe Locke read the entire #Heartstopper web comics series in one sitting after his initial audition: I just sat on the sofa for hours reading it. I couldn’t put it down. I fell in love with it..

@Pierre56733087 @connor_john_2 Ben je voulais écouter Stéphane et je pense que je suis pas la seule à être énervée!.



@cassius_connor Discipline starts at home, this kid clearly has never been disciplined properly. He needs that knife taking out of his hand and a proper fucking beating.

It’s so bad they can’t even hold a basketball. This is the best team in the league this season and they look lost.

Connor Shellenberger had 4 goals and 4 assists as #UVA lacrosse dominated the second half, dropping 8-seed Brown, 17-10, in the first round of the NCAA tournament. “When you get in the month of May, these games are just different..

📸| Kit Connor com mais uma fã hoje a tarde em Londres. 🫂 © @taronegertuns.

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one of my irls follows this account she just said if I see another picture of kit connor on my tl LMFAO IM SCARED.

i am venus please be my mutual she/they-lesbian-ar 54 and ayaka main!!!!!!!! interests- bandori , genshin , demon slayer, omori , kurtis connor/danny gonzales I also cosplay and my next convention is kimetsu con 👍 🫶.

Looking forward to my first OV to @AuburnFootball on May 20th. @DarrenUscherAU.

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@EvanR1989 @mnwild That hook on Kap was so obvious. And they are offsides like every other play.

The Falkners Take home the Hardware 🏆 Offensive MVP 👑: Freshman LSM Luke Falkner 🎯🎯 Defensive MVP 🔨: Junior Dpole Connor Falkner #EarnEverything.

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A+: Renegades 4-12 IronBirds Connor Norby levou uma bolada e teve que sair do jogo (que não seja grave). Ramon Rodriguez foi o nome do ataque (2-4, 3B, 2 RBI, 2 R) e no montinho enquanto Jean Pinto segue devendo (6 K, 4 H e 3 BB em IP), Ignacio Feliz vai fazendo o seu nome..

@kitkatpopo77 저 톤알못이라 지쨔 부러워요 ( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ _ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ ).

@nielsonTSN1260 I mean the coach made a rookie move and blew up the lines because his top guys are flat. The right call would of been to keep everything the same and call out Leon and Connor in the post game two nights ago..

@Kperk86 @CBIngram1 Connor did an awesome job! We were so blessed to have him fill in for us! Congratulations on a job well done. Looking forward to seeing your growth over the coming years. 💛💙💛.


@reece_duran @cassius_connor Serious bro! Like I like drill but I’m not gonna go and stab someone. Some of these kids are TOO impressionable!.

achilles/connor as the chosen one and ajax/jack as the second choice and dylan as patroclus sometimes you and your mortal enemy must take a break from fighting to engage in a game the narratives are eternal.

Voglio tornare adolescente e fidanzarmi con Kit Connor 😂❤️.

Things are getting out of hand, I have a super crush on @kit_connor #HeartstopperNetflix #Heartstopper.

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